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can you do the "kissing them on the cheek when you're alone" request with bts please? god bess u ty mom

og requestcan u do vixx reacting to you 2 in a relationship and u all of a sudden kissing him on the cheek when u 2 are alone/away from other people

Namjoon & Jungkook would be taken back. They wouldn’t really react aside from stuttering a bit until they can finally ask you what the was for. They’d sort of cutely stare at you with wide eyes and you might just embarrassingly tell them it was spontaneous. They won’t take it further than that, but you can be assured that they’ll be thinking about how soft your lips felt against their cheek for the rest of the day.

Jin & Taehyung wouldn’t let you get away with that, they’d immediately tilt their heads to the side and teasingly ask if you’ve been waiting a long time to do that. You’d probably try to explain that it was a spur of the moment thing, but they’d just be scooting even closer to you and telling you to close your eyes so they can return the favor and give you a kiss too (wether it’s on your cheek or on your lips - well, it depends on them hehe)

Hoseok & Jimin would both get giddy and would just start like touching their cheek and chuckling and you’d be like “Don’t laugh,,,,it’s not funny,,,” and they’d be like “No, no, no I really liked it - I just - I….” and they’d sorta start getting flustered because how do they tell you they just thought you were the cutest thing in the world?!?

Yoongi would kind of just touch his cheek and turn to you and be like “Is that all?” and you’d be kind of thrown off, but he’s the straight forward type that would just smile and lean in to kiss you really lightly and then pull back and go “Kisses are for the lips, you know…”