god I love this photoshoot

What was your feeling the first time you saw yourself as David Bowie?

The weird thing was that I was wearing a flowery dress that day in the makeup trailer. The first pictures I took of myself in the mirror…the hairpiece was already on, and my response to the makeup guy was like, “Oh, my god, it’s getting close, but I still have this flowery dress on!” The juxtaposition was just a bit disturbing. (Laughs.) There was something about it that was just weird. And then I ended up having some time in my trailer while they were shooting another scene. Time was counting down, and I can’t remember if I was out of the dress yet, but as I was continuing to work, I looked up from the chair and caught myself in the mirror and I had a really strange reaction. I think it’s probably the first time in my life I’ve been dressed as a man, so to speak. It was more to do with that than seeing something that resembled another human being I was familiar with. It was more about gender. All of a sudden, I just did this photo spread — just on my phone, I haven’t sent them to anybody — but I started staring at myself in the mirror and taking pictures of the person I was seeing. It wasn’t necessarily Bowie, but it did not even feel like it was me. I was so focused on this person in the mirror who was not me. It was a very, very curious experiment. It was fascinating. (x)

Alright, I couldn’t resist. Here’s a preview of my heir favourite Blizzard because she’s one of the most gorgeous sims I’ve ever had in my game ♥