god art

“What if Burrs and Hamiltons roles were reversed?”
I present you Alexander Burr, because @burr-ito made me draw the AU too, thanks for making me stick with my stupid ideas

anonymous asked:

Will 2ps ever have a part in this au? ( well besides mundi) like did any of them cross the river at the wrong time?

I have tried to contact my “brethern” as it were before, to try to help in the cause.

“Please, you have to believe me! I know it sounds strange but you’ve seen all the evidence! We need help! I need help!”  

“Please… I want to save him but there’s nothing I can do. If there’s anyone who could be able to help it would be you. I beg… plead, I nearly grovel at your feet. Help us…”

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I’m back from the dead to bring you another piece of art. Since that new Gorillaz music video came out, I was itching to draw something Gorillaz related so here’s Noodle.
No timelapse for this one. I don’t have my second screen at the moment and I didn’t want a video filled with me flipping through references. On top of that, my current internet connection is terrible, like 90’s dial-up terrible but worse. There is no way, I could upload a video from here. I wish I was kidding.

Now to crawl back in my hole and disappear for another 6 months.