god bless the mccalls

I loved loved LOVED the relationship rebuilding we had this episode. I loved the dynamic of piecing back togther the Stiles portion of everyone’s lives. It was so wonderful to see who Stiles was to Lydia and Scott and Malia and how much he meant by which memories they remembered and which were the strongest. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and everything I want Teen Wolf to be. The memories were so well done, and I loved how we got Lydia’s perspective especially. We got answers. We got requited love. We finally got to hear Lydia confess to what we all knew but could only label as speculation without proof. Then we got to see how much Scott understands about who Stiles and Lydia are to each other and what they share. It was also nice to see Liam and Theo butt heads and kind of work together. Amazing job tonight, Teen Wolf. That was the perfect way to bring Stiles back.