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J is pissed off

So I was really trying hard to just ignore this and scroll while all it was was bullshit concerned nonnie wank on my dash but some of you just had to drag it into my ask box (why? Unnecessary. You knew it’d annoy me.) and made it really hard to ignore so instead of posting everything individually and dragging it out I thought I’d just reply all at once and then hit that good old delete button. Here goes:

Unless you can prove it, please stop telling me that the girl posting all these videos was private before and only made her account public to post the videos and get attention. We got no proof of that. Maybe the reason she decided to go private now is because the stans were annoying her?

If I see one more fucking ask about how Hoech needs to “act his age” I swear to fucking god I’m going to start blocking people. If there’s one thing (actually there’s lots but let’s just go with this) that pisses me off its people trying to police fun once a person hits a certain age. Age is a fucking number, it’s not something that should define someone’s behaviour. Each number shouldn’t come with a set of parameters for how a person is and isn’t allowed to act.

Hoech is clearly having a grand old fucking time, he’s not hurting anyone. If you can’t handle him going out and having some bevvys with some mates then that’s on you because he’s a grown ass man who can live his life how he wants.

Why are people so hell bent that there’s something off with this crew and that they must be using him? If someone can explain this to me logically then by all means, but from what I’m seeing it’s just people getting their backs up because he’s out partying and having a good time and someone dared (shock horror gasp omg) to post it on social media.

I’d bet money that he’s aware and he just doesn’t give a fuck. Just because he doesn’t post about his life on social media doesn’t mean he’s going to ban his friends. I’d find it weirder if they were deliberately not tagging him or were cutting him out of photos. To me, it just looks like normal social interaction.

Last thing: these people don’t bring out his bad side. This side of Hoech isn’t bad just because there’s partying and alcohol and shirtless karaoke (God bless) involved. Maybe he just feels way more comfortable letting loose around this group? Or maybe this is how he always is and we just don’t see it because no-one else posts about it?

TL;DR Hoech is having a great time and some of you need to hop right off his dick. Or maybe hop right on.

Apologies if this offends anyone, it just so happened to catch me on a bad mood day. All the asks people sent me about this have been deleted and I may just end up deleting this post too. Rant over.

Eternal Storms


Member - Jeon Jungkook

Genre - Angst.

Summary -

A storm, a meeting. A storm, a parting.

And how many times?

It’s Eternal.

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Long ago…

The candle’s fire flickers in fear on the edge of the table on a unfateful night. The owner of the shadow it casts, sits hunched over the wooden surface, his fingers shaking, matching the rhythms of flame in whose mercy he moves his brush across the yellowing papers that hold his secrets. Today they hold more than what he had in his heart. They hold the workings of the storm.

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What if, instead of Civil War ending the way it did, Tony won by reversing the Captain America serum? What if Steve Rogers was just a 5′4″ 90 lbs man again? 

A/N: Excessive use of pet names from the 1940s. Bucky and Steve also have Brooklyn accents and no one can take that away from me.

Takes place after the big Stark vs. Rogers battle at the end.

“I’m about one second away from rippin out Stark’s jugular with my fuckin teeth, Pepper, just let me in the god damn room!”

Pepper had been yelled at constantly for the majority of her life, she knew how to handle that. And she’d been screamed at by supersoldiers and supervillians and gods for a good portion of the past decade, she wasn’t even phased by that anymore. 

But maybe it was the way Bucky pulled out chunks of his own hair while shouting. Or maybe it was the desperate, broken, tortured look in his eyes. Or maybe it was the metal arm that could crush her skull in mere seconds attached to the unstable man in front of her. 

Whichever it was, his hand or his eyes, Pepper was, admittedly, mildly concerned for her wellbeing. 

But most importantly, she was petrified for the man laying on the slab right now, and even she knew the only thing that would make him feel better was his Bucky.

“James,” she used her Tony-you-god-damn-fucked-up-again voice to ensure the ex-soldier was listening. He was. “You need to calm down, right now, before you go in there. He’s under duress, you understand that, and he can’t handle anymore stress right now.”

Bucky’s left eye twitched as he gritted out thrown clenched teeth, “Ms. Potts, I am one hundred percent aware of what his heart can and cannot handle; I lived with his murmurin heart and his boa constrictor lungs for nearly all my life. Now let. Me. In.”

Sighing heavily, Pepper stepped aside and opened the lab door for Bucky. Let it be noted Pepper Potts never forgets her manners. Even when faced with a lovesick, mother hen of a deadly assassin.

Bucky’s mind had been every place and no place all at once when he’d been fighting to see Steve, going from “I will decapitate anyone who touches him in seconds” to “Dear God, it’s me, Bucky; let him live and take me instead” in the blink of an eye. But once he actually got into the lab, everything stopped. Nothing else mattered anymore because there, on the cold slab of metal vaguely reminiscent of what happened in Germany, was a little chest weakly but steadily moving up and down. He was alive.

“God Stevie,” Bucky whispered weepily as he grabbed the thin fingered hand, “you can’t just do that to me anymore. I’m gettin old, babydoll, my heart can’t take that kinda shock.” He pressed his lips to the pale bony knuckles as the tears started to fall freely. He’s alive.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t notice a pair of blue eyes blinking open slowly next to him.

“You’re gettin sappy in your old age, Buck. Who’da guessed it, huh? Lady killer Barnes cryin over skinny little Steve Rogers’ body? The girls at the bar would have a fit if they could see ya now.”

Steve smiled weakly but meaningfully as Bucky glared halfheartedly. “Are you fuckin kiddin me, Rogers? Everyone in New York City, could’ve guessed this. I can’t count how many times I must’ve cried over your unconscious body, and not just ‘cause my memory’s shit. Hell, Stevie, I had Father Murphy come give you last rites at least three times. He started callin you Lazarus when we saw him on the street. This is something you should be very used to wakin up to at this point, you mook.” Bucky’d kept Steve’s hand on his mouth the whole time, comforted by the feeling of it against his lips, even if it was colder than it probably should’ve been. Steve’d always ran cold.

They didn’t say much after that, just sat there staring at each other, basking in the miracle that was the other’s life.

“Alright, Cap, you should be awake at this point so it’s time to chat now–oh. Am I interrupting something? Maybe the next plan of attack on my existence?” Playboy, billionaire, genius, philanthropist though he may have been, Tony Stark was not a people person. Clearly.

In a matter of moments, Tony’s head thumped against the wall behind him, the metal hand around his windpipe making breathing just a tad difficult, with the man who killed his dad looking like he wouldn’t mind ending the family tree right then and there.

“Stark. Help him. Or die. But don’t fuckin interrogate him while he’s relearnin’ how to work his god damn lungs. Kapisch?”

Tony nodded his head as much as he could and suddenly he was on the ground with blessed oxygen flooding his (perfectly functional) lungs again. “Fuck, Barnes,” he wheezed, “if I’d known you’d pull that stunt, I would’ve removed the arm when I had a chance. Shit.”

Bucky wasn’t even paying attention to Tony though, he was back at Steve’s side, lightly brushing the hair out of Steve’s face as the pint sized captain look impassively at Tony.

At least someone noticed him.

Steve sighed as heavily as his lungs would let him, and started to heave himself into sitting position, against Bucky’s insistence that he “stay the fuck down Rogers, what the hell?”

He turned his head towards Tony and made direct unbreaking eye contact. “You did this. It’s over. You won. Fix me.”

Bucky looked at him like he was crazy. He felt a little crazy too but that was probably cause he wasn’t getting as much oxygen as his brain was used to.

“Stevie, no, what are you-”

“No Buck. It’s done. I can’t fight anyone like this, in the battle field or the courtroom or, hell, even the playground. He fuckin de-serumed me. I’m not even a “superhero” at this point. I just–Bucky, I just wanna go home.” His voice cracked on “home,” and tears pricked his eyes.

As Bucky pulled Steve’s head to his chest and ran his fingers softly through his hair, Tony noticed for the first time the toll all this had taken on the captain. His eyes had huge, almost blackened, circles under them like he hadn’t slept in years. He moved like he was actually physically 90 years old, rather than the 30 Tony knew him to be. And oddly enough, he was letting someone touch him. 

No one touched the captain. Not unless they were punching him or pulling him from the jaws of death (literally). Tony’d always thought he just had a big personal bubble, or maybe people just hadn’t touched back in the 40s. But as he watched the men out of time on that metal table, he knew he’d been wrong.

“Hey, lovebirds. I–I was wrong about you. The world was wrong about you. It’s…not always men like you the world needs protection from; it’s men like me and Dr. Banner and Alex Pierce. I know that. But I firmly believe we have to give up some of our freedom, and I know you hate that Cap trust me I do, but we need to do so in order to gain protection from the government. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

I can’t fix you, Cap, I don’t have enough of the notes to recreate the serum perfectly; I only had the basics and that was enough to break it down. I can’t build it back up again. But I can offer you some killer health insurance and a great letter of recommendation to an art school if you want?”

Steve didn’t even lift his head or open his eyes, he just nodded slightly against Bucky’s chest. The same Bucky who was still glaring at Tony murderously.

“Stark. Ya need to stab him a few more times and run some more tests, or can we go now?”

“Somehow Barnes, I don’t think that was a question.”

Bucky gently moved Steve so he could carry him bridal style out the door. “You’re damn right it wasn’t a question. And Stark?”

Tony raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t fucking come near us again.”

The door rattled on its hinges as Bucky kicked the door shut behind him. Shit.


“Yes, sir?”

Tony took a shaky breath before sliding to the floor. “G-get Pepper, please?”

“She’s already on her way, sir.”

He closed his eyes as his head thumped against the wall. “Thanks, buddy.”


“Buck, you can put me down, I’m tiny but not an invalid yet.”

“Keyword there, baby, is ‘yet.’ I’m not takin any chances right now. You’re goin to a doctor first thing tomorrow, we’re gonna get you an inhaler, we’re gonna pinpoint all your allergies, we’re gonna see what we can do about the scoliosis, and do you need braces? We can get you braces now, if you want.”

“Hey,” Steve said sharply, “Bucky. It’s okay. I’m gonna be okay this time; stop worrying about my possible health issues and start worrying about how much a new closet of clothes is gonna cost ‘cause I fit in jack-shit right now.”

“I dunno, babydoll, you’d probably look really great in one of my shirts around now, don’t ya think?”

Those baby blues glowed. “Nah Buck, that shirt would look its best on the floor next to our bed, huh?”

Steve was nearly dumped out of Bucky’s arms from how hard they started cackling. Tears were streaming down Bucky’s face and his shoulders were shaking so hard he finally had to put Steve down, just so he could lean on him. Not that that helped much, as Steve was nearly doubled over from laughter anyway, and down the street like that they went, laughing and stumbling over themselves like it was St. Patty’s day 1941 all over again.

Bucky nearly tripped over Steve as he opened the door to their apartment, causing them to laugh even louder, their hyena like screams echoing off the grossly bare walls.

“Home, sweet, home! Glad we made it back in one piece, eh Stevie?” Bucky choked out as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Aw, I dunno baby, I’m pretty sure home’s just wherever you are.” The shattering of glass made Steve jump and sprint as fast as his shitty lungs would let him.

“Bucky? Are you alright? What-”

“God, doll, you can’t just say those things willy nilly, you’ll kill me.”

When Steve looked up from the mess of shards on the floor, he audibly gasped. He hadn’t been looked at with so much emotion since…since the night before Bucky shipped out.

Steve didn’t know what to do anymore. ‘Cause they weren’t actually together right? That…that’d all been a joke…right?


“Yeah, doll?”

Steve licked his lips and tried to ignore the way his heart soared when Bucky called him “doll” and “baby”; that’s just what they did. They’d always been like that. Right?

“You uhhh, you okay? You just kinda had a stroke there. Wanted to be sure you hadn’t died on me yet. No one else laughs at my jokes, ya know?” His attempts at alleviating the tension were failing miserably, it was honestly pitiful at this point. Thank god Natasha wasn’t there to witness this butcher.

Bucky bit his lip and pulled his shoulders in as his metal fingers ran nervously through his hair. “Uh, so ya know how I don’t remember a lot of stuff, most stuff, from the war?”

Steve nodded, a little confused with the topic change, but not complaining. War was less awkward than….whatever that had been.

“Well what I do remember–we’d just been taken as prisoners and were being transported in these covered trucks ya know? And the boys and I, we were just chattin, tryin to keep the morale up and shit. And we started talkin about home, where it was, what it looked like, what it smelled like, just something positive to look forward to if we made it out. So this guy talks about, I dunno, somewhere in Montana, and this other guy talks about some French food or whatever, that parts a little hazy still.”

Bucky straightened his shoulders and looked Steve dead in the eyes, as if he was afraid Steve would run away if he couldn’t see him. He took a deep breath.

“But I remember…God, Stevie, they got to me and I didn’t talk about our shitty apartment, I didn’t mention Ma or Becca or Coney Island or anything from the old neighborhood; I talked about you. 

I talked about how I knew someone with the brightest blue eyes, with too much fight in ‘em, with a heart four sizes too big for their own good, with shit ass lungs and even shittier ideas. 

I rambled on about how bad a dance you were, how I missed when you’d step on my toes even though I was leadin. I missed watchin you sketch on the fire escape, I missed the crappy coffee you’d make me on my odd days off, I ached for the feeling of your body in my arms. 

I talked until we’d made it to the Hydra base, Stevie. I talked for hours, just about you, before I even noticed that I hadn’t been talking about places or foods, I’d been talkin about you. 

And right before they dragged us out of those trucks, I remember someone sayin that if I ever made it back stateside again, I had to ask you to marry me. I hadn’t even mentioned how we, we weren’t together.”

He sniffed a bit and shook his head quickly before continuing.

“I fucked up back then, doll, I know that now. And I wasn’t gonna do anything now ‘cause I thought you didn’t need me like you did before. But after what just happened out there, I don’t fuckin care whether you need me or not ‘cause, baby, I need you. 

Big or small, Captain America or struggling art student, I need you. All of you.

 You’re the one thing that brought me back, you’re my home. And you can say no, and–and I’ll leave ya alone, I promise, baby, but…I just wanted to tell you.

 So now you know. I’ve kinda loved you forever, Steve Rogers. Umm…yeah. I’ll uh. I’ll just go. Now.”

Bucky wasn’t even looking at Steve anymore, he was just trying to make it to the door without falling the fuck over in pain. So of course he didn’t notice the tears falling down Steve’s face, or the way his eyes shone with hope, but he definitely knew when Steve reached out and yanked Bucky back with all the force he could muster.

He jumped up on his tip toes and placed his hands on either side of Bucky’s face, pulling him down to his level.

“Listen up, you stupid fuckin piece of shit. I have loved you since the moment I met you. You are my entire god damn world; when I thought you’d died back in the war, I tried to kill myself by crashing a plane into the Arctic. 

There is no point living in a world where you don’t exist. So you are gonna stay right here until the day we die because this? Sure as fuck ain’t the end of the line.”

And with that, Steve pushed up hard on his toes, crashing his lips into Bucky’s.  

Captain America was dead, the Winter Soldier was dead, and yet so were the Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes from the 1940s. It was their turn to figure out who they were, but there was one thing they were both sure of: they were going to take on their new lives together. 

They were free. 


They were home.

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What kind of husband would Soma and the Aldini twins be lmao

Isami Aldini: Isami is a teasing, playful husband that enjoys showing you off around town and going out to social events with you, just to show what a great catch he had gotten. He had been interested in raising a family with you but would probably only want two children (if you only had one child, they may get lonely), and would prove to be the Ultimate Dad type of person as he spends all of his free time with you and your children. He would be very focused on your happiness and welfare, treating you to fancy dinners and vacations often to assure that you could work off your stress and enjoy yourself before you became too uptight.

Takumi Aldini: Takumi is an overprotective husband who would worship the ground you walked on, giving you all the materialistic pleasures of life that he could afford. Despite being rather busy with his family restaurant he never let’s you get too lonely, having great timing with swooping in just when he knows you need him. He’s supportive and kind-hearted, but knows when to give you the push you need to be successful or the right words to say to give you motivation. All in all, he’s a loving, affectionate husband who wakes up each morning proud to see your beautiful face, and falls asleep each night thanking the Gods above for blessing him with such a perfect spouse.

Yukihira Souma: Souma is the loyal husband who refuses to look at any other person aside from his significant other; once he’s settled down, he doesn’t see the appeal in other people in romance, and would be content with just having one person for the rest of his life. He’s the kind to make breakfast each morning and dinner each night, taking on most of the household responsibilities without even asking you (though he’ll ask for help if he feels too overwhelmed). He’s relatively low maintenance and extremely empathetic, knowing when you’re suffering from a problem you won’t talk about and able to force it out of you even if you think he shouldn’t be concerned about it.

Royalty This Way Comes- Prince!Calum

Everyone knew him. Prince Calum of Khetor. Word travels quickly through the royal circuits, and the whole palace was buzzing with the idea of his visit. The wealthy girls and women were preparing to wear their finest clothing and pull out their expensive perfumes. Fathers of promisingly beautiful girls bustled around their homes, helping their wives tidy up and trying to decide the best way to convince the prince that their daughter was the woman for him. Of course, everyone knew who he was really visiting for. Princess Lexia, the only child of King and Queen Charleton. She was in need of a husband, and Prince Calum was in need of a wife. The meeting and possible marriage had been enough buzz to put the entire palace on edge.

On the day set for the prince’s arrival, the other maids and I were being pushed to our limits. Every two minutes there was a new order being barked at us, and they were usually assigned as we were in the middle of another. Abigail, who was one of the kitchen’s best cooks, was sent from her spot in the kitchen to tend to the lush front gardens. I was in the middle of lending a hand with cleaning the already close to spotless dining room when I was called to a separate task.

“Y/N, Y/N!” I turned at the sound of my name, seeing an older maid rushing down the great palace steps. She was winded by the time she reached me, and took a few deep breaths before speaking again. Her cheeks were flushed from running, and the look in her eyes was nothing short of wild.

“What is it?” I inquired, hoping my prodding would get the words out of her. She took one last breath and held a hand over her heart as if she was keeping it in place somehow.

“The princess is requesting your company. Quickly, dear. She is not in the mood to be kept waiting.” I nodded, immediately making my way towards Lexia’s room. I reached the room soon, about to pull open the large and heavy door when I heard the girl’s shrill voice yelling at some other maids. In what seemed like a second, two young maids that could not be more than 13 scurried out with wide eyes and trembling hands. I gave them the most reassuring smile I could muster, remembering how intimidating I once found the princess. As I entered the room, I saw Lexia seated in front of her full length mirror, admiring herself. For a second, I was lost by the pattern of her finest dress, a soft rosy pink intermixed with rose gold. It was the first time I had ever seen the girl in it, and there was no doubt she looked beautiful. The delicate lace on the neckline and cap sleeves complimented her skin in the most wonderful way. Her sigh of relief pulled me out of my admiration, and I curtsied to her before crossing the floor quickly.

“What can I do for you, princess?” I looked at her through the mirror, waiting to hear what she needed that required me in particular.

“I’m so glad to see you. You can braid, correct?” Nodding, I began to piece together what her request would be. “Do whatever you see fit. My only requirement is that it is something beautiful to impress the prince.” She sat up straighter in her chair, and I began my work on her impressive hair. Sometimes I found myself feeling like a fool for being so responsive to her needs, but the benefits of working for the royal family greatly outweighed the amount of work. The Charleton’s are kind and fair people, and offered me a great life under their roof. I knew there were much worse places to spend my days, so I was grateful. I continued working with Lexia’s hair until I had created a hairstyle worthy of meeting a young and handsome prince. After I had showed her exactly how it looked, she smiled in what I guessed was approval and stood to face me. This shocked me a little, as she was known to send her maids away as soon as she was no longer in need of their service. I swallowed the lump in my throat to hide my nervousness I held over her unusual act.

“May I ask you something?” She asked, almost seeming uncertain of herself or scared. I nodded, though, granting her permission to talk to me.  She took a seat on her bed, and I stayed in the same spot I had been, only moving so I was still facing her as we spoke. She opened her mouth as if to speak but promptly shut it again and furrowed her eyebrows. “Sit, won’t you? Your standing is making me nervous.” As I sat on the spot she designated with a perfectly manicured hand, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling a little bit odd. “You’re the same age as me, aren’t you Y/N?” the sound of her saying my name made me squirm in my seat a little, the informal greeting so foreign to me. However, I nodded again, confirming her inquiry. I had begun my work here two years ago, shortly after I turned 16. “Then you must know how big a matter my meeting with Prince Calum is. He is the dream of every woman that knows of him, and my father is pressuring me to impress him enough for marriage, but I’m not sure I want to.” I was unable to stop the gasp that left my mouth, and I instantly placed my hand over my mouth, knowing that was no way to act around royalty. Lexia let out a small dry chuckle, shaking her head back and forth. “Please don’t act so formal. I called for you for a reason.” I couldn’t help but smile at the idea of the princess wanting to talk specifically to me about such a topic.

“May I ask why you’re thinking this way?” I questioned, unable to quell my curiosity. The princess sighed, shaking her head and looking at her hands in shame.

“It’s not him. And I was excited as could be until earlier this morning when mother was telling me that this could be the man I marry and spend the rest of my life with. I guess I realized that I really don’t want to be married at all, and if I ever do, I would like to be older than this. It all seems like too much for me at 18 years old.” She began to cry, and instantly took deep breaths to keep herself under control the way a princess is taught to be. I stood abruptly, reaching out and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Lexia, you must not cry over this. Your father is a reasonable man and Prince Calum is not the only handsome man around. Many princesses your age are feeling the same way. Princess Lilly is 22 and still hasn’t chosen a man to marry. It is becoming more common and more accepted. Wipe your eyes, princess. I won’t tell anyone of this.” I glanced out the window, seeing the sun beginning to lower over the courtyard. Clearing my throat, I took one last glance at the girl in front of me.

“He will be here soon. Are you in need of anything else?” She shook her head, mumbling a small thank you as I smoothed my skirt and exited her room.
Once I was back downstairs, I kept myself busy in a vain attempt to forget Lexia’s confession ringing in my head. Soon enough, the afternoon fell upon us, and the prince arrived right on time. The whole town crowded the courtyard to watch his arrival, young girls pushing through crowds with wide eyes to catch a glimpse of royalty. As soon as he stepped onto the pathway that led to the castle, I heard a collective gasp from the large crowd. Truthfully, I had gasped along with them as the full glory of the boy was shown to us. I had heard many accounts of his beauty, but never experienced it in person. Marianne, and older maid, stood beside me as a fanfare began to play and muttered “mercy me” as the boy waved and smiled at the crowd.

The prince was beautiful, with dark hair and deep and piercing eyes that shone when the sunlight caught them at the right angle. His skin was the perfect gentle brown that the residents of Khetor were known far and wide for having. A gentle breeze rustled his hair, distracting me just enough to look at his other features. His face was all a huge contradiction, as he was blessed with the pudgy cheeks of a newborn baby but also the sharp cheekbones and jawline of a well crafted god. His lips were a beautiful color of pink and full as could be, curving into an award winning smile as he addressed the people around him. Beyond his facial features, he was built wonderfully. A lean but obviously muscular body was under his no doubt expensive and handcrafted clothes. He walked with so much gracefulness it seemed as if he were traveling on air. My heart jumped into my throat as he made his was up the pathway, closer to me and the other maids who had been told to await his arrival right by the palace doors. When he was only 3 people away from me, my mind and heart were yelling in unison, and I had to everything in my power to calm myself. Once he was safely in the walls of the palace, we shuffled in behind him. The sound of the doors shutting again shook me to my bones, and I knew having this man under the palace roof would lend to me having a long day.

Marianne chuckled at me, clapping me on the back and smiling. “Pull yourself together dear. Lexia is going to keep that man.” I only nodded, watching her skirt sway as she walked and thinking about how wrong she was.

I worked non stop from the moment Calum had stepped foot in the castle. Only a select few were allowed into the dining hall as Lexia, Calum, and Lexia’s parents had their dinner. As a result, 5 other maids and I had been assigned to the task of caring for the prince’s representatives who had traveled with him. We showed them to their quarters, took their meal orders and gave them tours of the castle until they were content to lay down. Slowly, the other maids ran out of things to do and retired to our quarters as well. Many lights in the castle were still blazing though, as I’m sure the prince and princess were still socializing. When I finally had nothing more to do, I made my way to the maid’s quarters. Most of the others were already fast asleep, so I had more privacy than usual to change into my nightgown and let my hair out of its tight bun. I laid awake in the darkness, the thought of how Lexia was handling her predicament occupied my mind, but thoughts of the prince filled them even more. I pretended to sleep until all of the maids were in their beds and asleep, and the castle was calm and quiet.
I had no destination when my feet first hit the ground, but as soon as I began walking I knew where I wanted to go. When I had first began my service here, I would spend my sleepless nights out in the small garden just steps from the maid quarters. So I made my way there, not even needing the light of a candle to help me reach my destination. I let out a quiet sigh of relief when I got to the garden, first admiring the way the freshly bloomed roses shined in the moonlight. I stooped down to them, brushing my fingertips over the petals.

I stood soon after, craning my neck back to look up at the sky. It was a wonderfully clear night, and the moon was almost full. The stars seemed to be yelling and fighting for attention, each seeming brighter than the next against the dark backdrop. My legs carried me absentmindedly as I gazed at the stars, loving the piece and quiet of it all. I kept walking until I made contact with what I assumed to be the edge of one of the many stone benches. I stumbled a little, letting out a small yell as I almost fell.

“Whoa! Are you okay?” I heard someone call. My mind ran wild. Someone had seen me so lost and stupid almost fall over a bench. I took a deep breath, hearing footsteps and looking in their direction. The breath I was taking got stuck in my throat as I saw who owned the voice and footsteps approaching me. The prince. My mouth went dry and I felt my hands begin to sweat. I curtsied instantly, embarrassed by the burning in my cheeks and my previous clumsiness. He chuckled, and the sound ran beautifully around the small garden. “I would introduce myself, but I’d bet you already know who I am.” He was now directly in front of me, and the way the moonlight bounced off his face was enough to drive any girl mad. Sheepishly I nodded, frozen to my spot as he sat on the bench that had caused this meeting in the first place. “Won’t you sit? No lady should stand when their is an open seat, especially a pretty one like you.” I blushed at his broad statement, and felt even more stuck to the ground under my feet. He stood again, and in a swift and confident motion, grabbed both of my hands. As his skin made contact with mine, I felt like a fire had been lit where he touched me. My eyes went wide and I looked at him again. He was only inches from me, and he smiled as he gently pulled me to sit on the bench beside him. He let go of my hands shortly after we were both seated, and the loss of contact saddened me. “Do you speak, love?” he joked, and I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips. Clearing my throat, I nodded my head and mustered all the courage I had.

“Why aren’t you with Lexia?” I questioned, eating up the way he looked. For a prince, his stance was highly informal, slightly slouched and turned in on himself, a huge opposite to his confident voice and actions. He gave me a tight lipped smile, bowing his head so that his hair fell. So badly I wanted to reach up and push the pieces away, but I knew my wants were crazy.
“Your princess: she’s beautiful, and her palace is wonderful and her parents and staff are kind,” he began, speaking slowly like he was putting together what he was saying as he was saying it.

“That doesn’t tell me why you’re here with a maid and not in the commons with the princess.” I mumbled. He laughed again, the sound making my heart jump to know that I was the reason for it.

“I’m here with you because despite all of those qualities, your princess is not someone I’m keen to marry.” He finally looked up again, making eye contact with me.

“Why not?” I asked, voice small and unsure and my cheeks flushing under his gaze.

“What’s your name?” He asked, as he must have realized skipping his introduction also meant skipping mine.

“Y/N,” I smiled, feeling captivated by his entire being.

“Well, Y/N,” the way he said my name making my hair stand on end, “I don’t want to marry your princess, or any princess I’ve met in my entire life for one simple reason. No matter how proper or nice or pretty they are, they don’t make me feel anything. I feel no love for them. I feel no infatuation. I want to know what love feels like, truly, but I have no idea. I have asked my friend, I’m sure you have heard of him, Prince Ashton?” He asked and I nodded, remembering the name. “I asked him what it felt like when he fell in love. He met his princess when he was only 17, and he told me that after seeing her he couldn’t find the peace to sleep. His thoughts were just full of her. And soon enough, he was putting her ahead of himself. I have not felt that for a single princess I have met.” He shook his head, laughing in spite of himself. “Have you felt love, Y/N?” His tone was serious, and he was genuinely wondering. I took a moment to think, and I was about to say no when I remembered the reason I was in the garden in the first place.

“I-I suppose I have, prince,” I stammered, suddenly feeling even more uncomfortable than before. There was no way I was in love with the prince. I had only seen him mere hours before. The fact that the image of him kept me up cannot mean a thing so serious.

“Please, call me Calum. Being a prince is the very thing keeping me from feeling love.” he whispered. He wouldn’t stop looking at me, and I could almost feel my skin crawling as my own thoughts drove me mad. Abruptly, I stood, swallowing the lump in my throat. Calum looked like he was full of confusion at my actions, and I felt mad at myself for making him look that upset.

“C-Calum, I’m sorry, I really am, but I have to go. I can’t, I just can’t handle this at the moment.” my voice was just as weak as I was feeling  and my heart was beating so fast it seemed it had the potential to burst. Calum stood up after me, confusion etched on his face.

“Did I say something wrong? Tell me if I did, Y/N. I’ll apologize promptly,” I felt my stomach drop as he got closer to me, my emotions screaming for me to tell him what I’m feeling but my brain knowing better.

“You didn’t do anything Calum. I just have to go because my childish wishes are going to make this end badly for us both,” shaking my head, I made my way back inside but felt Calum’s hand on my shoulder, gently holding me back. I turned to face him, my breathing still irregular as I looked at him, never able to get over what a perfect man he seemed to be in both looks and actions.

“What childish wishes do you speak of? Can we work them out? I don’t want to lose your company,” his voice was still quiet as spoke, and my heart did flip flops in my chest. Rubbing at my forehead, I decided that at this point I had nothing to lose. If I lost my job for this, I would still be young enough to go into another trade and never interact with any royalty again.

“The love you spoke of,” I sighed, not believing that I was actually going to tell a prince how I felt about him, “when I said I felt it, I meant I had felt it because of you. The whole reason I was out here was because you wouldn’t get out of my head! And it’s childish, I know it is, because you are a prince, and I’m just a maid with wants too big for her own good.” Silence hung in the air, and insects buzzed around us. “See? You won’t even say anything because that’s how insane it is. I get it, I do. I’m crazy, and I’m sorry I told you what I was feeling.” I could feel tears streaking down my face and I mentally scolded myself for being so fragile about a boy I had just met who feels nothing for me. Quickly, I turned again and made my way towards the door that would lead me back to the castle. I was only a foot from the door when Calum called after me once again. His footsteps were quick as he came up behind me, and I turned to give him what I figured would be one last glare before never seeing him again.

“Please, Y/N. Turn around so I can see you.” he breathed. I turned to face him with reluctance and a hint of fear. His facial features were surprisingly soft given the circumstances, and I found myself getting lost in him again. My heart thudded, given the small space between us. He reached a hand toward me and placed it on my cheek, his thumb resting just under my left eye. I was too overwhelmed to move, the feeling of his soft hand on my face and his eyes on me throwing me into overdrive. The sense of overload worked to his advantage as he leaned closer to me and pushed his lips to mine in a gentle manner. I was shocked at first, unable to move or respond to the feeling of his lips on mine. Calum realized this and pulled back, his forehead creasing. “Did you not want to- I mean, did I rush it?” he stammered, seeming nervous. I shook my head, giving him a small smile.

“I just wasn’t expecting that,” I whispered to him. He nodded, smiling again and placing his forehead on mine. My mind was going crazy at this contact and the idea of it all. Calum, prince Calum, had just kissed me, and he didn’t leave me right after.

“Y/N?” He muttered, his voice barely audible.

“Calum?” I teased, grinning at the beautiful man in front of me.

“Are you ready this time?” I giggled, nodding my head quickly as he moved his hand from my cheek to my waist. He kissed me again, and this time I had enough sense to return it. It was a small, innocent and sweet kiss, but it still carried all the passion we needed to share. He disconnected his lips from mine, bumping our noses together briefly before smiling. “We have quite the announcement to make tomorrow, don’t we?”

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lets take a moment and look at this gif again 65*media*tumblr*com/c568e5bb92c38c24c6d71831c774256e/tumblr_inline_of5t4uQ6Wq1qbmlb8_500*gif man isn't ji smooth af? that is such a bf hold. like wrap-his-head-against-my-chest-hug adorable.

This one, right?

It reminds me so much of that time that, when JI was asked about where would he take his girlfriend he answered “into my arms”. I even put hat in the other spam, but this can’t be forgotten because it’s too adorable.

This moment is also pretty adorable. It’s one of my favorites for two reasons: first, how KS goes there where JI is to be with him and JI just holds him. It makes my heart really warm.

Yeah, right there. It doesn’t matter how conscious they were of the people looking at them, it was still tender to watch.

Not even pcy can ignore this.


Yes, pressing him against u to take ur kid away

This doesn’t have, actually, the idea of “putting the bae against his arms”, but I thought it was relevant.

Always attentive

This day had memorable moments, I swear.

The warmest embrace…

God bless the person who took this picture ffs.

Last, but not least.

Conclusion: those few moments show how JI really likes to have the one he loves into his arms. Keep doing your good work, boy and don’t let ur brojagi escape  ♡

PS: Becky/toomanyfeelsgdi has this cute post and it’s super adorable bc it has more moments and I’m already drowning with feels.

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how about us using really corny pick up lines on mori, and he's just like, no stop, i know you love me but these are horrible...

aaawww!! this is so cute!

“Neh, neh, Takashi~ Can I have directions?” You asked your boyfriend, smiling up at him as you sat on the bench in the kendo gym. Mori was having his water break, and you decided to tease him a little bit.

“Hn? To where?”

You smiled. “To your heart!” 

Mori looked at you, still. You frowned.

“That was supposed to work! Okay, let me try again. Do you remember me?”


“Oh, that’s right. We’ve only met in my dreams!”


“Whaaaat? That was cute! Okay okay, how about this one? I’d say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.”


“Takashi, you have a heart of stone. Let me try this. People call me ____, but you can call me tonight.”


“URGH, stupid kendo giant. This is the last one, okay? Was your father a mechanic? Then how—”

“No, he’s a—”

“I KNOW HE’S A KENDO MASTER. JUST… JUST— OKAY? Ride with me here, please.”

“Then, continue.”

“Then how come you have such a finely tuned body?” You winked at him, and still, Mori did not change his expression.

“Hey, I worked really hard.. in searching this up on Google, alright?” You pouted. Mori chuckled. He bent down and kissed you.

“Wanna know something?” He asked you, his deep voice resonating in your ears. You blushed at the closeness of his face to yours.


“You are the reason men fall in love.”

Your eyes widened. Mori chuckled. 

“See, baby, that’s how you do it.”

MMFD fic: “Always Travelin' But Not In Love (So Please Be Kind If I'm a Mess)”

“Chop and Iz, Finn and Rae, everyone together and happy and in love, no one is hurting or breaking up or running away. He loves them so much his heart is bursting. He just sometimes wishes they weren’t so… coupley.”
Archie knows he should settle for what he can get, and not develop crushes on boys he can never have.

Third story following “Bright Young Things” and “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”. This might eventually be a proper series with some major plot lines for some long neglected characters.

Thank you, lovely friend and hand-holder (and beta-reader to the stars), @madfatty​​, for telling me again and again for over a year that I can just post this story even if the entire series isn’t written yet. You’ll make a writer of me yet.

And to @how-ardently​​. I love you to bits, girl, even though you ruined my original title with your gross imagination ;)

Current title is taken from Rufus Wainwright lyrics (“Oh, What a World” / “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk”.

Always Travelin’ But Not In Love (So Please Be Kind If I’m a Mess)

It’s funny how you can know someone for years and not really notice they’re male, let alone a fine, mouth-watering specimen of manhood.

It starts in the lunch queue. Reaching for the greens, Archie notices the hand of a guy queuing behind him. Slender musician’s fingers, sexy veins delicately crossing and stretching as the guy reaches for the pudding. A thin leather strip round the wrist, along with a simple black string that’s tied in a loose knot, and the whole thing is kinda hot. Archie looks up to see to whom this lovely appendage is appended, and is taken aback. Adam Blackwell? He’s known him since primary school, and has never entertained any sinful thoughts about him.

But looking at him now, seems like the summer has been good to Adam. He’s taller, more angular. Under his baggy clothes everything looked firm and tight.

Didn’t he used to be a spotty geek? And he used to comb his hair backwards, but now there is a wave of gorgeous black hair pouring over one eye. He’s wearing thick-rimmed glasses, and apparently sometime during the long seconds that Archie’s spent staring at him, Adam has been staring right back.

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Ƥнαяασн'ѕ Ƥєт

The music and laughter drifted down the hall, muted and far away, like the phantom sounds of a haunting. With it came the promises of smiles, faces flushed from wine, friends patting each other’s backs and dancing, couples whispering drunken loving words to one another while searching for a dark corner. It promised fun and joy for all.

All but Yuugi.

He couldn’t have said he was particularly unhappy with his life. Yuugi was fortunate to be treated well, always sleeping on a soft bed, given expensive silks to wear and good food to eat; even though his diet was always monitored, he was fed well. His movements were monitored, but not too restrictive, though he supposed those restrictions were about to be much thicker chains, soon.

Yuugi had been born for one purpose, and with it looming soon over his head, his heart was aflutter in his chest and his stomach was knotting into nausea. It wasn’t that he didn’t want the life he’d been given, he was just scared of it. Scared of disappointing. Scared of falling out of favor and being punished for his faults.

Scared of being dropped down to the level of a servant.

Lithe fingers played against the gloss of the golden chain locked to the manacle around his throat, a golden collar. It was just for show, for when he was let out into public. Being made of gold, however, meant it was heavy against his neck, irritating the skin it rubbed against. He wondered if the man he was being given to would yank on it. Would he force Yuugi to wear it all times? Or would he be a merciful master?

Such thoughts weren’t dwelled on for long, as soon the servants around him, his keepers, were rising, ushering him to his feet as well, leading him down the hall in a long procession. One servant led him along by the chain, others were carrying expensive gifts, treasures, the finest trinkets and the like that money could produce.

His heart began to go wild beneath his breast until Yuugi was certain he was about to die of a heart attack. The music and sounds of life grew louder and louder as they closed in on a set of large, ornate doors, glittering in the soft light of the oil lamps, all in gold and crested with jewels.

Soon, the music came to a halt, the voices of the party goers dying out with it, one muffled but loud voice speaking out in a grand manner. Yuugi pursed his lips into a thin line as he attempted to catch his breath. Even as muted as it was, he knew the voice of the Emperor of his country. He also had a general idea of what the man was saying. More than likely, it was a string of compliments, followed by a well-worded, lengthy speech speaking of gratitude. Finally, it would be ended with a promise of gifts, all for one person.

The doors opened, the bright light of the large room making Yuugi squint a little, as it was a stark contrast from the dim halls. Soon, the parade was leading him inside, though as he was now at the back of it, he couldn’t see over the heads of those in front of him. He couldn’t see the man of honor, no doubt high up on a dais and intricately carved throne, the man who would soon own him.

The Pharaoh.

“These are all the finest my country has to offer,” that strong voice from before was saying, the Emperor looking up at the Pharaoh from below the dais, grinning widely. “No expense was spared, many of these items taking years to fully craft as each fine detail was worked on, extensively.”

Yuugi frowned. He hated being referred to as a thing, but he supposed that was all he was. Just a pretty thing to look at and play with. He watched as each of the servants lined up the gifts they carried, some boxes and furniture calling for five or six men to carry. He tried to not focus on the eyes desperately trying to see him, though he was hidden behind a wall of men on all sides; no one would glimpse him before the Pharaoh did, as was only right. Yuugi moved as a unit with his guards, head down, suddenly over conscious of the clothing he wore (or what little of it was there).

He’d been dressed in strange clothes he’d never seen the likes of before. From his best guess, he appeared to be wearing an elongated tunic, gauzy and white, the hem just barely touching the floor. Two slits cut up either side, from hem to almost his hips, allowing his legs to peek through with every step. Waist up, there was no back to the tunic, and it was held on with a band of gold around his waist, as well as a heavy beaded, gold collar that sat around his shoulders.

His wrists and ankles jingled with golden bracelets and bangles, inlaid with innumerable sparkling jewels of every kind of color imaginable; similar rings wrapped around his fingers. From under the collar spilled out a gauzy, translucent fabric that mimicked the shape of wings (in Yuugi’s opinion), like two small capes cut in a teardrop pattern, flowing easy and like water, hooked to the bangles on either of his wrists. Heavy gold earrings dangled almost down to his shoulders. It would be a little troublesome to move dressed in such strange attire, but he would manage it.

Yuugi had no other choice.

“And, for my final gift, I bring to you, Great Pharaoh, my most prized possession,” the old Emperor went on, gesturing grandly. “A beauty the likes of which few have seen!”

The men at his sides moved away, the one in front of Yuugi leading him forward further, until he was right in front of the dais, staring up at the man millions of people bowed their heads to, the man who controlled a grand kingdom.

He wanted to squirm under that ruby eyed gaze, marveling at the other’s golden brown skin, strong physic, and heartbreakingly stunning face. The man looked as if sculpted by the gods’ hands, directly, having been blessed with their collective efforts.

“He’s been well groomed,” the visiting Emperor boasted. “From birth, he has been reared for the sole purpose of servitude.” The way he said it implied a different kind of servitude than just waiting on someone, hand and foot. It implied a service that only a select number of people could give. Something too dirty to speak of in polite company. “And, better still, he is completely pure. Untouched. Never has a man so much as seen him disrobed.” He turned his gaze to Yuugi, which gave the boy some very unpleasant shivers. “He has also been instructed in the ways of entertainment.”

At this, the servant who had Yuugi’s chain stepped closer towards him, producing a key and unlocking the collar from around his throat. He felt the nerves build up inside of him as he realized what he was supposed to do, trying not to panic as the servant stepped away, leaving him completely alone in front of the dais, circled by countless faces, all watching him and everything he did.

You can do this, Yuugi,’ he silently told himself, relaxing his shoulders. ‘So what if you’ve never performed in front of this many people? There’s a first time for everything, right?

Violet eyes fell closed as he heard the first few notes pick up, a gentle music slowly coming to life around him. Thankfully, he knew the song, though of course he wouldn’t have been expected to move to a dance he didn’t know. Having that small bit of normalcy and relief, Yuugi held his hands out to his sides, before simply allowing his body to move in the pattern that had been drilled into his very bones, having spent endless hours practicing. His movements held a grace that had taken years to perfect, years and agony from spending entire days, only being allowed to dance and nothing more.

Yuugi moved with the fluidity of water, not because he wanted to, but because if he didn’t, then the punishment he received would have been more severe than anything he’d ever faced. To fail in front of an audience, especially before a Pharaoh, would have been worse than a death sentence.

He just hoped that his performance would be well received.


Let it be known that this fact cannot be overstated or oversold: Misha has the best wife in the history of the universe.

He knows that at his very core and he’s reminded of it everyday when he wakes up next to his high school sweetheart. The fact that a woman as amazing as Vicki, who’s so smart and so funny and so beautiful, could ever put up with him for this long blows his mind.

But there are a handful of times when it really hits him just how amazing his wife is… like right now. 

Danneel’s got his hands tied to the headboard and she’s riding him hard, her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she braces herself on his legs. Jensen’s across the room eating out Vicki and christ, if he was a lesser man, Misha would’ve come twice already. Twice.

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So my dad was talking to the new next door neighbors and he was talking to the neighbor lady and goes, “Yeah you guys seem really nice, i’m glad those other people moved out they were disrespectful idiots.” and the lady just looked at him for a minute and was like, “yeah…That was my brother and his wife…” and my dad just got all red and was like “oh, oh, im so sorry…” and she’s all “no youre right my brothers an idiot. I’m sorry he was so disrespectful.”

Bless u, new neighbor lady.

deancas, powerball fic, 1k, i don’t know what this is

“Twenty-two,” Dean says softly, leaning over Cas’s shoulder. “January. The time we got caught in that blizzard and couldn’t leave our motel for the entire day.”

“That was tragic,” Cas says quietly, sounding like he’s smiling, as he fills in 22 on the play slip. Then 8. “First time you took me out to dinner, May eighth.”

Yikes, that’s not a memory Dean actually wants to remember. “Fifteen,” Dean says. “Fifteenth of March, first time I said ‘I love you’,” he presses a light kiss to the back of Cas’s neck.

Cas remains focused at the wheel, fills in 15. That completes the third ticket. Cas moves on to the fourth one.

“Two,” Cas says. “Number of years we’ve been together. Officially.”

“Sixty-eight,” Dean says. “Amount of money that first crappy jacket you wanted so bad that wasn’t a trench coat cost.”

“Thirtieth. Of October. The day you finally said yes to cats.” Cas’s tone doesn’t change so Dean’s caught by surprise. Dean rolls his eyes, thinking about the fact that he literally has cat hair on his jacket at this very moment, and nudges Cas’s boot. These are supposed to be memories that are happy for both of them. But Cas’s delivery’s got Dean reluctantly smiling. He lets it go.

He thinks for a moment.

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Jealousy comes when you’re counting everyone else’s blessings except yours
As a Christian
It’s like a slap in the face to look at what God gave you and basically tell Him he did it wrong
Instead of appreciating the life you have, looking at your neighbor means you don’t trust that God has blessed you, created you, and given you purpose
Being jealous of other people means you’re getting yourself off track
Each of us has a purpose and goals in life that God wants us to achieve
Looking to your left and right can cause you to be distracted from moving forward
You’re wasting the time, gifts, talents, and abilities God gave you by focusing on what he have others
You fix being jealous by praying more and saying thank you more
And you fix being jealous by realizing you have so much when others don’t
And you fix being jealous by putting in work on you
Work on the body you want, work on the career you want, work on the relationship you want, work on the dreams you want
Be so busy appreciating the you you are today and putting in work to be the you you want to be tomorrow
That you have no time to be jealous

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WAIT YOU TOOK SHOTS WITH BRENDON?!?! How? Where? Why? Take me with you!

Sorry it took my so long to answer this but my mom was in town this weekend and we were quite busy. Here’s the whole story:

Pandora was sponsoring a free concert on Thursday, December 10th in NYC. Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were headlining the show and several other artists were playing as well. I reserved tickets, though they didn’t guarantee admission, and I was debating wether or not to go. The venue was really far, doors were at 6 + PATD wasn’t even on until 9:30 & the venue might be at capacity by then, I had homework, et cetera. Ultimately I ended up not going, and while I was disappointed I’ve seen both groups in the past so it wasn’t the end of the world.

My roommates and I go to the same craft beer bar every Thursday. I almost didn’t go out because my mom was coming into the city early Friday morning and my roommate Olivia was sick, but we ended up going anyway. Best! Decision! Ever! We’d been sitting there for about half an hour, talking about idk what, when Olivia looks over at the door and says “Holy fuck that’s Brendon Urie,” and I was like “No way, you’re fucking with me.” But that’s when I saw him- Brendon frickin’ Urie. We immediately start freaking out. He was with a big group of people but I didn’t recognize any of them. His group is seated at the table right behind ours.

I get super nervous when presented with people I admire, especially famous people. God bless Olivia because she doesn’t get starstruck. Before Brendon even sat down, she tapped him on the shoulder and said “You’re Brendon Urie!” He was incredibly nice. He smiled and said “Yes I am!” We introduced ourselves and I told him how I had been a fan for ten years. (Keep in mind the other three people in our group were also impressed, but Olivia and I have been huge Panic! fans forever.) He asked if we were at the show, Olivia said no but I lied and said I had been. I also complimented him on the concert lol sorry Brendon!! But in my defense I have seen him multiple times and it’s always amazing. He asked if we wanted a picture, and of course I said YES, and he put his arms around both of us while my suitemate Rebecca snapped the picture. I know it’s hard to believe but he’s even better-looking in person. He was also shorter than I expected haha. He wished us a good night and went back to his table, which was set up in such a way that his back and my back were right next to each other. I could hear his conversations. It was insane.

We couldn’t believe our luck. The venue was no where near this bar, and how many bars are there in Manhattan? Olivia and I decided we needed to buy him a shot. There was a moment of panic(!) where we were debating what kind of liquor to get, if he would reject it, et cetera. We ended up ordering 3 shots of whiskey. Probably 20 or so minutes after our last conversation, Olivia taps Brendon on the shoulder again. She says “It’s been my dream for forever to take a shot with you. Do you mind?” And of course this sweet, beautiful angel agreed. He came over to our table again and he says “I’m way too old for this, I never do shots anymore.” I handed him the glass and Olivia asked him what his favorite Panic song is. He said it’s a new track off the new album, I think he said the titular song. We say cheers to Panic and he’s like “No no no, cheers to you guys!” I seriously hate taking shots but this was the easiest shot I’ve ever had. My friends were taking videos thank God. He thanked us for the shot and went back to his table.

At this point all of my life’s dreams have been realized. Olivia and I ascended to a higher plane of being not accessible to mere mortals. Olivia immediately pockets Brendon’s shot glass. Then Joe from Fall Out Boy walks in! I’m so embarrassed, because one of us (we can’t remember who) called him Andy a few times before he was like “I’m actually Joe.” Oops. I felt bad and he didn’t really seem like he wanted to chat which is totally fine, but we did get a picture with him as well which was nice. 

It was getting late at this point but there was no way we would leave this bar as long as Brendon was there. We sat at our table sneaking glances at him every once in a while but doing our best not to gawk. Our friends were talking about something else, I have no idea what. We were completely distracted. Around 2am we decided it was time to head out, but before that we wanted to get an autograph. Olivia ripped one of the paper menus in half and found a pen. Just as we were gathering our stuff to leave, Brendon also happens to be gearing up to go. As he stands up Olivia asks if we can bother him one last time. This time when he comes over Rebecca asks what they were doing at this bar. Brendon explained their hotel was 3 blocks away and this was the closest bar. I told him it’s our favorite bar, and he smiles SO big and goes “Yeah I’m glad we came here, because I got to meet you guys!” I cannot stress how nice he was. He signed Olivia’s menu, then mine. I told him he was my first concert back in 2007 and he goes “Oh, for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out! Great tour.” When he signed my menu, he asked if I spelled Sarah with an h. I said yes and he said “That’s the only way to spell it, the right way to spell it.” Awwwww. Then we each got a hug, he thanked us for the shot, wished us goodnight one last time, and he was out the door. 

I’m still in awe, I can’t believe this happened.

Pay close attention to details, especially imagery here. All articles I have seen have shown pictures of Louis’ sad faced selfies or “sweet moments” with him and “his son” while contrasting those images against pictures of Briana looking angry, upset, or drunk (God BLESS that Sun photo that won’t go away). 

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. People are subconsciously visual, and your images go with the story you’re weaving– sweet, caring, invested and thoughtful “dad” trying to do right by his son and angry, gold digging, fame hungry baby mama who only cares about herself.

There’s nothing the public loves to hate more than an angry woman interested in material wealth. Sexist? Hell yes. Effective? Oh hell yes. Leh go.


Harry, Niall and Liam  - Telehit interview

So many things in this one! 

How much you wanna bet Louis was off camera!!! LOL Harry looks off camera 54 times! I counted! 54 fucking times in only ten minutes!!! AMAZING!!! Look at his face(0:53 ; 1:35 ;  3:22 ; 6:11 ; 6:33 ; 8:31 ; 9:46)!!! This is Harry’s “Louis face”!!! 

We got 2:13 - 2:17 (“How would you hit on a girl?”) when we actually witnessed a whole eye-telepathic conversation!

And can I say: God bless you, Liam! LOL

5:42 “If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?” - Harry is answering trying to get(from the people off camera) in which month would be the concert in Spain and then Liam first looks off camera and then asks him “Would you or would you not have a beard?”(5:54) LOL Good job, Liam!

8:38 - “When are you coming to Mexico?” 8:49 - Liam : “ You don’t wanna know about the last time we were in Mexico!” nudging Harry! Oh Liam, you little puppy!!!

And here comes the best thing!!! 

When Liam answers that his celebrity crush ( after having a “hard” time answering) is Barbara Windsor you can hear a little “oh” in the back that sounds awfully much like Louis(10:09)!!! LMAO

And then again at 10:35 you can hear someone’s laughing in the back, but I’m not sure about that!

I have one word for this interview: AMAZING! LOL

And this interviewer was so entertaining for them! For me too if I have to be honest! LMAO 

Being too comfortable...

Are you a Catholic Priest? I am a cradle Catholic and I saw your post on doubt. 
I myself have been doubting God for a few months now. I am confirmed and really love my faith, but sometimes I think it’s too comforting or too good to be true. I think that humanity wishes for something to be true, such as God, and it becomes true.
I am conflicted even just writing down these thoughts, because I know it is near blasphemy. But it’s been bugging me. I’ve read tons of writings such as Mere Christianity but I still find myself lacking faith many times. 
Any hopeful words are appreciated.


Yes, I am a priest. Did you Google me? I have my own parish and life outside of Tumblr, as people find out when they research me.

As for your comments, let me say that at times faith is too comfortable. It is not bad to be comfortable. It is also not bad to shake things up and be challenged. If a person comes right out and defends the Catholic Faith, on Tumblr, and stands up for the “unpopular Catholic teachings” I can assure you, you will leave the comfort zone in about .5 seconds.

We are too comfortable in faith at times because that is how we like our spiritual life and we do nothing to mix things up with courageous witness and challenge.

As for wishing God to be true, I have to disagree. Life in some ways would be so much easier if God did not exist. We can embrace any error, we can break any law, and we can ignore everyone and just care about ourselves if there is no Judge to be accountable to. God does not become true because people wish God into existence. People, rather, wish that there was no God, when they are looking to be “let off the hook” and not have anything complicate their selfishness. And being honest, humans are selfish.

Rather, people who think hard and journey through life looking at its wonders and possibilities come to see that God is a conclusion we come to, when we realize how small and minuscule we are, and how intelligent, beautiful, and orderly the cosmos are, and how a voice deep down tells us we need to get with the program and leave this world in a better state than we found it because somewhere, somehow, we will answer for what we have made of our lives and our journeys.

It’s not blasphemy to have questions and doubts. How to resolve them? Only you can answer that question, for you. My suggestion to Catholics is that it may help to study each question of faith utilizing the apologetic websites in the Catholic blogosphere. However, we must also immerse ourselves into Church life and see the proofs of God’s existence that surround us each day and which we do not notice. God is still “incarnated” and walking around in the flesh, before our very eyes.

I see Him in the mother at Mass who has taken care of her special needs boy, in his wheelchair, for over 18 years and who is a woman of joy, of goodness, and has a smile shining through her tiredness. 

If God isn’t in that woman, I don’t know where you would see Him. I see Him in the many, many families where they are taking care of sick people, elderly people, teens with unplanned pregnancies, families that are dealing with addicts and rehab, and families that can barely pay the rent and yet are always at Mass, sharing faith with us and building up our church family.

I see God in the very devout people who make me open up the church 45 minutes to an hour before Mass, and who walk in with bibles, prayer books, and rosaries, and love to pray and get ready for Mass. They don’t care for “in and out church” like it’s fast food. They take their time and set an example for us to give quality time to the Lord. 

I see God in my young people who are at Mass and hear sermons about the family, and then have to go back home to a toxic family, where they are abused, mistreated, discouraged, and just hang in there to emotionally survive because the home environment is such a wreck. They rely on the toxic adults for support and are not able to move out. And yet there they are at church trying to give back to the community with a positive presence and the love of Christ in their hearts.

I see God very clearly in many volunteers who do not get paid to minister, or teach, or help out around the church, and who pay a price for the time, talent, and treasure they give in Christian ministry. Some of them are secretly in very hard times, and yet they come each week and make it possible for the other members of the church to find catechism, youth ministry, confirmation, food pantry, choir music at church, a friendly visit for the sick, an appearance at the local jail, etc. If God is not clear and bright as crystal, in the lives of these people, I don’t know where we would expect to find Him.

It is not that God hides from us. It is that we are often looking for Him in the wrong places and when we don’t find Him, we doubt. And meantime, He is right there in front of your very eyes, if you are immersed in the Catholic life of a typical parish and have the spiritual eyes to see Him.

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

anonymous asked:

Someone does love you for all the right reasons. Its the only person that ever really can. "But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”" 1 Samuel 16:7 God bless, I will keep you in my prayers. Your blog has been such an uplifting influence in my life, and I can only return the favor when you need uplifting.

God bless you!

its funny know the simple knowledge of finding out sehun won an award not only stifled the tears but managed to make me smile and laugh is so so amazing to me. There are so few people on this earth that can stop me from crying and he is one of them. perhaps this is overly pathetic and sad cause i have ‘never met him’ ‘dont really know him’ and the classic ‘you know you wont date him right’. Im not saying i am lets be real but to have someone in my life that can make me this so God damn happy, well i am truly blessed. he makes me so happy just looking at him, i cant help it but smile from cheek to cheek. I honestly wish him all the happiness in the world. he is so precious to me. no one in kpop or pop culture or movies or in anything really can make me feel the same way i do about this man. i cant even explain it into words. its this feeling. i dont just ‘bias him’. I-i cant explain it. im not sure if any of you have actually felt this before? its more than i feel for my other biases. I love them sure but this? this is different. this is me wanting to do anything to make sure he is happy. to support him in whatever he wants to do. to be there for him when he is at his best and his worst. i just want to know he is happy. whoever makes him happy i want to thank them so much. i would love to make sehun happy one day. Ash says this is what love is and i cant be sure. Ive never felt love so how would i know. but i feel in my heart, Sehun will always be there, and i hope and i pray one day, i will be in his too. 

-Sky x