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anonymous requested: Oi ! i really like ur writings and was wondering if you do bill skarsgard/pennywise stuff ? if you do can you write a oneshot where Y/N plays the older sister (like shes in her twenties or smth) of beverly and pennywise kills her ? but Bill Skarsgard (he plays Pennywise) has a thing for Y/N and really hopes to impress her but it kinda goes wrong in someway ? idek but it’s been a idea i’ve had for ages ! thankss !  

Warnings: Spoilers -? Maybe? IT is a horror movie so, murder and choking. Also brief brief brief topics of vomit.

Word Count: 1880

A/N: I’m fully aware this is one shot is a bit bizarre and definitely a specific niche (not one that I share necessarily) but I feel like I need to preface this by saying this is simply just for fun. PSA Bev Marsh doesn’t have an older sister Y/N’s role is purely for this work

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Ever since Y/N got the call telling her she, Y/N L/N, was to play the part of Laura Marsh, her stomach still hasn’t unfolded itself. It was still all balled up in the pit of her lower abdomen, like she could hurl at any time. It had been there through the three months of filming they had done and she concluded that it would probably never leave.

Her character didn’t play much of a part in the loser’s club, but Y/N’s character was given her own story in the film. She was Laura Marsh, the real town ‘slut’  even though she often used her little sister Bev as a scapegoat. She hung out with Patrick Hocksetter and Henry Bower, and was usually one of Bev and the loser’s tormentors. Laura was a bitch by all standards of convention, even Y/N could admit, which was her death scene was supposed to be simultaneously terrifying and reliving.  

Y/N watched as the loser’s from her black chair as they played hand games and laughed together on the pavement. The blacktop was so hot! She thought, how the hell did they stand it? Y/N technically had only stopped being a kid three years ago (she was 21 now) but she still could never remember a time where she was so uncaring.

“Do ya’ know when they’re gonna start already? Jesus lets just get on with the scene already!” The slightly squeaky voice of Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers) abruptly asked beside her. Three months ago she would’ve jumped, but now she didn’t even think about it. She heard a chair scraping against the ground and it groaned with the weight of Nick’s body. She turned and smiled at him, placing her thick and annotated script onto her lap. He was wearing an orange wife beater tanktop and Y/N could see redness on his shoulders beginning to form.

“Whoa I die in this scene! You want me gone that much, huh?” Y/N asked, feigning hurt as she chuckled lightly. It was the most unfortunate death for poor Laura Marsh, first she was kissed and then left by her boyfriend (which just so happened to be Henry Bowers) in the sewers of all places, then she was brutally ripped apart by a clown wearing his face. Y/N knew that the younger actor was anxious for his first on-screen make out (he had told her so time and time again) but she hoped the playful conversation would calm his nerves.  

Y/N was nervous too but for a different reason entirely. She was an experience actress, she had crossed all the necessary rights of passage, yet she was so nervous. Y/N had talked to Bill Skarsgard twice and she couldn’t shake her stupid, girlish crush. She hardly knew the guy for fuck’s sake! She had wanted so much to come from this movie, It was her first big production movie, but now she was most certainly gonna screw up. How the hell could she pretend to be terrified of the guy when she was secretly thinking ‘I want you to rub my mouth on your mouth’?

“No! No!” Nick assured, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s not the death I’m looking forward to,” he whispered under his breath not so subtly. A few moments of hot silence followed before he reached over and grabbed the script from Y/N’s lap. He lazily fanned himself with it boyishly.

“You’ve got another coupla scenes after this so it’s not like you’re not going anywhere!” He joked as he tried in vain to cool himself off. His voice was shaking slightly and his laughs were constrained, like he wasn’t breathing in enough. Y/N cocked her eyebrow and waited for a few seconds before she made a lunge for her script. She, of course, missed it and hit her elbow on the wooden arm rest of his chair.

“C’mon why do you carry this thing anyhow? Everyone knows you memorized this thing cover to cover the instant you got it.” Nick teased stretching his arm away from Y/N as he peered at all of her highlights and somewhat embarrassing notes.

Y/N tried to crack a smile, but it was true, she did take it everywhere. How could she not? How else could she ensure she’d pull through? Besides was it so wrong for her to make sure everything went perfectly?

Nevertheless, she was beginning to suspect that Nick knew something that he shouldn’t, that sneaky little son of a bitch. She was about to reply with a typical snarky remark but she was interrupted by Andy (the director) shouting, “Y/N, Nick, and Bill - Scene 6 please!” Her heart sank as her body began to move without her brain’s consent. Nick had already jumped up and ran over to Andy enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Y/N’s thighs peeled up from her chair and she awkwardly waddled over to join them.

Andy took one glance at her before waving a makeup artist down and whispering in her ear. How ironic that this makeup artist looked like a scary clown herself, what with all that highlighter. The girl took a dry rag and began to dab Y/N’s face a bit, before she was pulled onto set by someone’s face she didn’t even get to see.

Nick grabbed Y/N’s hand and lightly guided her into position, awaiting Andy to shout “Action!” Y/N could still see the kids offscreen playing their hand games, but now one of them had begun throwing little balls of mud.  

“Alright! Is everyone in position?!” Andy asked looking around as if he were waiting for someone to point out a problem. He nodding to the man holding the slate, before loudly shouting “AND ACTION!”

Nick immediately pushed Y/N’s hips up against the walls of the sewers and she giggled obnoxiously. His lips roughly greeted hers in a strained, but very teenager, kiss. The kiss lasted only for a couple of seconds before he pulled away and wiped his mouth, following the script to a tee.

“You’re getting better.” He commented rudely and went back to give her another kiss. But Y/N’s character, Laura pushed his chest back, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Henry?” Y/N made sure to smack her lips together, to cock her head, and roll her eyes.

“It means that I thought sluts like you were supposedta’ be good at kissin’. But I guess sluts aren’t really known for their kissin’ anyways.” Again, Nick went in for a kiss, but Y/N pushed him back and feigned disbelief.  

Only open your mouth slightly, stop cocking your head, frown, stare, make your eyes water Y/N went through exactly what she had to do in the mirror time and time again, perfecting every part of her express- Crap, lower your chin and …. cry!

Nick glanced at her, though by now her character was balling. “You’re a fucking crazy bitch. You know that right? How much do you charge again?” He asked so sourly the words curdled in his mouth.

“Just get the fuck outta here!” Y/N yelled and she could see, out of her peripheral vision, Andy mouthing along to the words. Nick smirked evilly, before exiting the set and giving her an encouraging off screen thumbs up. Y/N slumped down and cried pathetically, just as it was written. But eventually she stood and stumbled around in the sewers, crying all the way. She could feel the presence of the camera over her shoulder as it followed her like a ghost. Abruptly, the sound of demonic laughter reverberated around the metal of the sewer hitting Y/N’s ears. Bill was too good at that. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand. Her character stopped walking and wiped her nose with the back of her cranberry colored sweatshirt.

A floating red balloon bobbed through the air as it came softly down to where Y/N was standing. It bobbed so peacefully (like the script had said), so her character tried to reach out to get it like a  young child. Perhaps poor slut Laura Marsh needed comfort too, Y/N pondered.

“AND PENNYWISE GO!” Andy shouted, marking where CGI would be used to create a horrifying, deformed hell version of Bill’s beautiful face. Y/N jumped and let out a throaty, raspy scream, the same scream she was hired for. She felt cold hands on her sweatshirt before she saw Bill, but once she did she couldn’t help to scream again. It was nightmarish, with his enlarged forehead and pointed smile.

The clown pinned Y/N up against the wall, which would’ve actually choked her if it had not been for the slight incline that let her tiptoes hang on. She gasped and sputtered, still crying and struggling pathetically. “HO HO HEHEHE!” The clown laughed in her ear and the sound shocked her so much that Y/N lost her footing, her toes couldn’t get a grip on the wet floor of the sewer. Bill was already so much taller than her at 6’4” that in order to deliver the lines properly, he had begun brought her up to his face. She gripped tightly onto his gloved hands as she coughed and began to feel a bit light headed as he continued to laugh maniacally.

Just kill me already! Y/N painfully thought, she would hate to be the reason for the failed take. But Pennywise, or Bill, never seemed to talk fast enough and Y/N was really beginning to feel the effects as she tried desperately to gulp in air.

“I - I,” Wheeze. “C-c-can’t-t,” Wheeze.  

Immediately like a switch had been pulled, she felt the pressure on her throat release as she fell to the ground into the disgusting water. She gulped in sweet air like she had never breathed before and Andy, god bless him, finally shouted “Cut!”

“Y/N! Are you alright!? I really didn’t mean to! I mean I thought maybe - but - I’m so sorry!” Pennywi- Bill shouted, helping her up by placing his hand on the small of her back. It was so odd hearing him be so gentle and polite while wearing such a terrifying costume. His eyes, which five seconds ago where full of such rage, now were softened and sad. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice,” Bill said exasperatedly and guided her over to where Andy sat, all the while she was still breathing in and out deeply.

“Y/N! Y/N! What happened!” Y/N heard the voices of the child actors as they ran over to inspect the situation.

“It was the heat you dufas!” One of the kids proclaimed obviously, as they patted her shoulder. But all Y/N could focus on was the sound of her heart beating as she panted heavily.

“I’m …  fine guys.” Y/N confirmed as she rubbed her neck tenderly. Now that she finally had air in her lungs, the pain of where Bill’s fingers had wrapped around her throat set in.

“I’m so sorry,” Bill repeated as he tried to give her kindest smile he could, buck tooth, blood drenched and everything.

I imagine with whoever dadsona gets with, whenever that dad visits Amanda at college she gets so excited she RACES to him and LEAPS into his arms

Dads that can catch Amanda:
Joseph (if he’s paying attention)
Damien (to everyone’s surprise but Lucien and Ernest. “Of course he’s strong, he wrestles with my dad” Ernest says when pressed.)

Dads that can’t catch Amanda
Mat (he tries, he really does, god bless him)
Robert (knows he can’t catch her and when he goes down he will bring everyone with him)

to ong seongwoo

to a man who:

always does his best to deliver a flawless performance

relentlessly pursued his dreams despite years of no success

bravely smiles through tears and insecurities

happy birthday to not hong seongwoo, not gong seongwoo, not ong seongwoon, but to the diligent, multi-talented, golden-hearted ong seongwoo

to the man who devoted his life to bringing joy to others, thank you for letting your existence to be known to the world ❤️

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harry: *goes ghost*

me: god i’m so glad he gets time for himself to relax and deflate and I’m glad he doesn’t overuse social media because that’s overwhelming and stars should not be that accessible, really, like god bless him namaste 

someone: but don’t you miss him


things I appreciated in spider man homecoming: major SPOILERS INCOMING please scroll if you haven't seen it yet

-SPOILERS do not complain I warned you.


-uh. it was hilarious. holy shit, that awkward spider man is a 15 year old boy AND a super hero comedy is gold.

-Peter’s crushing on a girl of color who’s really smart, and on the decathlon team. also the kid who bullies him is on the same team. In general all of the high schoolers felt like actual high schoolers and not just dumb watered down stereotypes which was nice.

-zendaya was so funny. “It was built by slaves” lmao, socially conscious teen. and all the apathetic high school teachers. It felt like a genuine high school, god bless.

-Ned. Loved him. He was sweet. And really funny too, the man in the chair 😂

-liked the juggling of the normal life and the superhero life. Spider man always does that but this did a really good job of emphasizing how he’s a kid. He really is. At first it’s played for laughs and then we hear him crying crushed under rubble and it’s painful cuz he’s really just a kid in a bad situation. Loved that scene.

-I also love how he was ignoring his real life trying to be a hero and then at the end he realized he was ok with taking things slower. That was a really mature decision and it was hilarious when tony had the reporters in the room asking about the big announcement, lmao. It was a funny moment and a great character moment.

-action was great! I love that kid, his sense of humor was really classic spider man quipping. It was just so good.

-I also like the villain he felt like a real guy. Also that plot twist that he was Peter’s girlfriend’s dad, did NOT see it coming, I gasped and laughed a little.

-that stinger? that was nice of him. nuff said.

-Peter’s suit is badass, holy shit? Wtf stark, that is so extra. I love it.

-amazing movie. Seriously.

.وَاشْكُرُوا نِعْمَتَ اللَّهِ إِن كُنتُمْ إِيَّاهُ تَعْبُدُونَ

ِAnd be thankful for the blessing of God, if you really worship Him.

— Surah An-Nahl [16:114]

He called and asked me if I would come and sing at the Troubadour with him, and I’m like, well, sure I will, but what a) what? sing what?, and why are you asking me, because I know we’re friends and everything, but …and he said because I’m, you know, doing this alone, and, I would just love it if you would come and, like, do this with me, it would just be… and I knew what he was saying. It’s like it would be… it will make me feel better and stronger. And I said I will, I will be there. When do you want to do it? So he has a song called “Two Ghosts”, and I sang “Two Ghosts” with him, and I had to learn it, so that was fun, and difficult, but I did it, and then we sang… and then he sang “Landslide” with me, and when he asked, when he said he’d like to do “Landslide” I was like, are you sure?. I said that’s a hard song, but if you want to do it then go for it, and God bless him, he learned it, and he was able to really do it, and I think the most precious moment was “Landslide”, because I think that, you know, “Landslide” means a lot to a lot of the younger kids, and for him to sing it… and when you’re singing it with the person that wrote it, it’s like you’re feeling it and you’re feeling probably everything I meant when I wrote it
Vanilla dreams!

Helloo!! Sooo, this is what a dreamed. I’m really sorry for any incorrectly applied term, english isn’t my first language 😊 oh and, I love writing, and yeah I’m not the BEST writer, but anyway, I hope you enjoy my dream, maybe you can dream it too😏


We were like in a family dinner, why? maybe because I was with family irl that day lol.

It’s a calm environment inside here. My family has been planning this a few weeks ago.

Some of my aunts and uncles are here, as well as my cousins. It’s good to spend time here with them.

As for my companion, the most vulgar boy that could ever cross your life, or that’s what they say, did me the honor to come with me.
I told Ryuji about this family meeting, and of course, he made all what it’s on his will to let him go with me, after all, there’s free food.

I was sitting in an individual couch scrolling down on my phone, while he was, too, with his phone, but lying in a larger couch across the room, perpendicular to mine. If that makes sense?

To pass the time, we were exchanging playful looks; I would wink at him and he would only stick out his tongue. His cheeks, painted with a soft pink, hiding them with his phone.

After some time talking all together, one cousin, sitting on a wheelchair wearing a thick layer of cast around her foot started talking about how she accidentally forced her leg causing her to trip and break her ankle. I looked across the room at my aunt’s and uncle’s faces that were filled with worry at my injured cousin.

My face went completely rigid as I suddenly realized something… Ryuji.

I turned the other way around to look at him and he kinda gazed down, proceeding on lying his phone on his stomach frowning his brows, a troubled look on his face. I quietly said to myself “ohnonono boy no" 

I wonder if my aunts heard me..

I placed my phone on the couch and stood up. I sitted next to him; where Ryuji was still lying. I slowly bent towards him and hugged his head putting my hands above his ears thinking that in that way, he won’t listen anymore what they were talking about.

“It’s ok, it’s ok” I murmured repeatedly.

I could feel his warm breath caressing my neck. And I gently started brushing his hair with my fingertips. “It’s ok..”
He calmly placed his arms around my waist slowly petting me as I felt his lips against my skin twist into a smile.


His arms hugged me harder causing me to bend even more, pulling me closer.
“I know it’s okay, I just wanted a hug from ya”

Followed by a sweet kiss on my neck.

My face felt somehow hot by Ryuji’s tight embrace as well as a slight embarrassment caused by his little joke.

We snuggled in each other arms and took a short nap just like that.

I still wonder if my aunts were seeing us..

I snuggled deeper into him enjoying the hot night around his strong arms, just before I woke up.



Weeee! So this is what I dreamed, its kinda short but I hope I made myself clear along the story and I hope you liked it 💕

P.S.: I really wonder what my aunts would say if I snuggle with a boy like that OR EVen bring that boy to the house!! //////

Thanks for taking your time reading me!


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I was speaking to my mother last night and I jokingly said that I wonder if there’s surgery available that can make me shorter. She asked me why on earth there would need to be such an invention, and I replied that I would like to be a few inches less than I am.
My mother stepped away from her cooking, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “So you’re saying that you disagree with how God chose to create you?”

And then I realised.
That even if I see flaws in myself, God looks upon me with unconditional love. The book of Zephaniah says that He rejoices over us with singing! Why should I be so concerned with such an insignificant detail that is my height, when the most preciously significant attribute I carry is my identity as a child of God?

Title: my baby loves me ♡

Kind: Mark is so sick and donghyuck have to take care of him as being his lovely lovely boyfriend ♡

Warning: the word “fuck” is said a few times. If you can’t take seeing a boy being called “fragile” don’t read it. But keep it in mind even the strongest people have their fragile moments. No one can be strong alllll the time. Thanks.

Original aff link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1270347/my-baby-loves-me-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck

(I will also post it in ao3 and wattpad too but idk how ti copy links from there 😅)

Note: thank you for the request my dear, hope you’ll like it 💙


“Its comiiing. Mark open your god damn mouth.”

Mark shook his head.


“Donghyuck. I love you to death baby but i don’t trust the soup you made.”

“I’m literally the best cook in this fucking dorm.”

“Don’t curse. I don’t like it when you curse” mark said and pouted.

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “just open your mouth please”

“No uh” mark said and kept his mouth shut tightly.

Then donghyuck did something that made mark open his mouth in shock without noticing he did.

“Open your mouth. Mark lee open your damn mouth”

Yeah. Lee freaking donghyuck just sang it in nct u’s “7th sense"s rhythm.

"You just didn-”

Donghyuck shoved a spoonful of soup in mark’s mouth and grinned “hell yeah i just did”

Mark gulped down the hot soup and glared at donghyuck.

“Remind me why we are dating again ?”

“Cause you are so desperetly, lovesickingly in love with me and would do anything for me including confessing me in the cheesiest way possible.”

Mark rolled his eyes “and in return i’m getting tortured”

“Ugh shut up mark” donghyuck said and blowed on the spoon full of soup. Mark haven’t said the soup burned his tongue but donghyuck understood it anyway.

“Here. Open your mouth.”

Mark opened his mouth this time cause wow the soup didn’t taste bad actually.

“Good boy” donghyuck said and petted mark’s head.


Donghyuck laughed and mark hated feeling the butterflies in his stomach whenever he saw donghyuck’s laugh.

“You are so cute when you are sick mark. With those red cheeks and your snot rolling down your nose”

Mark immidetely checked his nose and donghyuck laughed harder.

“I’m just kidding idiot there is no snot don’t worry”

Mark puffed his cheeks and murmured quietly but loud enough for donghyuck to hear “like you would still love me if my snot came out”

“Oh mark…” donghyuck said and came close to mark’s face like he was gonna kiss him “you might puke to my face and i will still love you to the moon and back”

Mark grimaced his face and pushed donghyuck away “you’re gross”

Donghyuck laughed again “it’s true tho. I love you that much.”

Mark rolled his eyes cause why his boyfriend wasn’t like other boyfriends ? Like other normal boyfriends.

“Still. It’s gross hyuck.”

“But you love me” donghyuck said and pecked his cheek then caressed it “now let’s finish this soup so you can take your medicine. Okay ?”

Donghyuck was looking at him with so much care in his eyes that mark melted inside his fluffy warm blanket.


“Good” donghyuck said and pecked his other cheek.



“I’m here love” donghyuck held his hand tightly and caressed his knuckles softly.

“It hurts hyuck”

“I know love. But you’ll be alright.” donghyuck said and kissed his head. Pecking little kisses all over it softly.

Mark’s sickness got terrible when the night came. Donghyuck was holding him in his arms while trying to comfort him. Mark said he was feeling so tired and so sick and like he is gonna faint anytime now. And it was hurting donghyuck’s heart so much seeing his one and only love in so much pain.

“I wouldn’t wanna say that but he got this sickness very veey badly. He will have lots of pain. Especially at nights. Someone have to stay with him. Comfort him. Make him take his medicines. Or else he will go worse.” Was what the doctor said so of course the person who stayed with him was donghyuck.

Donghyuck stayed with him days and nights, held him tight and warm and comforted him through the pain.

“They overwork you that’s why” donghyuck said into mark’s hair

“I-it’s okay…i love being o-on stage” mark said as clear as he can even though he was in pain. “I-i don’t get tired because of that hyuck. I-it’s the sickness”

‘Bullshit’ donghyuck thought. He had seen mark practicing hard everyday in the practice room. He had seen mark falling down accidently and get many bruises while practicing. He had seen mark faint more than once cause of how tired he was. But whenever someone asked “isn’t it hard for you ?” Mark always smiled and said “but i do what i love. And i don’t even get tired”.

To be honest donghyuck had admired mark a lot for that. For being so strong both physically and mentally. For never giving up. Even when they were practicing for cherry bomb’s dance mark fell many times when they tried lifting him up. But every time he fell he got up quickly and said “okay let’s try again”

Mark was in love with what he was doing and donghyuck admired it a lot too. Donghyuck admired mark a lot in general.

Now mark was lying on the bed in his arms and donghyuck thought that he had never seen mark that tired. That exhausted. That…fragile ? But not in a bad way.

“You don’t have to be so strong all the time mark” donghyuck said when mark still tried to practice with his high fever burning his whole body then fell down and hurt himself more. Of course mark being mark he is said he wanted to try again and of course donghyuck being donghyuck didn’t let him and pulled him towards their room to make him rest.

Mark was the most strongest person donghyuck ever seen. But donghyuck just wanted him to know he didn’t have to be so strong and perfect all the time. He could rest. He could cry. He could need someone to hold him when he is down. And it was okay. It was more than okay. Cause he was human too. And all humans had their weak moments. Even the strongest ones.

Donghyuck’s thoughts ripped off when mark started rapping. In his sleep….

Donghyuck just chuckled and hugged mark tighter.

“Stop practicing even in your sleep idiot…” then his voice softened “don’t tire yourself more”



“What kind of sneezing is that ??” Mark asked and laughed when donghyuck glared at him

“Not a "god bless you” ? Thank you mark really"

Mark rolled his eyes and pulled donghyuck into his chest “come here”

“Hey what the fuck why ?????”

Mark didn’t answer and just hugged donghyuck tightly, pushing him deeper into his chest like he just wanted to show how much he loved him and donghyuck just let him do. Being quiet for once.

“Taeyong hyung said he saw you cry”

“…….” donghyuck sighed and talked finally “you were in so much pain. My heart couldn’t take it”

“Awwwwww!!!! Babe!!!”

“Shut up. Shut the hell up. I swear to god if you ever talk about it again.”

“My baby loves me so much!!!”

Donghyuck tried to escape from mark’s suffocating embrace but mark pulled him even closer.

“Let me go. I wanna go away.”

“No. My baby loves me!”

“Don’t sing that song i swear to go-”

And mark did start singing the song. Donghyuck face palmed.

“My baby loves me. My baby loves me. My baby, my baby, my baby loves meeeee”

“Yes yes your baby loves you. Now stop singing it please. You are a rapper why are you even singing ??”

“Weren’t you the one who told me that your heart melts everytime you hear my voice ??” Mark asked and wiggled his eyebrows in a teasing way.

Donghyuck blushed and pushed mark as much as he can “s-shut the fuck up”

Mark pulled him closer again, pressing donghyuck’s face into his chest “my baby loves me sooo muchie”

Donghyuck was about to sigh but then sneezed suddenly. And again. And again.

They had an eye contact and mark smirked “my baby loves me and he is also getting sick so now it’s my turn to shove a spoonful of hot soup into his mouth”

“Mark oh my god no please”

Mark gave him a sweet kiss in the lips “it’s your turn to get tortured baby”

“Mark you can’t cook.”

Mark got up from the bed and walked to kitchen “watch me”


“I SAID WATCH ME!!! GOD DAMN IT!!” Mark yelled back from the kitchen









“SORRY YUTA HYUNG!!!” They both yelled for the last time and kept quiet till mark made the soup and literally forced donghyuck to open his mouth to drink it.

“It….dosen’t taste too bad ?”

Mark laughed and shoved another spoonful of soup into donghyuck’s mouth.

“I told you”

“But how ?? You suck at cooking”

“Let’s say i learned how to make soup for someone special”

“Awww babe”

“Yeah jeno likes this soup”

“MARK LEE!!!” donghyuck hit his arm hard but playfuly

“Ouch i was just kidding!”

“Still! Dont joke like that! You are "my” boyfriend!“

"Possesive much ?”

“Yes. Possesive much. Now come here and cuddle me. I had been waiting for cuddling with you for days.”

“But the soup ?” Mark asked and pointed at the bowl on the drawer next to the bed.

“Fuck the soup” donghyuck said and pulled mark into a warm cuddle.

“Yeah…fuck the soup” mark said when he was about to fall asleep thanks to their warm cuddling.