god bless avatar

LOK’s first season is giving me so many Korrasami feels...

Rewatching “Aftermath” and seeing Korra and Asami’s first date… yes, yes this is how relationships are done

It just amazes me how when the fandom started out everyone was sure Asami was going to be evil, or that she and Korra were going to be enemies the entire series, or even that they’d become the new Aang and Zuko, and how very slowly the rise began with this gorgeous female freindship that was put SO FAR AHEAD of any romance and how even long before Korra and Asami were really even besties there was an unspoken mutual agreement between them that they were going to be civil together and not blame one another for Mako’s BS, not backstab eachother or treat eachother badly, because that isn’t who they are

I remember when the Terrible Triangle began how there was this tiny number of people who were just “lol Korra and Asami should dump Mako and be together” and it was a joke for pretty much the last half of season one and a good part of season two and then around the end of season two very slowly people stopped joking and started getting serious, and by the end of season three fans were starting to get upset and bitter- myself included- because Korra and Asami had grown into a relationship that is truly, honestly, beautifully done built not on attraction or UST but on mutual trust and respect and very sincere LOVE for eachother and most of the non-Makorra shippers were sitting on the sidelines brewing and muttering to eachother “If Korra was a boy Korrasami would be endgame I’m so mad because Nick won’t do the thing”, I remember a small pile of male!Asami fanart going around that was really really fem-male and Asami was still beautifull and sweet and loved pink etc and people were always like “If only Asami was like this they could be canon and then we could have a male love interest who isn’t ~super masculine~ end up with the ~tough chick~ and we’d have role reversals and more gender-queer Asami and why”

And the longer season four went on the more the Korrasami fans went from “lol just ditch Mako and do the thing” to “This is an excellent portrayal of a female/female relationship with TWO BISEXUAL FEMALES and Nick isn’t going to do it and I’m so upset” and then the night they went canon I was on Tumblr before I saw the episode, because I got home late and blah, and I was like “Lol yeah right that’s a really good manip though” and then… I started reading… and I was like “?? NO?? DID THEY?” and I screamed so much and was just so happy and remember that at this point gay marriage still wasn’t legally recognized in all or even most states, this happened BEFORE the revolution that ultimately brought Super Family Oriented shows like Once Upon A Time and Little Kid Shows like Ever After High to have girl/girl TRUE LOVE’S KISS kisses, BEFORE it became the thing to do to have a token gay couple even in ~family freindly~ shows and BEFORE it was even SORT OF acceptable for kid-targeted shows to even hint at a same sex couple, Korrasami took the plunge back before it was even LEGAL in most states to marry who you love and I will always, always, ALWAYS remember that they took a risk so much bigger than the shows are taking right now- not to discredit those shows, but I am ALWAYS going to have such huge respect to Korrasami for doing it before it was “ok”

I am always going to have so much respect and so much joy that Korrasami, above any other female/female ship I’ve seen so far, happened because it was one of those like Apple White and Darling Charming that the entire fan base thought would never happen and then it DID but what makes it so different is that it had four seasons of building up to being a REALLY healthy relationship, a really great FREINDSHIP and it WASN’T two girls who have never been shown to be romantically swayed towards boys/had a romantic arc with boys who just met and “Oh hey I’m in love with you cool let’s date”, it was two girls who were both assumed straight frm go because they had a serious boyfreind, two girls who started out with the CLASSIC enemy/frenemy set up, who respected eachother enough as people not to see MAKO’S betrayal as an attack on EACHOTHER, who had hesitations in the beginning but who didn’t hold it against one another and who were mature enough to understand that Mako screwed them over and that Asami’s father was doing a bad thing and that just because they were both INVOLVED with those things it didn’t mean either was to BLAME, Asami had the perfect set up to be an antagonist, Korra sent her father to jail and then took Mako? In another story, Asami would have become Azula 2.0, but she didn’t, she and Korra not only TOLERATED eachother, they came to care about eachother so much, they evolved to the point that they were the first person on the other’s mind and when Korra was in crisis and not mentally healthy enough to write to even Mako and Bolin, she still wrote to Asami, Asami- the girl Korra once turned her nose up at for being “prissy” and dating Mako- had become Korra’s one and only safe space when she was suffering more than she’s ever suffered before, and when everything was over and the smoke cleared she had the perfect chance to go back to Mako and continue that dysfunctional relationship again and she didn’t, she decided to give Asami a gift the way Asami had given her the gift of support all these years and they went on to be together where they could support eachother

I think Korra’s face when Asami first “betrayed” her father perfectly explains how I feel about this relationship, it has so many things that no relationships on TV- no matter what sexuality they are- have and they did it with the a female/female ship wich classicly get the WORST storylines because they’re either tokens or sexual objects, Tumblr jokes alot about gay porn/male-male porn and for good reason, there’s alot of it in the big Tumblr fandoms, but mainstream lesbian and female/female relationships have ALWAYS been sexualized more than any other relationship and Korrasami is just so sweet and innocent and based on love and respect and just… God bless Korrasami ok?

The Avatar series has always blown people away with everything from animation to music to stories to charectorization to social progression and I will never understand why the Avatar universe isn’t the model for what ALL media should be