I’m flat out blocking anyone that claims there was some romantic subtext between Emma and Regina after Regina straight up MURDERED EMMA’S PARENTS WHILE SHE LAID SOBBING ON THE FLOOR!!!  Emma didn’t snap out of shit because the woman she just watched kill her parents was about to die.  She snapped out of it because Henry, her son, her ACTUAL CONFIRMED TRUE LOVE, was about to murder someone and become someone he wasn’t.  She didn’t save Regina, she saved Henry.  She doesn’t love Regina, she loves Henry.  

I can guarantee you that if Killian had gone in Regina’s place, he wouldn’t have even thought to hurt the people Emma loved.  THAT is what love looks like.  Love is not torturing someone in order to get them to do what you want.  Love is finding a way to save someone without hurting them.  How anyone can claim Emma and Regina’s relationship is anything but a one-sided, forced as hell friendship is absolutely ridiculous, and I have no time for people with such delusions.

“One of the things we can give at Christmas time, that no one else can give, is our thanks.” —Spencer W. Kimball