god bless these videos

170502- Ennana with Jaehyun and Johnny (part 1)

Here’s the video of Jaehyun reading a cute story by his hoobae. This is seriously the cutest thing ever. Part 2 here. 

video and translation credit: JayTheater and jaehyunbom


Johnny Depp entertains staff at the Ta’aone Hospital in Tahiti, dressed at Captain Jack on his birthday (June 9, 2017)


Thankfully I have not seen this misguided, uneducated “criticism” from the original movie being recycled on my dashboard. God bless you all.

But in all seriousness, watch the video, Lindsay Ellis is my favorite movie essayist on youtube and she spends fifteen minutes after this actually explaining why this point is not valid for anyone who may truly be puzzled about this. Watch all of her videos, actually.