god bless america (2011)

I just want it all to stop. I mean, nobody talks about anything anymore. They just regurgitate everything they see on TV, or hear on the radio or watch on the web. When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone without somebody texting or looking at a screen or a monitor over your head? You know, a conversation about something that wasn’t celebrities, gossip, sports, or pop politics. You know, something important, something personal. 

God Bless America (2011), a film by Bobcat Goldthwait.


∞ list of excellent films - God Bless America (2011)

“So, you’re against free speech now? That’s in the Bill of Rights, man.”

“I would defend their freedom of speech if I thought it was in jeopardy. I would defend their freedom of speech to tell uninspired, bigoted, blowjob, gay-bashing, racist and rape jokes all under the guise of being edgy, but that’s not the edge. That’s what sells. They couldn’t possibly pander any harder or be more commercially mainstream, because this is the "Oh no, you didn’t say that!” generation, where a shocking comment has more weight than the truth. No one has any shame anymore, and we’re supposed to celebrate it. I saw a woman throw a used tampon at another woman last night on network television, a network that bills itself as “Today’s Woman’s Channel”. Kids beat each other blind and post it on Youtube. I mean, do you remember when eating rats and maggots on Survivor was shocking? It all seems so quaint now. I’m sure the girls from “2 Girls 1 Cup” are gonna have their own dating show on VH-1 any day now. I mean, why have a civilization anymore if we no longer are interested in being civilized?“

God Bless America

God Bless the government who fucks you rather than protects you
God Bless the toxic ammonia which is used to clean e-coli off the infected meat
God Bless the media who shovel shit to our ears so they can cover up the real issues
God Bless the loans banks give you so they can foreclose your home
God Bless the credit cards banks shoot at you to get you in debt
God Bless the police who abuse their power and also harass and abuse minorities
God Bless the judicial system that gives a black man the death penalty without concrete evidence
God Bless the Walmart corporation who makes billions while their employees lack food and healthcare
God Bless the health insurance companies who will find any excuse to deny their help
God Bless the food industry who will kill you to save a buck and sue you if you talk against it
God Bless the FDA who are run by the same companies they’re supposed to be examining
God Bless the war on drugs when the US government is involved in drug trafficking
God Bless the pharmaceutical companies who help with one problem to create another
God Bless the war on illegal immigrants who were brought here to work by large companies
God Bless the Dead Peasants Insurance that many companies use
God Bless the legal robbery and murder that’s rampant in this country
God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!

(Written in 2011)