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                                                W h a t   d o   y o u   b e l i e v e,  S h a d o w ?
                                                                   E V E R Y T H I N G.


I really love the last episode of TOZX season 1 (⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉) My tears burst out when Alisha smiled and Sorali are soooooooooooo precious ⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾ I really love them ((cries Looking forward to the second season in 2017!!! (⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)


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It’s January 31st so Happy Birthday, Midousuji! 

the shape of water trailer only shows you a little bit of the actual creature but already there are a few things about its design that i like a lot better than abe sapien’s design

- the fact that its eyes are farther up on its head, like a creature evolved for swimming near the surface and watching for prey/predators above-water (kinda like a crocodile’s eyes, in terms of placement)
- the colors! the stripes of black with blue/dark green is so vibrant and fits with what actual tropical aquatic animals actually look like, and isn’t a drab grey-ish green like so many other fictional fishmen (one could argue that abe sapien’s drabber colors are cuz he was found in a tank in a dark location and had presumably been there for a while, whereas this fishman was seemingly captured from the wild).

alright B.aby D.river is a fucking delight and not even totally due to the Golden Circle trailer finally coming back

and i clearly have a one track mind, getting mad dark!Harry/Eggs thoughts from Kevin Spacey’s character arc////

Episode 1, Mark Gatiss - The Devil in Amber - BBC Radio 4 Extra
Dandy secret agent Lucifer Box investigates drug-related dealings in 1920s Manhattan.

GUYS! They’re rebroadcasting Mark Gatiss’s book – which he narrates, sublimely – on Radio 4x this week (available online worldwide for a month).

If you haven’t heard/read these dark, droll, delicious patishes of spy novels…

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There's a theory that Korra is extremely afraid of storms because she grew up in a place where the only storm was a snow storm, which is silent. After she came to Republic City, she might've had flashbacks from the time where Aang got shot by Azula and died for a moment. It's also loud and unpredictable and that's why she's afraid of storms. I think Asami would find it both funny and cute that the mighty Avatar is afraid of a storm like a child :)


benefits of being taller: cuddling your tiny scared gf during storms