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i imagine when jikook fuck, jungkook’s the type that can’t shut up, not just moaning-wise. he’s constantly showering jimin with praises (let’s face it jimin’s got a praise kink 110%) and wont stop peppering kisses all over his face, down his neck, on his shoulders, won’t stop with “ Just- yes, just like that, baby, god, you’re an angel” “i’m so fucking in love with you, hyung, yes right there”  “you’re so fucking gorgeous, fucking beautiful, mineminemine” probably wont stop saying jimin’s name over and over like a mantra as he fucks into him 

and jimin drinks all the kisses and compliments all up, all the while clutching to him. jjk just makes him feel so loved n it’s exactly what he needs

heres a post thats kind of out of the blue fr my followers

being delusional (aka considering yourself a god or angel etc) doesnt permit you to be abusive or talk down to others

some folks believe in their own gods or none at all, it’s EXTREMELY unjust to pretty much everybody if you demand that people worship you. that also ends up fueling a really, really big ego problem that one should probably try to stop instead of forcefully demanding others to enable it.

in fact, if you believe that you’re above everyone and should be worshipped, that’s something you need to keep in fucking check. that is a superiority complex, and will most likely feed into bigotry. we are equals.

if youre angelkin, or an angel Right Now, dont talk down to others. don’t do that. it’s rude, it’s disrespectful, it makes you look terrible, it makes all of us look terrible. it is pretty terrible. it makes people feel like shit or feel angry. people who have been talked down to in the past by people they’d love to forget will not appreciate your fucking tone.

if you call people fake or claim theyre “pretending”, check your shit. dont antagonize others or look down on them because they have a different experience or definition of being an angel than you do – unless its a bigoted view, then yeah, fuck that guy.

a while back someone talked about another angelkin person having a “scary blog” and therefore pretending they’re an angel or being dishonest because “angels aren’t supposed to be scary.” thats unacceptable. let them express their identity how they’d like – again, unless part of that identity holds bigotry.

kinning deities that exist that people still worship is disrespectful to the people that worship said deity. they are not worshiping you, nor do they want to.

if your idea of angels is primarily or all white people then check your shit, thats racist, what a shocker

i know its hard to swallow sometimes but these are delusions, may very well stem from thinking you are superior, and should be actively monitored. because that kind of sucks and makes people feel alienated.

luv an angelkin delusional person who distances himself from the community as much as he can because of this stuff

Man I really wish amazon video has closed captions or some other way I could easily share it with you all, because this Princess Gigi/Minky Momo dub episode is wild.

In today’s episode, An angel crashes into Momo’s Earth-Residence and in the accident Earth-Mom now has the angel’s wings and the angel is this little pissy kid who wants them back but no one knows how to fix it.

So to avoid the literal wrath of God that this angel kid is threatening, Momo’s like: “Oh, I’ll just transform myself into a magical doctor & I’ll magically know how to do wing transplants”

Mascot: “But what if you blow it?”

Momo/Gigi: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “Well Nothing ventured, nothing gained” *cutesy wink into the camera*


I love 80′s magical girl shows you guys, I’m not even to the half-way mark yet.

#Toriyama has been slaying writing for Vegeta and Bulma in Super#in the past I have misspoken about the most powerful human#I said it was Krillen#but no#no it’s Bulma#she has an Angel and God of Destruction on speed dial#she is married to the second strongest person in the Universe#and she as a complete mortal was able to crack time travel#Bulma is the most powerful human#long tags#not that that means anything because they thankfully cut tags off at a certain length now

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this is the most beautiful set of tags i’ve ever read