god! she is so gorgeousss!!!


51 Days Of Alex (7/51) Alex at the final of ‘Macbeth’

“This terror started to creep in, and I emailed Ken and said, 'I’m getting actually really rather nervous.’ And he said, 'Don’t think of it as nerves, think of it as excitement’ So I was like, well,” she takes a deep breath, “I’m very,very, excited!” [x]


51 Days Of Alex (8/51) Alex’s message for the fans!

‘Hello sweeties! I’d like to thank all of you, who voted for me in this year Anglophenia Fan favourites tournament, thank you all for your support, doctor who fans are truly the best in the world and River Song has been an absolute pleasure to play not only because Steven Moffat’s great writing and the wonderful cast but because the huge response of you, the fans. I look forward to share more of her with you in the future but, spoilers!