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Heroes Of Olympus ~ Pirate AU

- Annabeth is head of the ship, obviously 

- Nico and Hazel, the siblings, are her shared 1st mates 

- Jason is the scout. Loves heights and lives up in the bird’s nest. 

- Frank is the big-bad-buff man. Man’s the cannons, god bless his non-violent heart and sensitive ears. Him and Hazel are openly together, lucky them. 

- Leo is the ship’s repairman. He built the thing from scratch. 

- Will Solace and Piper are both prisoners from Reyna and Octavian’s ship. They’re escorting Princess Dare and Duchess Calypso (This is just random for the sakes of it)

- There’s this big fight between them, and Will and Piper are taken among others as prisoners. 

- Leo was taken by the other crew. 

- Piper uses her crazy love-voodoo magic to keep them alive because the lot of them are dead weights. She barely gets herself pulled back on board, and doesn’t save everyone. 

- Jason isn’t fooled. He sees right through it, but he can’t bring himself to call her out. 

- Nico’s technically always in charge of their cargo, like prisoners and such, whilst Hazel helps Annabeth keep the ship in order. 

- You can see where this is going: prompted by this post

- He’s kind of like “who the fuck is this guy. He’s so hot. I mean stubborn. Thinks he’s the captain. I think he’s gorgeous an idiot.”

- And will just wants to stay alive so he tries to work the angle he has

- Ends up falling head over heels finding himself slightly attracted to Nico. More than he bargained. 

- Meanwhile, Jason confronts Piper. She basically says “and?” And they move on, falling in love and all things sappy. 

- Meanwhile, Annabeth is trying to ask Reyna for their forces to join, giving back what (Or who) was stolen from each other and standing together against Gaia, of whom Reyna’s crew would be outnumbered against. 

- Gaia had an armada of ships. They needed to stand together if they want to survive

- Percy our main man, he’s Annabeth’s secret merman lover. Annabeth had met him when she was little and they had been close ever since. She roamed the seas and he roamed right behind her. 

- Just? Frank? Finding a black haired, green eyed boy with their captain as she’s steering, late at night? He’s wearing a tightly woven fishing net around his waist but nothing else? 

- He tells Hazel and Hazel is like Frank that’s a merman oh god Annabeth is with a merman?

- Meanwhile Jason and Piper hide up in the bird’s nest because no one but him likes it there 

- And Will is driving Nico mad but he refuses to let himself fall for a prisoner 

- And Annabeth’s boyfriend is a merman. 

- And Leo falls in love with Calypso. He’s technically a stow away, but bothers Calypso so much that she falls for him (Sound familiar?)

- Octavian gets eaten by sharks. Oops. Annabeth suspects Percy. Percy is indifferent, as usual. He totally had sharks eat Octavian, and Annabeth knows it. 

I just love this AU. This was longish. Sorry. :P

Through the Storm

He comforts you in a storm.

As you lay in your warm bed in your ginormous and safe home, the world outside screamed loudly, producing a froucious storm. The wind howled and the rain pounded against the house like bullets piercing a target at a shooting range. It was said to be one of the worst storms that you had had in months and by the looks of it, it might have been the worst you’d experienced ever. The bed sank on one side and you felt his arms wrap around you. “She’s fine,” he whispered in your ear referring to your six year old daughter. The storm had petrified her so much that her bladder gave way on her and she wet the bed. When she called out, Justin went to her and cleaned her up along with the sheets. “She’s practically asleep now,” he said. Another clap of thunder sounded that seemed to rumble the entire house. You stiffened and Justin’s lips attached to your neck. He placed one soft kiss there and then another above the previous spot. His warmth enveloped you with a sense of calm. “Y/N, they say that the basement is the safest place to go in times like this,” Justin said softly rubbing your side. “Kaylee might get even more scared,” you said barely moving. Justin shifted, “She loves it down there, it’s just like another room up here, you know that,” he made you look at him. “It’s okay if you’re worried, I know how storms make you feel. I- I know that ever since your parents-,” you sat up quickly causing Justin to stop talking. The memories from the time you lost them filling you like the rain water filling ditches and streets outside. You closed your eyes as another flash of lightning went by. The storm had taken them away. Your head felt fuzzy. Like water was in it. You shook your head and placed it in your hands. Your eyes felt wet. More water. Your chest began to hurt. More water. Another cry of thunder and then Justin had his arms around you. He pulled you to his chest and held on to you so tightly. You hadn’t even realized that you were shaking and crying. “It’s alright baby. It’s okay,” he cooed stroking your hair. Your sobs were overtaken by the storms own sobs outside. “Let’s go downstairs now. We can get in the bed or the couch and I bet you can’t even hear it from down there,” he pressed. You nodded your head silently. He kissed your cheek and slid out from under the covers. He disappeared momentarily and reappeared with your sleepy daughter in his arms. Once you saw them, your body allowed itself to move and you too got out of the bed. You put on your house shoes and followed Justin down the stairs past the kitchen to another set of stairs that led to the basement. He turned on the light and the huge room became bright. Justin turned the nob so that the lights went dimmer and turned the furnace up a little higher. You had to admit to yourself that Justin was right about the basement. It was comfortable and Kaylee wasn’t the only one who enjoyed being down there. To your left was a huge TV and game systems galore. There was a pool table, hockey table and Foose ball. In the very back there was a full kitchen and round the corner was a bathroom and the laundry room. Across from that was a medium sized bedroom. Justin took Kaylee there and laid her in the bed. As soon as she felt the cool sheet hit her body she began to groan and whine. You could hear the cry about to hurl itself from her throat; on instinct, you stepped forward to hold her, but Justin was there before you. He sat on the bed and pulled her into his lap. Her eyes were opened for a second and then once she focused on Justin and then you, she relaxed. Justin held her in his arms mumbling things in her ear that made her snuggle into him more. You smiled ignoring the faint sound of thunder and snapping winds. As you watched him sing to your daughter and rock her, you were overcome with gratitude. So appreciative that God blessed you with a man so beautiful and kind hearted. When Kaylee was fully asleep, Justin placed her back down under the covers. He looked up at you and smiled a little. “See, it’s all going to be okay,” he coaxed. He moved over next to Kaylee and opened the covers to welcome you in. You smiled a little and took off your shoes, the carpet warm under your feet. You climbed into the bed, next to him, with him in the middle of you both. He wrapped his arms around both of you and kissed your heads. You snuggled into him and rubbed your daughters hand causing her to snuggle deeper into Justin’s side. He looked into your eyes. “You two are my girls, I’d do anything for you guys,” he placed another kiss upon your head. “Anything,” he muttered just as your eyes were closing.


AURoman goes out to comfort Paige after she loses the Divas Championship to AJ Lee.

“Doll, it’s gonna be okay. Listen to me–Paige, listen. You’re gonna get it back. I promise you, you are gonna get it back. We’re the future, remember?”

Okay so I should not be laughing this hard because, bless his heart, this guy clearly doesn’t speak English as his first language but


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Your hashtags are adorable. You're such a sweet, passionate man after God's own heart and He will bless you with a wonderful woman. You deserve the best. God bless, brother.


I said: “We have been married for 15 years, but I still try and surprise you. Like getting a PUPPY! Even though I am not much of a dog person, I would be anything for you. *45 years later* the kids are all moved out, we are alone once again. My trembling hands have gotten worse, but you calm them by holding my hands. I will always love you as much as the stars love to dance, I would tremble for as long as I can just so you would hold my hand and make my world still again. The end.”


I’m not sure how many of y'all even remember me, let alone both Greg and I (AKA ramhunter9x). Well anyhow, summer of last year this goofnut added me on Tumblr and we struck up a conversation. It was really lighthearted as I was talkin’ to someone but we immediately grew close to one another. We begun to Skype often and would turn to one another in our times of need. In August, just after I started college, he drove nine hours to meet me for the first time. As cliche as it sounds, I knew from that first moment where I jumped into my best friend’s arms that I was supposed to spend my life with him. That weekend is somethin’ I will never forget and can never, ever be replaced. We left brokenhearted, however, as I was still talkin’ to that same guy. I wasn’t gonna leave one man for another, no matter how much I knew I would regret not bein’ with Greg. That guy stopped talkin’ to me shortly thereafter though and Greg was there, helpin’ me heal, every step of the way. When he came back in late September, he asked me out where he very first laid eyes on me (right by a bush I had been hidin’ behind the first time, I was so nervous). Fast forward a year and two months later and we are fallin’ head over heels every single day. For a whole year we were long distance and just in time for our anniversary, Greg moved down here to be with me. It has been a rollercoaster ride and I am lovin’ every single bit of it. God blessed me with such a pure-hearted, kind, funny, goofnut of a man and he fits me perfectly. Oh…I forgot to mention…WE’RE GETTIN’ MARRIED, Y'ALL!