god bless his soul

Spotted - Hayden Byerly with his foot in his mouth. Careful Hayden, rumor has it you were priority over your ex co-star Gavin but do you really think you’d win against Queen Maia? Seems a little reckless, even for you.
—  You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl

dan and phil’s relationship is a constant cycle of “i can do this to him but the moment anyone else does the same thing….they’re gonna catch these hands”


And put your fucking iPhones down for God’s fucking sake. Like, Jesus, that is causing terrible things for art because people aren’t becoming attached to experiences, they’re becoming attached to digital memories, imprinted on their phones, which is weakening the link, culturally, in your mind, to art. That’s crazy. xx

Am I the only one Who tries to embrace Dylan O'Brien even more now since the accident? This pic was taken just last week, and it makes me happy to see Dylan smiling and looking healthy ❤ God bless his beautiful soul