This is what happens when you find Pitch on day four at Anime Expo… No one understands what’s going on anymore lol. But hey, check it out- first GIF with me in my King Frost wedding attire! Remember when I was upset during WonderCon because my Elsa couldn’t come? Well, she was going to go as wedding Elsa, so together we would be wedding Jelsa. Sadly it didn’t work out and she ended up moving to Florida…which sucks TT^TT but, she’s Frostplay’s Elsa so you’ll still see her, just not me with her.
Anywho, this is who I end up with in my suit 0.0 …dat’s weird…I DON’T SHIP IT! ^^“ 


Maester Cressen would have been proud. His sad, lonely Shireen had ran from the antics of his sullen Stannis. Ran from a burning. She usually shut her eyes and wept though more recently kept her eyes open. They needed some sort of last human connection before their unfair trial of flames. But not this time, she ran so quickly at the sound of screams from the boy. It was her mother’s fault, Selyse had told about the boy’s stealing.

Shireen had told them that he was hungry. Her father simply said everyone was hungry. She thought she could sit through it and give him something–Anything. But she simply began to run and run. The girl’s chest was heaving at this point before suddenly looking up from her dark Baratheon hair.

“E-excuse me…”

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“You can tell a lot about someone from the music they listen to.” Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play, then tag ten people to do it.

1. Take The Fifth - Spoon

2. Flickers - Son Lux

3. I Decline - Perfume Genius

4. My Friend Will Be Me - Of Montreal

5. Angry Hill - George Ezra

6. No No No - Beirut

7. The Righteous and The Wicked - Red Hot Chili Peppers

8.  London - The Smiths

9. The Gospel of John Hurt - alt-J

10. Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford & Sons

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The Foundation and The GOC working TOGETHER on 1583? I mean, it's keter class, but I always imagined the only GOI you guys got on with less was the Chaos Insurgency. Maybe MC&D.

Well, we do have a few common goals. Only //real// difference is they wanna destroy 99.9% of the stuff, and we wanna lock up the same 99.9% forever. Basically, if it doesn’t come to us fighting over a potential SCP, we cool.


So people know the Calkarins in here, like me, are fictives, right?

We’re all on the level of understandng?

A few who have followed us a while probabaly also know that I get absolutely fascinated by the idea of my fictional creation and I love looking throygh old designs and art that Scar drew long before I ever split. I also love reading the old, old drafts of GoC and spotting at what point alter me is taken from.

But we also all know that I was never consciously created, and though we were all pre existing characters, none of the alters chose to split into us, or anything ridiculous like that? Right?

Ok good. Just checking.

Well, now with GoC going through another rewrite, and the fictional Molly being taken back into concepting by Scar for her final year project, I am in my element and sort of… helping?

I’m now completely detatched from the actual canon and I think my persona is taken froma few rewrites ago. Fictional me has got a bit more goofy and I actually quite like her as a character. 

Fictional me’s system has also expanded in canon and I’m having fun thinking up different alter names and such to help him along. None of this is affecting me as an alter though.

Yah, it’s fun we’re all doing it, really. Ami is asking for certain things, Jewelz is getting excited by her bigger part and Maria is just slowly hating her fictional self more and more, but helping to make her worse and worse and more stereotypical, ablest douchebag.

It’s just weird to be completely detatched from the character you know is your origin. As a fictive I think we’re odd because we’re from a home grown canon, but a canon that was directly influenced by the system’s inner world and it’s led to like, bootleg versions of the canon characters and world.

I have no idea if that made sense. It’s just, as a fictive I see us getting a lot of hate, etc. And well, yeah some people are faking who say they have fictives but if you’re not and u really are a fictive/factive it can be a really confusing time being separate from our canon, and knowing that you are this character but you’re not. It’s just…. weird.