god! this man

my coworker is actually a songwriter, surprise surprise, and as much as I loved hearing some of that emotion in the format of song it made me realize how I will never know him on an emotional personal level, even if I got that whiff of his childhood I’ll never know more, so many people I will only ever know on skindeep level and no more, oh my god everyone is the main character, everyone has their story, I’m not special and neither is anyone else, I’m missing out  on everything and nothing at the same time, oh god, who am I, who is anyone, what it consciousness and perception, oh god, 

Lance’s maturity is just. Incredible. Like, yes he was petty about the leader thing, but as soon as the Black Lion made its decision (and more importantly, as soon as he noticed Keith was genuinely upset about it / doubting himself), he immediately flips the script. He’s in Keith’s corner, backing him up and encouraging him. He’s able to set aside his pride and insecurities in an instant and like… wow. What a genuinely good kid.

Why is it that the 3 Toms I find attractive are British?

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