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Dan and Phil were mentioned in a topic of how it’s important for young men to talk about their feelings or if anything isn’t going well

Mornings - 26 August
with Wendy Harmer (but Wendy Harmer was sick today so it was someone else) on 702 ABC Sydney

PS. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE band together and make Dan and Phil notice that they were mentioned this morning on the radio and in this topic of conversation specifically :) I’m sure they’d be really happy and flattered

Breaking news: DA2 shatters my heart
  • Merrill: Aveline, what do you see in your mirror?
  • Aveline: Sorry?
  • Merrill: In your mirror. What do you see?
  • Aveline: A warrior. A wife. All the mistakes I made to get here. Why? What do you see?
  • Merrill: I'm not sure. Cracks, mostly. Maybe I could borrow yours sometime, if that's alright
  • Aveline: It's all right.
A small note on how to be a nice atheist.

I just had a lovely chat with an older Black woman because we were walking in the same direction.  When we split, she said “God bless you."  Then she reached for a hug, so I hugged her back and said, "You too ma'am, have a wonderful afternoon.”  And you know what?  We both left that pleasant interaction smiling.

Don’t be that atheist who makes a war out of every “God” mention.  Why take away someone’s joy over a 3 minute interaction?  She meant that “God bless you” with all of her heart & I appreciated it.  I’ve been an atheist for over a decade, but I do hope she feels blessed in her life, and if she attributes that to God, then good on her.

Whether she would use her beliefs to shame me or the way I live my life is 1) unknown and 2) irrelevant to that moment.  You can’t know someone’s heart, and I choose to take the good in people when doing otherwise would add unnecessary negativity to the world.

After Hours

Tony realised that he was getting to the age where parties and the people he invited to those parties, we’re stupid. He would spend way too much money on people he didn’t like, and cleaning up after them, and it all left him exhausted.

After one particular party, Tony was flaked out on the couch, supping a beer while Pepper, God bless her, turfed everyone out.

“Thanks, Potts.” He said when she came back inside, holding a fresh beer up for her. “Take a load off.”

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A woman came in as I was going to lock the doors, asked if we were closed, and I told her yeas but if she knew what she wanted, she could go ahead. She said no that's ok, apologized, and said she'd simply come back in the morning. God bless you lady, you're the only one that's done that in my two years here.