god! i miss her so much

things klaus mikaelson’s extra dramatic ass has done

  • wrote a letter to caroline again like who does that in our time and age
  • also donated his fucking heart to her cause it always belonged to her since the moment he saw her
  • praised her again calling her noble and admiring her cause really klaus can’t believe caroline is real
  • told her again that he wanted to meet like boy we all know you’re desperate for her but you’re taking it to a whole new level
  • his lame ass said ‘’someday’’ and ‘’HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES’’ again cause he remembers every conversation he had with her cause he is a nerd and he loves her so much
  • he literally told her that his whipped ass is waiting for her still and always will
  • he finished with ‘’Yours Klaus’’ we all knew that but still ‘’Yours Klaus’’

jaebum is the definition of a sweetheart but he’s always misunderstood as this type of cold, expressionless leader when he’s the one giving us the most reactions most of the time his laugh is the greatest you know the one i’m talking about the one where he throws back his head so far that he hits the object behind him and when he smiles the entire room lights up and whenever he talks about his music, especially about his songs, his whole body language changes and he gets so excited his expression lights up and you can practically feel the happiness radiating off of him and if you mention nora oh god he might cry because he really loves her and misses her so much like his lockscreen is a picture of her but yes he also gets really happy about her and he’s always always always giving 110% attention to the fans, full eye contact, intertwining fingers and playfully banters with them and if you compliment him he’ll most likely disagree with you or agree and will turn into this blushy mess and he’s always looking out for others before himself like if the members need a drink he’ll hand it to them and open the bottle for them if a fan needs some encouragement his leader mode activates and will give you serious advice and will help you in any way that he can like this boy is so much more than his image


I love when you are on the last Tube and everybody is really drunk. There are people singing, people eating McDonald’s, people sleeping. I always forget that, and when I go back I am reminded. I love the energy. London is my home. I miss my family so much, it’s hard being away. And I miss salt and vinegar crisps. And Marmite. And good fudge. Oh my God. Clotted cream fudge…

Carrie Fisher was a childhood icon of mine, as a young kid all I cared about in Star Wars was Princess Leia, she was the bravest, most awesome character in the whole series for me.

As an adult, she became a different kind of icon for me, her bravery and awesomeness took on a new tone, as someone who has struggled with mental illness and who has wanted more women to tell people to fuck off if they demand too much from them.

She was a survivor, she was supposed to pull through this, this hell year wasn’t supposed to take her from us.  But it did and we’re all the poorer for it, but I wouldn’t trade having been a fan of hers for anything, she was funny and brash and open about her problems and charming as hell.  She was one of the rare people to make it from “light of my childhood” to “light of my adult life”.

I’ll miss her so much.  God speed to whatever’s after this life and I hope she finds peace there.

Earth 38 Barry Allen x Reader Part One

Fandom: The Flash/Supergirl

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Kara Danvers, Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 690

Inspired by this imagine by @vividimagines  (x)

Prompt: Imagine being from the same Earth as Kara and Cisco and Barry instantly being attracted to you.

A/N: This was so rushed and so terrible I think I might throw up, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Kara, I swear to god, what did you leave in your apartment now? We have to go! I can’t miss Chris Evans being hot!” I was whining like a child. Kara was dragging me down the hall, using her strength to pull me. 

“We go up the stairs so much I might as well skip leg day at the gym.” I grumbled. I know it’s immature, but she needs to see just how displeased I am.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I just don’t want to have to pay for $3,000 popcorn when we have some at home!” Kara took her keys out of her pocket to unlock the door, only to drop them onto the ground. She sighed and quickly picked them back up.

“You are so clumsy, sometimes I wonder if it’s even you out there fighting bad guys!” I said pushing the door open. I quickly stopped in my tracks in the door frame when I saw two guys standing in the middle of Kara’s kitchen looking very lost.

“Um, Kara? Are there supposed to be two strange men standing in your kitchen?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of them. Kara was still rifling through her bag.

“No, why-” She was cut off by the sight of them. A huge smile spread over her face as she saw them and she dropped her bags. 

“Barry! Hi! Why are you here?” Her face suddenly turned serious. “Is there something wrong in Central City?” He smiled and laughed, shaking his head.

“No, we just wanted to come visit again. We were travelling through the Earths, making sure everything was as it was before I, you know, changed the timeline…” He looked down at his feet awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

“But, ummmm who is this, lovely lady?” The shorter one said, attempting to lean back onto the kitchen island.

“I’m Y/N. Who are you guys?” I asked, still cautious. Listen, I don’t care if Supergirl thinks that these guys are swell, they just showed up in a locked apartment on the tenth story. That shit is not right.

“Right! Um, Y/N, this is Barry Allen, the Flash, and this is Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe. I told you about them after I came back from fighting the Dominators. Barry, Cisco, this is Y/N, my best friend. She is also known as the Black Mamba.”

“Whoa, you have superpowers? What are they?” Cisco bounced up and down excitedly, waiting for my answer. I smiled at his childish attitude. It was like looking into a mirror. If that mirror made me a dude. And a geek. And nothing like me.

“I can borrow other people’s powers. I have no idea where a name like ‘The Black Mamba’ came from…” I cleared my throat before shooting a stern glance at Kara. 

“But it seemed to stick with people.” Kara sighed loudly.

“Look! I just suggested the name in passing! Ms. Grant seemed to like it, and you know when she likes something, she does not change her mind.” I playfully rolled my eyes at her exasperation with me. This always happened. 

“But we have to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to go see the movie and buy the tickets. You guys wanna come?” Kara offered to the two of them.

“Yeah! Sounds good. What movie are you guys going to see? It’s not a chick flick, is it?” Barry asked, whining a little at the end. Kara and I looked at each other before laughing loudly.

“Are you kidding me? I’m like the biggest geek in National City! We’re going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I said, throwing one of the bags Kara handed to me over my shoulder. Their faces lit up with smiles.

“You guys have Captain America here too?! Man, this day keeps getting better and better!” Cisco said.

“Well we have to go if we ever want to actually see the movie, let’s go!” Kara said, speed walking to the door.

I think I’m going to get along just fine with these guys.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

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god like i’ve wondered this whole time whether lucretia was hiding something shady with her portrait but she was hiding her family, she missed them so much that even though she would have a lot to explain if they found it, she hid a picture of the seven of them right in her office where she could see it every day


Disclaimer that I know nothing about how pregnancy feels and how things happen so bear with me, I’m just gonna go ahead with my vast knowledge from movies, books and series.

Lily threw herself out of the bed with a rush and went straight to the toilet, the nausea she had been ignoring for days finally decided to make sure she knew it was there and that it was not going to go down without a fight. Thank Merlin, James had to leave early for his Auror training because this was not pretty. What a way to wake up, said Lily to herself. While she was thinking about the reasons about this mess while resting her head on the toilet seat, she felt panic take over mind.

She had missed a period and blamed it on the stress, she was fighting a war for God’s sake, it wasn’t stupid stress like I have so much to do, it was the fear of losing her friends like she had lost Marlene. After the news of Marlene’s murder, Lily had became even more paranoid and stressed out. That was the reason she missed a period, what else could it be?

It was impossible for her to be pregnant all the protection and it wasn’t regular Muggle protection either, it was just impossible. Lily involuntarily placed her right hand on her stomach and decided it was better if she just made sure that there wasn’t a little Potter in her belly. Both James and her wanted children, loads of them, but not in the middle of a war, they would have time after this battle was done.

So Lily made her way out to get a pregnancy test, she was going to do this the Muggle way.

Lily stared at the stick for longer than humanly possible. No, just no, I must have read it wrong. No way in fucking hell I am pregnant. Lily felt the blood in his veins stop flowing. She passed in front of the mirror in their bedroom and stood in front of it for a good 20 minutes, her belly seemed normal. She looked at herself from each angle, even tried to see her behind but she didn’t feel like there was any difference. She didn’t know the first thing about being a parent, what was going to happen? How long she had been pregnant? Lily liked having plans and following them! This was.. well unexpected and completely unplanned. What was James going to say? He was still a child after all with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Lily sat on the couch in their living room and stared at the door until James came, leaving the same spot just to go to the toilet or maybe get something warm to drink. She felt her hands go cold with anxiety of how James would react. She was pretty sure James was going to freak out but the aftermath was more important than his first reaction, Lily played out every single possibility in her mind. Her neck was aching from staring at the door when she heard the door click open.

“Love, I’m ho– Oh you’re here” said James with a smile and slowly kissed Lily on the lips. “How are you on this lovely December day?” he asked as he ruffled the snow away from his messy black hair.

“Jamie, come here” instructed Lily, patting the place next to her on the sofa.

“Everyone’s alright, right? This is not some bad new announcement sit down?”

“No, no, not at all. I just have something to talk to you about but I need you sitting down if that’s alright?” replied Lily trying to keep her voice as calm as she can. 

“Okay” said James reluctantly, his eyes had a glimpse of fear in them probably thinking about how he forced Lily to sit down before telling her Remus was badly injured a few weeks ago. 

“I have no idea how to put these in words so please don’t interrupt me” started Lily, her hands were in her lap and she was avoiding looking James in the eyes, so she kept playing with the black nail polish on her fingers that Sirius put on a few days ago. “I know we have talked about this before and our ideas were the same, we wanted to wait until after the war to have kids–”

“You want a child? But Lils we are–”

“I said don’t interrupt me, James” shot back Lily raising her head to meet James’ eyes and looking away instantly, it was hard enough without him interrupting. “I know we are in the middle of the war but this is out of my control Jamie, I don’t want you to freak out even though I will but please know that I am as shocked as you are and I would rather not go through this alone”

“You are pregnant” said James which should have been in a question format in Lily’s opinion because she hadn’t said the exact word but he knew, he knew her so well.

“I–” Lily took a deep breath. “Yes, I am”

“But that’s impossible

“Well, turns out it isn’t” said Lily and she felt fear climb into her mouth from the pit of her stomach, he didn’t want this and he had every right to. Lily started contemplating how she would take care of this baby on her own since James thought the war was more important than the little soul in Lily. She had became pessimistic after she graduated from Hogwarts and found herself in a meaningless war. She was expecting James to freak out, even disappear but the boy didn’t even move an inch. 

Lily lifted her gaze from her lap to James who was staring at her belly while messing his hair even more. His hands were fidgeting like he wanted to do something but he was afraid to do it.

“You want to touch my belly don’t you?” said Lily with a smile on her face and relief apparent in her trembling voice, James nodded in response, he hadn’t taken his eyes off of Lily’s belly. “Go ahead”

James slowly placed his warm hands over Lily’s belly, his thumbs slowly rubbing the texture of Lily’s t-shirt and the rest holding her waist from the sides.

“So you are saying.. there’s a– a little fawn in there?” asked James motioning to her belly with his head, his eyes shone like he had found everything he as looking for. 

“Merlin! The baby’s not even born yet and you are making stag puns” scolded Lily but she couldn’t hide the amusement in her voice. 

“I need to tell Sirius!” jumped James as he shuffled through his pockets and brought out the piece of mirror he used to communicate with Sirius. 

“Oi, Padfoot!” No reply.


“SIRIUS ORION BLACK!” yelled James making Lily jump a little. “Sorry love” he whispered looking at her belly guiltily, he probably thought he had hurt the baby.

“Alright, alright I’m here. What the hell is going on?” said Sirius from the other side of the mirror.

“You, Moony and Wormy. Our flat, now” ordered James and it took them less than 2 minutes to apparate into their living room and before they got their senses back James yelled “LILY IS PREGNANT!”

“You are fucking with us, right?” said Peter, he had a broad smile but the look on Lily’s face made it clear that this wasn’t a prank.

“If this is a collective prank, I’ll murder both of you because it’s not funny” added Remus, he was staring from Lily to James and back to Lily, his face was impossible to read.

Sirius, on the other hand, was just staring. “There’s– there’s a little fawn on the way?!” he said, raising his voice with every word he said, he then ran to Lily’s side and kissed her on the forehead, he was literally dancing around the house.

“Is the baby from him?” teased James as he watched his brother jump and laugh.

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s yours” said Lily, she was staring at Remus as he sulked. Peter was still trying to understand what was going on but Remus was obviously troubled by something so Lily followed him into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong Remus?” demanded Lily, she didn’t want to sound so authoritative but she wanted to know what was wrong.

“How can you be happy that you are going to have a children in the midst of a war? Aren’t you afraid at all?”

“I am scared shitless but it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m going to cherish it as much as I can, as should you Re” explained Lily. She was so afraid, she felt like her heart would stop but the more she thought about it the more she felt happier that there was a reason for them to hold on. 

“But what if something happens to–”

“No, I refuse to think about it like that. I refuse to think anything will happen to any of us and if it does we are a family and I know you’ll take care of him”


“I don’t know why I said that, please don’t tell those two idiots I said that” begged Lily with a smile because she knew they would probably make a big deal out of it, Remus nodded back he was holding a steaming hot cup of tea in his hands.

“Do you promise to look after him if something were to happen to us, Remus?” asked Lily with tears in her eyes, this was war after all. Out of all the scenarios she thought about, she never imagined the one where she would die. 

“I swear on my, no wait, on Sirius’ life to protect little Potter at all costs whether you are here or not. We both know I love him more than I love myself” vowed Remus as he wiped away a tear from Lily’s cheeks. 

“They are fighting over the name of the baby, Sirius wants to name the baby Elvendork” chimed in Peter as he was laughing.

“It’s unisex” shouted Sirius in defense. 

“Over my dead body, Black” said Lily with a smirk.

im literally so fucking proud of Serena like

she went from this

to this

and this is motherfucking character development 

like she became this strong girl and she’s still sweet and caring and like who the fuck cares if she didn’t win now she’s so brave and ready to fight for her dreams and oh my god i want to cry because she’s a ten-year-old anime character and she’s so fucking real and she fucking deserves the opportunity yashio is giving to her

she’ll always be my favorite companion and when the time comes ill miss her lots but boy i have so much respect for this character you have no idea

remain strong my beautiful, beautiful queen <3

Honestly Call the Midwife is such a special show. Every episode is so rich. It furthers the plot and main character arcs while also always having a pregnancy-of-the-week with real depth and poignancy, usually adding to the main characters’ plot both directly and through subtle parallels. It’s light and funny as well as dark and real. It’s one of the few shows that makes me sob pretty much every episode. It has wonderful characters, mostly women, each with flaws and pasts and hopes for the future. It also doesn’t use the time period in which it’s set as an excuse for a lack of diversity; it has characters from all walks of life and even a loving lesbian relationship between two main characters. I just can’t express my love for it enough. It’s always such a treat at the beginning of every year to get a new series.

Q: Do you guys watch your own movies and tv shows?

BJ Novak: “With The Office it’s like, they’re playing you know uh, old home movies. ‘Cause that was such a long, big part of my life, you know so it’s like they’re playing your sentimental home movies there on television all the time and it’s just too much of a ride to watch– like, oh my god that was that day… and I miss her…and you know what about that…and so-”

“Do you wanna talk about Mindy Kaling?”

BJ: “No.” *slight chuckle* “But thanks.


Sirius XM Town Hall with The Founder Cast on Jan 18, 2017. 

(interview available with Sirius subscription)