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The Tres Horny Bois of The Adventure Zone. Such a good podcast. Such good bois. 

“So,” Even began with a cheeky smile, locked his phone and rolled onto his side to face Isak on their bed. “I have great and slightly maaaybe annoying news.”

Isak mirrored Even, an intrigued look on his face, eyes squinted and tongue between his lips as he waited expectantly.

“Good first.” Isak decided and Even leaned in to press quick and sweet kiss against Isak’s lips.

“You get to take me to the zoo tomorrow!” He murmured against Isak’s mouth as if this was all Isak could have ever dreamed of.

Breathing a laugh Isak mumbled “Lucky me.”
Added a kiss and then nodded once, bracing himself before he said “Ok, now the maybe slightly annoying news.”

Even pursed his lips once, a nervous gesture Isak grew very familiar with over the last few months, before the words left him in a rush.

“Mom asked if we would take Lise for two days, because they will have to go to my grandparents house and sort through their stuff to decide what to throw out and all that, now that they are moving down here and Lise would be so bored and also run around there and mom won’t have time to really look after her and… Yeah.” He finished inelegantly and searched Isak’s face for any sign of uncomfortableness or annoyance.

What he found, though, was a small fond smile and one of their signature eyebrow raises.

“Are you saying I not only get taken to the zoo, but also get to hang out with my favourite Bech Næsheim?” Isak mock-gasped “I’m in!”

“Excuse me, I’m your favourite Bech Næsheim!?” Even’s outrage was betrayed by the grin on his face.

Isak pulled a face and made a hmm, not really gesture with his hand.

“What!” Even huffed and shoved gently at the shoulder of a giggling Isak, before he scooted closer and tangled their legs together.

After a moment of soft smiles and hands being interwined, Even’s face sobered a bit.

“Are you sure? I could tell mom I can’t and you’re working or something if you don’t want to, baby.” But Isak was already shaking his head before he finished talking.

“No, I’m ok with it. I love how you are with her and it’s,” he shrugged with one shoulder, “always fun when it’s the three of us.”

And Isak really meant it - the first few intimidating moments of awkwardness aside - he really was gone for that energy loaded little girl. He loved spending time with every member of Even’s family to be honest, they always made him feel like he really belonged with them.

Even smiled at him in that slightly surprised and in awe way that made Isak’s stomach flutter when he leaned back in for more kisses.

After a while Even leaned back, just enough to press their foreheads together and enjoy the drunk-in-love look on Isak’s face for a second before he murmured “Say it.”

He nuzzled their noses together as Isak furrowed his brows a bit in confusion.

“Say I’m your fave.” Even explained with a grin and a kiss to Isak’s cheek. Isak finally caught on and a smile tugged on his lips as half lidded eyes locked with Even’s.

This was their usual playful banter, but Isak knew Even sometimes needed to hear his feelings out loud to get rid of that little voice of doubt.

So, instead of continuing with a drag, he brushed a lose strand of blond behind Even’s ear, before he pulled him in a bit to once again smush their foreheads and noses together.

“You’re not just my favourite Bech Næsheim,” he began in an almost whisper and stroked his hand up and down Even’s back. “You’re also my all time favourite person.”

The bright smile that took over Even’s face made his sparkly eyes crinkle at the sides.

“Yeah?” Even asked and Isak placed three hard pecks on Even’s lips before he answered.


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Re: the Shadowhunters Searching Ceremonies idea... I feel like Camille actually plays a really similar antagonist in a lot of ways in the show already, doesn't she? The 'ugh, why would Magnus want a Shadowhunter, this must be a joke' thing. Otoh... so does Maryse? Like, maybe the 'this can't possibly be true, it's just a joke' thing comes from Alec's family instead of Magnus' "family"?

okay okay okay SO LISTEN

On every warlock’s 25th birthday (because immortality and soulmate/arranged marriage AUs don’t mix well), they perform a ritual to find their perfect match. It’s normally a little thing, but for Magnus it is a Very Big Deal, because he’s Asmodeus’ son and Asmodeus is a Very Big Deal, let’s say it’s a royalty AU or something pretty close to that okay no wait, it’s like a Mafia things. Asmodeus is a big name in the Underworld, magical crime and such. Which Magnus isn’t really into, but Asmodeus doesn’t care, he’s like “do your own thing and just don’t do anything that would hurt The Family”. But even so, Magnus choosing a partner is a big deal.

Magnus has been in an off-and-on relationship with Camille for several years, so everyone knows he’s going to choose her, and his father supports it and it should be all good, right? Nobody knows that Camille is abusive and Magnus has tried to get away from her multiple times, but always winds up getting back together with her for various reasons. So the ritual is coming up and he doesn’t know what to do, but there isn’t really much he can do, because he can’t just not do the ritual.

The thing is, the ritual works whether the participant wants it to or not. So everyone’s standing there and waiting and they do the spell, and Magnus is looking around and the whole world is just gray, gray, gray, and a black void where Camille is standing and then this person made up of brilliant colors at the back of the room, and Magnus is drawn to him automatically.

Then the spell is over and everyone is standing there with their jaws ajar because Magnus Bane, son of a Prince of Hell, just picked the bartender

Because Alec was there as an undercover police officer, checking out what the ritual was like and gathering information on various Underworld parties, and he got in by pretending to be part of the catering crew. It never occurred to him to worry about getting chosen, the reason they sent him to this one specifically is because everybody already knew that Magnus was going to choose Camille.

Camille is livid and Asmodeus frankly thinks it’s kind of hilarious, what the hell does he care because he probably has like two dozen children. Alec doesn’t know what the hell to make of it because obviously Magnus Bane is a very very bad man, right? And his parents are horrified and he’s going to lose his job and THIS IS TERRIBLE and also Magnus is beautiful and Alec just wants to stare at him for five hundred years. Should he play along? Maintain his cover? Tell Magnus the truth and run? WHAT SHOULD HE DO?

Write fic about it, obviously.

For all those expecting the American Gods show to be a morality tale that rewards progressive behaviours and characters and demonizes the harmful parts of your culture, uh, sorry, but you’re gonna have a bad time.

For all y’all expecting justice to prevail and all the good guys to survive, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I’ve read the book. The book is not a message, but an exploration. And the show is even more so. It’s bringing all faiths and all obsessions together and treating them all fairly and equally in the great hotpot that is American culture. It doesn’t take sides. It can’t take sides. It ain’t dragging any particular viewpoints but it ain’t glorifying them either; that is Shadow’s purpose as a character. He is an excellent character, but he alone is the outsider with no true belief either way, with the exception of Laura (and even that belief changes with every encounter).

And as such, you are going to be spending just as much time with shitty characters and shitty ideals  as you are with the cool ones. And honestly, that makes the whole experience more real and makes the whole show so much more powerful.

It ain’t a nice book and it ain’t gonna be a nice show but goddamn if it isn’t still important.

And it still manages to fit in time for a pissed leprechaun with a shitty attitude, zombie wife with a shittier attitude, and a gay cinnamon roll possible-djinn taxi driver going on a roadtrip together.

All we need is to add Bilquis and we’ve got ourselves a spinoff.


What does it matter now? No, no, nobody left the skidmarks of sin
on your soul and laid you wide open for Hell. You were loved.
Always. We did what was best. We remember your childhood well {X}

Carol Ann Duffy

A midnight letter for the world's brightest star Graham

I can’t believe I fell for someone in less than a month just out of the sudden, even if it looks like some “phase”, I like Graham like… A LOT and I don’t know… Maybe he’s like sort of my dream boy and he’s just different… He’s like the first flower blossoming after a long winter season, he’s just like that shirt you don’t want to throw out because it brings you so many memories and like… He’s just- I don’t know, I just love him, I really do, it has been a while since I fell for someone in such short time and god… He makes me so happy with his shy cute self, it’s mesmerizing how a mind like him works, at the beginning, I just wanted to distinguish which one was who in blur and when I learned his name and memorized his face, I couldn’t look anywhere else, seeing the way he talks and how his perspective about things is so youthful, like he still haves the sparkle that made him such a charming person back in the 90s, apart from being an amazing person, a BIG role model (after all the things he’s been through, which are things highly relatable, making him even more reachable is NICE), he’s a talented musician and PAINTER! This mix makes him an exceptional sensitive person and I love how he doesn’t care about being sensitive, he transmit his soul in his music and you can feel touched by his lyrics and his voice (his voice deserves a masterpost tbh), he’s like the kind of people the world gets once in a lifetime and I wish he knew how much we love him and how much we appreciate his work and him, I just wish so many things (starts to play the guitar from “I Wish”, I had to, I’m so so sorry) for him, I wish him only but happiness and the ability to see all his worth… I love how he’s a person you CAN’T HATE, like it’s impossible, that’s beautiful and that shows how special someone can be and he is special, in so many ways.

He is his own kind of beautiful and god, I love him I love him I love him.

i love how much amazing art of loki is going around, makin him look like a stud or somethin, but have u considered, silly “ill do anything to make someone laugh” loki

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Maybe Mama Valerius died a few years ago, or maybe she's just chronically ill and needs constant doctor care. Whatever the case, Christine finds herself in far more desperate straits than in canon, having to take out loans, and pick up whatever small jobs she can on the side (sewing, mending, and the like). Her place at the Opera, previously a release for her, becomes ever-more stressful as she struggles to keep up appearances---hiding her situation from not only her bosses and colleagues, (1/5)

but also from the angelic tutor who above all else demands her total commitment to her art. For awhile, she manages to keep all the balls in the air. But her small paychecks are never enough to catch up with the ever-mounting debts; the chorus master—and worse, the angel—have begun to comment on her perpetual fatigue; and she lives in terror of the day she’s called to adjust a hem on the dress of one of her notoriously-gossipy fellow singers. Everyone has their breaking point. (2/5)

The little Giry has never been able to keep her mouth shut; it doesn’t take long for everyone in the company to hear that her mother has been chosen as courier to the Ghost—charged, among other things, with delivering his hefty ‘salary’ every month. The old mother Giry has even been seen bouncing around with the precious envelopes in her hand, on her way to leave them in the Ghost’s designated box—an apparently-*empty* box, where just *anyone* might stroll in and take them. (3/5)

Not that anyone in the company *would*, of course, all too terrified of incurring the Ghost’s wrath. But Christine has never believed in ghosts, nor this one specifically—and even if she did, it might be worth confronting such a specter if it held any chance of escaping the pit she’s fallen into. Whatever the case, man or spirit, the 'Ghost’ is unquestionably a wicked extortionist either way—and, she reasons, no more entitled to the money that *she* is. (4/5)

And so, late on a particular evening when most other people have left the building, Christine Daae finds herself skulking just inside the door of box 7 on the grand tier, waiting for the clicks of Madame Giry’s footsteps to recede. After that, there’s little difficulty in slipping into the neighbouring box, and retrieving the envelope that sits on its shelf. But if she had hoped to get away before the actual intended recipient of the money arrived, she seriously underestimated the Ghost. (5/5)

Christine is desperate, completely and utterly desperate otherwise she would never consider such a thing. It’s downright against her nature, but she needs the money for Mamma, and after all that Mamma has done for her she needs to do all she can. So even though she knows it’s wrong, and even though her reasoning that the Ghost is nothing but an extortionist feels weak even to her, she works up the nerve and grabs the envelope.

And a thin piece of cord snakes out of the shadows and wraps around her wrist. She yelps and drops the envelope, the cord pulling tight enough that she’s terrified her wrist is going to snap, and if it does she can’t afford to get it looked after and she’ll lose her job and not be able to even sew and Mamma will die and it will be all be Christine’s fault, and she’s weeping before she even sees the snarling skull-like face in front of her own.

Erik is stumped. He had expected any number of reactions, even an attempt to flee. He had not expected his own student, or for her to break down so quickly. She’s in such a state that she never notices when he releases the cord and slips it back up his sleeve, or when he sits her down and gives her a handkerchief. If she were anyone else he would not hesitate to kill them for interfering in his business, but his rage dies quickly the moment he recognises her, and the tender feelings he’s had for her for weeks are troubling him.

At first, it was a bit of a lark to teach her, a way to pass the time and upset Carlotta and the managers by having a nobody surpass them all. He never intended to get attached, but he’s found himself attached, and something about the poor girl who’s clearly so desperate and muttering to herself that she’s sorry she’s sorry she needs the money for Mamma, cuts him to the core. He’s always prided himself on his observation skills, so why did he not observe how badly off she was?

Quietly he takes half the money from the envelope, and presses it into her hand, reasoning that the opera owes her at least that for all the custom she’s going to bring their way. And then he disappears, and by the time Christine composes herself she’s sitting there quite alone with 10,000 francs in her hand, and she realises that through her tears she never actually saw the Ghost.

She goes home and pays her debts, and sets the rest aside. At her next lesson, her “angel” gets the story out of her about just how hard things are, how sometimes she can barely afford food, how she cannot afford the maid. She doesn’t mention the money she almost stole, and the small fortune that came from it, and neither does he. But after the Ghost’s next payday, she finds another bundle of money waiting in her dressing room, along with some roses, and a note instructing her to find a maid, and let herself rest.

Erik keeps a weather-eye on her after that, making sure she never gets into trouble, that she never works too hard. And gradually, under his care, things start to improve, until he decides that she’s ready to take to the stage.

He does not intend to kidnap her after it - that just sort of happens. But he does, and as soon as Christine realises that her benefactor is the Ghost is her angel, a part of her regrets ever accepting the money from him at all. It’s one more way to bind her to him.