god bless her body

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                      ❝ The Gods - they have finally answered my prayers, our prayers - I have finally stopped bleeding.  Hopeful eyes darted up, bony hands clasping around his. For weeks she hadn’t paid any attention to her own body, the worry and stress having pushed her to extremes in order to be free of /him/, not having felt any of the changes occurring inside her fragile self.

    ❝ They have watched - they know what we have done. We have finally proven ourselves to them.  Theatre, that is how Torstein had called it. His coffin had been empty, yet the interactions between her and /him/ had been very real. They had to make him believe it hadall been real, that he had won and she was finally his again; their bed having been stainedby his smell during her final act.

     Pale brows furrowed in silence as an answer was not directly given; the expression on his face unable to read.  
My body has finally taken — does this not please you, husband?

                     It had almost seemed like the most impossible task ever to have been put before him, before them; conceiving a child. All the while during their highly explosive, passionate and frustrating theater-act, they had continued to try. Again, and again, and again - and although he had done his best to hide his true frustrations, he still sometimes snapped at her, the stress of it all far too much to bear no matter how wide his shoulders were, how hard they fought together. Which was why he understood her sudden worry when she asked if he was not pleased. 

Yes- yes of course,” he finally managed to breathe out, his shocked expression mellowing just slightly as he looked down to her slender hands holding on to his, his big thumbs brushing up and down her pale fingers. “my little bird of course it pleases me. Finally, after all of these years-” 

A sincere smile then grew on his freshly-shaven face as he let his hands drop and touch very faintly over her stomach, fingertips gliding over the soft, shining material of her dress. She was not showing yet, but he only imagined it would not be long - soon he would feel his child - his first child, finally - moving around within her body.

Truly, the Gods have blessed us for all of our sacrifices..” 

i just realized that since ever since seeing wonder woman, and seeing her jump from a building and land and her thigh jiggling because it’s muscle and that is what a normal body looks like, I feel more confident. As a volleyball player, I feel self-conscious when running and jumping and feeling my thighs and worrying about people seeing. Now, though? I tell myself I have a body equal to Wonder Woman and everything feels ok.

This movie made a struggling anorexic with depression have confidence in her body for once. God bless Wonder Woman.

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We went into the local grocery store at like 9:30 tonight (they close at 11 so no worries) and they had just installed the chip readers for the first time... so i had to stand there while my father was THAT person who swiped it wrong like five times, then had issues following the directions and shit. Our poor cashier? 1 of 2 on duty. i heard her explain the reader to all 3 ppl before us. I swear i could see her soul escaping her body, she looked so absolutely DONE lmao. god bless y'all, cashiers