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Viktor: Yuuri and Chris’s routine was good. But our’s was better.

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victor’s the kind of parent that will set you up w/ some embarrassing shit while you’re still young and naive and will use it against you if you fuck w/ him (insp)

This only took me 3 weeks to get finished lmaO but whateVER, remove it from my sighT.

Lance and Asul, from the klance fic Gold Dust

“Lady Melisandre wore no crown, but every man there knew that she was Stannis Baratheon’s real queen.”

(late) Inuvember AU Week ➸ (Game of Thrones, Stannis Baratheon & The Red Melisandre ➸ ft. Sesshomaru and Kikyo)

*Dedicated to my most amazingly brilliant some kind of wonderful overseas queen @magical-campanula <3 *

Commission Info! <3

I’ve been having really bad stomach problems + have been really sleepy so I drew a sleepy/sick Sasha to cope while under my 500 blankets.

I’m also going to the zoo tomorrow but Ill be taking meds in the morning so I dont feel as bad. 

I always hc that Sasha has really fluffy bed head cuz Im hella indulgent

also I know Shadow Knights probably don’t sleep but I can dream 

I simplified and tweaked Alpha Bill’s design to look more like the show’s style~

I really love drawing him in this style- Especially the one with him shrieking at something~

Moved the scarf to the back of his outfit, felt like it was covering too much in the front- And removed some of the jewelry.~