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So I am totally hype for Samurai Jack: Season 5. I adored this show as a kid, but I wasn’t good enough to draw fanart that I actually liked back then. Decided to try my hand at drawing Jack and practice some lineless coloring, and I may or may not be a little emotional right now about how close this got to what I’ve always wanted to be able to do.


The closer we get to the end of this journey the more the contradictions will accumulate, confusing issues we once thought were clear. I suppose the good news is that’s how we’ll know we’re finally getting somewhere interesting.

hux: the Resistance may try, but they’ll never get past Starkiller’s shield!  

officer: sir the Resistance is here


spaghettichief  asked:

Gosh, I've been battling with this since Voltron came out and I feel like you're the person to ask: Is Hunk actually taller than Lance? I keep watching the eps and it's never really clear to me. This info is hella helpful for my hance fic though, so thank you for helping out.

oh my god, yeah, heights problem has been my downfall in this regard since whenever someone watches voltron w/ me it ends up with me trying 2 analyze everyone’s height and this could have been easily solved by character sheets that compare them by heights but… it’s not destined to be. 

anyway, i’ve thought that comparing lance & hunk 2 keith would have solved it because…

nope, problem is still at hand and that’s probably because different animators board on the same episode, maybe the major guideline they’ve got is 2 keep them all the same height but keith… a bit shorter?

in general, i’m sure that lance is taller than keith for an inch or two and… that’s completely unnoticable, however, this one shot is what have made me certain that we can rule out pidge & keith as shortest ones of the group

but hunk… is hunching over a bit and that’s a thing that keeps happening every time i’m trying 2 get close 2 hunk’s real height! (x-files music intenisifies)

you could be asking why i’m so intent into bringing keith in this equation and well, that’s because it’s obvious that keith is around lance’s height and in almost all shots with hunk he appears much shorter than hunk

so… where it all leads to? 

yeah, i’m 60% certain that hunk is taller than lance… but trust me heights change almost every time they’re together in one shot (this shot also is in perspective! you can notice how keith & pidge are closer 2 us! so yeah, you can’t exactly use this as MAJOR REFERENCE either) 

imho, you should have fun & write their heights as how you see them since there’s no right answer… after all ;___;

feel free 2 add more 2 this