god art

i had a half hour conversation with myself debating what a human AU zenyatta would use to float, so here’s a pros and cons list:

skateboard - PROS; most socially acceptable. CONS; so 2000 and late

rollerskates - PROS; super comfortable. CONS; lucio would beat his ass

heelys - PROS; look cool and relatable with the kids. CONS; can only go down a gentle incline at best

longboard - PROS; doubles as a blunt trauma weapon. CONS; arguably the douchiest possible option 

hoverboard - PROS; its got hover in the name, glides the easiest without outward momentum. CONS; you probably have a vine account 

and it turns out if you stick anyone on a hoverboard and in a weed hoodie they become an asshole so


Crappy doodles of my new favorite cinnamon rolls (this is also to make up for that shit comic earlier because these 4 grew on me like a parasite)
These nerds are from @polyglotplatypus ’s parentstuck!AU, go look at it all for good feels.