observeroftheuniverse replied to your post: Just saw Rise of the Guardians. A very good start…

Was it everything you hoped for?

Yes. And no. I loved the animation and the characters. But there was just so much packed into the movie; a lot of things that they didn’t have time to go as in depth as I would’ve liked. 

Overall, a very good movie and, honestly, it was wrapped up very well at the end. They may have put a lot into the movie and tried to focus on almost too many things at once, but Dreamworks pulled it off really well. 

So, some Rise of the Guardian spam happened tonight.

And this morning, it was Christmas spam. 

We will now be returning to our regularly scheduled program (which is just a mix of whatever). 

And to anyone going back on my blog. Congrats on making it this far. And if you’re trying yo get to the beginning of my blog (and I don’t know why you would be), keep in mind you’ve got about 180-182 pages left to go.

That is all.