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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 3

There are technically six episode’s worth of reacts in here, but really four. You will see. And this set includes a few eps with lukewarm recommendations, but hey I still had a pretty great time here! It’s a good show, guys.

7x09 ‘Covenant’
- are they all gonna sit around and come up with what religion Odo should join, oh my god. Julian’s pitch for Klingon faith is literally: “He’d get to eat the hearts of his enemies.” compelling.
- Kira: “When I contacted the university they said you were on a spiritual retreat?”
  literally this Vedek: “Oh you know me, always searching for answers.” I am lol.
- wait, Brother Vedek what the fuck did you just give her! you knew it was going to do that!!!
- you know, it is rather a shame that Dukat ended up becoming this. there were moments of true brilliance with this character, along the way.
- it weirds me out that the station is tilted in this reality
- oh wait it’s EMPOK NOR, that’s the abandoned one that O’Brien led that salvage mission to where Garak touched the Alien goo and went space mad. OMG SO THIS IS REAL. oh fuck.
- I mean he did become a vessel for a Pah Wraith that one time, this is true
- Dukat is always claiming other people are truly responsible for shit he did, so it figures that eventually he would blame THE ACTUAL BAJORAN PROPHETS for his Bajoran Occupation
- ugh

this is a good look

- Dukat wants Nerys to grow used to this as her home, holy what
- Dukat gives people permission to have children, are you—???

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what the hell is going on in that trailer: a novel

Just got back from my exam and I have to write all this down because what. is. going. on. in. that. damn. trailer.

^ my emotional state right now

Lots of Nico->Tenga->Chidori->Katsuhira, Katsuriko and some Yuta and Honoka too! (mostly Honoka because the timing of this mess is just unfair.)

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Mohamed Soltan’s 100 day report in Tora Prison, Egypt. 

Salams All,

I pray this reaches you all in the best of health and increasing Iman. I had started writing back some of you who wrote me, but 6 letters got confiscated during the last cell search. So I’m writing this the night before my visit so I can get it out before it gets taken away. I was very moved and touched by your words wallahi. I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that love me, pray for me, and remember me. I’m sure I don’t deserve it, but I thank Allah that I have people like you in my life, your prayers is what is getting me through my time here wallahi. So please keep them coming 

Today was the 100th day of being locked up so I decided to give you guys a little idea about what the past 100 days have been like, so here I go.

100 day report:

-Getting arrested

-At home -> dumbest idea to hide in the basement of Salah Soltan lol

-Head of the state security arrested us he said, “Don’t worry kids its only a matter of 2-3 years and you’ll be out”.

-“I’m not ikwan (Muslim Brotherhood), I’m a med student!” Abdullah screamed.

-We cracked up.

-Snuck a phone into the bathroom and texted Hanaa (sister).

15 days in police stations (worst 3 in cairo):

-Khalifati/Manshiyat Nasser (2 days)

-Solitary confinement

-No visits

-No food

-No one knows where we are

Basateen (13 days)

4.5x5 m cell with 50+ criminals

Prep course on prison life and vocab

Learned the street names of all the drugs

Learned about the most oppressed people in Egypt: Take drugs and cut themselves to be removed from reality and life’s cruelty.

• Ate very little so I don’t have to use the bathroom

• Helped read Quraan and do Ruq’ya on a kid that was possessed!

• Got the head of the room to start praying the 5 prayers

• Changed the mentality of the people about the revolution

• People cried when we were leaving

• Made some heavy contact with some dangerous criminal’s lol.

 Wadi Al-Natrun (3 days)

Grabbed from basateen, handcuffed to criminals and transferred to Wadi Al-Natrun (120 km from Cairo)

Hazig Party

• Stripped to our boxers and beaten by 100+ officers while handcuffed.

• Got hit on the broken arm although in a sling.

• 45 minutes.

9x10m cell with 63 people

Head of the room had our backs because Abdullah saved him from chocking to death.

 Istiqbal Torrah (82 days and counting)

Sector G

• Called “Gaheem” (hell) by criminals 

• 18 underground 3.5mx4m cells (bathroom and kitchen included)

• 23 hours inside, 1 hour in the hallway

• All white clothing

• Cell #3

• 12 people

o 1 army general: Gamal Ameen

o 1 federal judge: Islam Qurany

o 1 ex-parliament member: Amr Zaki

o 3 doctors (consultants): Ibrahim Khaled, Tareq Hassan, 

Hatem Al-mesaki

o 3 media people: Samhy Mostafa, Abdullah Fakhrany, 

Mohamed Adly

o 1 law student: Abdelrahman Mohamady

o 1 retired GM of insurance company: Subhy Alsayyed

• Abdullah is the best friend that’s helping ease the adapting to Egypt and prison process.

• Samhy and Adly are the clowns that cheer up the room.

• Islam always hooks it up with the healthy food.

• I have a new found hate for ants

o They drink/eat/sleep/crap with me

• I don’t think I’ll know how to use a normal bathroom again

o Hole in the ground is where it’s at

• I cut hair and cook

o 2 packs/cut

o 4 packs/meal

• I might be the most popular inmate

o Junior prison officers have a love/hate relationship with me

o I keep it that way to maximize my time out of the cell

o They’ll miss me when I’m gone inshAllah (If God wills) lol.

• 20 minutes weekly family visits (Saturdays usually)

• Soltan guidelines on the cell wall 

• I try to eat prison food

o I wait for Sundays and Wednesdays for burnt lentil soup

o Food gets thrown at our door

• I eat meat protein once a week

o Not because it’s not available but because my cellmates take their frustration out on food lol

• Definitely lost weight but got a lot more to go

• I modified whatever I can remember from insanity and fits with my arm situation

o For the first time ever, I can do 7 one handed pushups

o I did a 15-min wall sit once in a competition with another prisoner

I won but couldn’t walk straight for 2 days (NOT A GOOD LOOK IN JAIL)

• I put a 2-year plan for jail 

• I think I started liking/being interested in someone

o Yes, it’s a girl

o & no, she not in jail

o Big conflict with 2-year prison plan lol 

• Role in revolution

o Lots of interesting stories I can’t share now 

o I’ll probably need to write a book or something

• Daily schedule 

o 3:30 am -> Qiyam, Fajr, group Quraan, Athkar, Duha, Breakfast

o 8:00 am -> Personal program (3-5 juz’ reading, memorizing , Arabic reading, AUC-MBA project and studying)

o 12:00pm -> Duhr, noon nap or weekly visit

o 1:00 -> Hour break in the hallway

Socializing with other cells, giving a talk (Islamic/Revolution), or playing some kind of sport.

o 3pm ->Asr then preparing food for dinner

o Open/free time until Isha 

Reading, continuing personal goals, or exercising.

o 7:30 -> Isha, lectures (Islamic/law/medicine..etc), then group entertainment.

o 11:00pm -> sleep

• Accomplishments (Hamdiuallah) (Thank God)

o Spiritually at an all time high HamdiuAllah (Thank God)

My relationship with Allah has never been better, I haven’t felt this close to Him, ever.

o Having a consistent spiritual, physical, education program


Group assessment

o Reassessing some of my life’s goals.

o Learning a lot about myself (strengths, weaknesses, and how much I’m able to handle)

o Learning a lot of survival skills

o Learning a lot about people around me

o Being a cell-leader has taught me SO MUCH about leading a group of successful Arab men stuck together in a room for 23 hours a day.

o Life-long relationships with cell mates and other inmates

o I’m defiantly more organized HamdiuAllah (Thank God)

Routine helps.

• Struggles

o My health situation (arm in specific)

Surgery to remove the nails in my arm inside the cell

• Razor and pliers

• 13’’ nails pulled out after they came out of my arm

• No anesthesia or sterilization 

• Most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life.

• I did everything so I don’t scream because of the senior officer was outside the cell. I don’t like showing those bastards any weaknesses. 

o I defiantly passed the heck out afterward though lol.

Being with people with strong personalities

• I’ve become more aware of both my Egyptian and American identities

o Yes that American part has been the struggle lol

Culture, personal space, privacy, etc.

The PTSD from the 14th of August

• Defiantly suppressing the memory of Rabaa

• The thought brings tears to my eyes, depresses me, and gives me nightmares.

o Promised not to shed a tear outside of prayer until I get out.

The End.

With all that being said, I’d like to stress that these 100 days and counting of being isolated from the outside world has given me so much insight on life and has been a bittersweet blessing, that I know God will end when I am done learning/realizing whatever it is he needs me to achieve to be a better contribution to the world inshAllah. I’m also certain that it’s in His wisdom that I’m not outside messing up something, rather. All I know is, Allah’s plan for me is much better than anything I have planned for myself and I am fully content with everything Allah has given me.

I miss all of you so much, I appreciate you so much, and I love and pray for you daily. InshAllah we should meet soon, in a free Egypt, a free Middle East, and a free World. Keep the duaas coming, and until next time inshAllah. Salaams

Much Love,

Mohamed Soltan


Istikbal Torrah Sector G, cell #3