Author: gochateau (FF.net)

Words: 4,327

Summary: Asami attempts to help Korra with her airbending with yoga.

Notes: Beaufitul Korrasami, which, at 2AM, is making me smile so hard right now


Bending in and of itself is a study of contradictions. As a skill, it defies natural physics. She’s sure there are some ridiculously intelligent people who have the patience to study the science behind it, somewhere, but perhaps it’s best to put it simply, the way she thought of it as a child all those years ago - “when I move my hand this way, I can make water follow; if I stomp my feet in just the right way, I can make the earth move.”

In order to hone that skill, however, in order to bend the rules of nature, there are entire other sets of rules to follow. Bending forms, for example. A special kind of kinesthesia - knowing which way to move your body to channel the energy needed to make bending possible. As a result, the practice takes discipline. Years of discipline. And so at the age of four years old, Korra is whisked off to a place where all she learns about are limits.

Don’t wander too far with Naga, Korra.

No, you are not allowed to bend the water out of your cup during dinner.

Please stop digging random holes in the ground while the sentries are on patrol duty.

Master Tyro won’t be coming to your lesson today - I don’t think he’s quite forgiven you for almost burning off his eyebrows.

Don’t get her wrong, Korra is grateful. She wouldn’t be considered a master of water, earth, or fire if it wasn’t for her time there. But when Korra arrives in Republic City, the enormity of it (and of the real situation) engulfs her, and before long she finds that she’s already overstepping boundaries. Fishing in the river, destroying public property in an attempt to do a good deed for a few merchants… as a result, she doesn’t exactly give Chief Beifong the best first impression. Then she meets the brothers, and again finds herself in familiar (yet unfamilar) territory. In this case, it’s less about breaking a few rules set by grumpy old men, and more about breaking hearts. Before long, Tarrlok throws her in the spotlight and the expectations have never been clearer. She is aware of the responsibilities that come with being the Avatar, but sometimes she wonders what her life would be like if she wasn’t expected to be the master of all elements. She thinks about Asami, and wonders what her life would be like without bending at all.

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