god bless future cpa's

TIPS for Incoming Accountancy Students:

1. Be brave and face the struggles of Accountancy.

  • Accountancy is one of the toughest course. Deal with it. Sabi sakin nga ng isang blogger dito, hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na, “Accountancy ang course ko at matalino ako.” For me, he’s right. Idol ko nga yun eh. Haha. 

2. Do not expect an easy way to your chosen path. Expect the unexpected.

  • Accounting is a really hard subject. First of all, you need to sacrifice everything in order for you to focus on your studies. Your social life, boyfriend/girlfriend, hangouts with friends. Time management for short. Expect a lot of terror professors in college. Dito mo rin mararanasan yung, “Halos nakain ko na yung buong libro, pero ang baba ko parin sa quiz.” Do not expect that everything will be easy..

3. Believe in yourself that you can do anything & everything. Don’t give up!

  • You should do what you need to do in order to achieve your dreams. Don’t just wait, wish or pray for it. Work on it! Don’t give up on something just because you can’t do it well. Practice makes perfect ika nga nila. I believe that Accounting is learning by doing.

4. Pray

  • Always pray to God to give you wisdom, strength and courage for everyday struggles in Accounting subject, not only in Accounting subject but all of the CPA board subject.

5. Love it and own it, this will always tell you the reason to stay.

  • I believe that this is the reason why I’m still here in Accountancy. Even thou I’m only starting on it, I know that someday I will be a CPA. Also, because I really want it as much as I want to breathe.