Poly Rev Squad Headcanons Because Why Not

I’m a sinner and want to find other sinners to share with. Set in modern au and can be college too

-It starts out lams and mullette and is mainly started because of Laf (Btw it’s gender fluid Laf because I Love) and Alex because they both know everyone is waaaaaay too affectionate for just couple friends

-They’re such shits listen they’d plan it all so they’re like flirting more and more with each other and Herc and John and then when they don’t take the hint and just keep going haha monogamy is great Laf and Alex just shrug and start making out in situations where they know they’d be caught by them

-Herc and John try to be mad. It goes as well as you’d expect

-(They join in because they’re weak to their partners and then there’s a very long discussion in which Alex doesn’t allow anyone to leave the room until it’s finished (Except for the brief recess where Herc went to get food cause it was getting late))

-They have a huuuuge bed with tons of pillows

-Sometimes when Alex is working too late and is falling asleep at his desk but being too stubborn to leave his work Herc will go pick him up and walk him to the bed

-Alex tries to fight but he loves being picked up by Herc and he’s seriously tired so he just complains until he’s on the bed and suddenly surrounded by his partners and absolutely blissed out

-Tbh he loves it so much when Herc carries him that if he can manage it somehow he’s in his arms

-Alex is the first to wake up, followed by Herc, then Laf, and John has to be pried out of the bed before he’ll get up

-Herc and Laf typically make everyone breakfast. They all can cook and they all have their specialties (John can bake like a pro and Alex is good at making great meals out of nothing for when they forget to drop by the store) but as a general rule breakfast is between them and then dinner is fair game

-You can bet your ass Herc has made them all their own aprons (and because I know they’d all obviously be uber lgbt+ activists they’d be in the colors of their flags with little names on them in relation to their sexuality (“Brilliant Bisexual” for Alex, “Gobstopping Gay” for John, “Perfect Pansexual” for Laf, “Buff Bi” for Herc (I fluctuate on his sexuality tbh but we could always use more bi representation so)))

-Also the first winter they were all together everyone saw up close how much the cold affected Alex since they could like hold him and stuff so Herc made him like three sets of scarves, hats, and mittens to keep him warm

-They have a little routine where Herc will pick out which color he wears that day and Alex stands at the front door while Herc, Laf, and John bundle him up and by the time he’s ready to go Alex is blushing and beaming because they kept giving him little kisses

-Alex and Laf are both scared of thunderstorms so if one comes they’ll hide under a blanket together until John or Herc comes home and joins them with hot chocolate and calms them down

-If Laf is really tired they’ll slip back into French and Herc is the only one that doesn’t understand them so John usually translates

-The first time they announced they were gender fluid Laf came out in thigh highs, heels, a skirt, a slouchy sweater, and full makeup because they were afraid that they would back out if they tried to say it instead of showing it

-All three of their brains shortcircuited instantaneously. It kind of scared Laf until John just made this like garbled attempt at words and that set off the other two so Herc just took in a deep breath and Alex started stammering until he finally blurted out “I can’t even think of something to say, you’re too beautiful” and Laf was instantly smiling again and moving to lay across their laps

-They and Alex like dressing up in lingerie if they’re bored. Alex isn’t gender fluid or anything, he just really despises gender constructs so he and Laf chill out and do each other’s makeup and stuff and it’s nice

-I always waver between artist John and doctor John so now he’s both okay

-He’s got a sketchbook filled just with drawings just of Laf, Herc, and Alex. Anytime he likes the pose they’re doing or just likes the way they look or is just looking at them and remembers how much he loves them he’ll take a picture as discreetly as possible then draw it later

-Laf was the one to stumble upon it and when they saw all the drawings of them (Herc excercising and his back muscles flexing, Alex writing with his reading glasses on and hair falling out of his messy bun, Laf laughing and each curl of their hair was so lovingly drawn it looked like it was real) they couldn’t do anything more than hug him and whisper in French how much they love him and how grateful they are to have the three of them and how talented John is

-My Alex freaks out easily whenever someone even just sneezes so John is always the only one he listens to when he gets like that since John has the medical degree

Damn this is long I’m gonna stop here. If you want more you’re welcome to come ask, I’m always up to talk about them. And I have some dirty ones but I don’t know if I’ll make a post for them

Beach Days

I despise the beach

Its predictable pulses of polluted water give me no excitement

And the sun! Oh please, like my black ass needs to get any darker!

But them white people, they loveeeee the sun.

Laying hours on end to get a little color.

Ain’t it crazy how they try so hard to get darker while we try and stay


If we could somehow all color ourselves the same maybe our burdens would be lighter.

Well they could stay in the sun for years and never gain enough sunburn and painful peeling peppermint candy red lines across their …


to make amends for the everlasting gobstopping black/blue to yellow/ brown marks

that have been stricken into our genes and are a dominant trait passed down to…


I’m 50/50 on liking the sand

Partially because we seem to love to be buried underneath as much of it as we can

Choosing with purposeful pompous naïveté that we are equal to the man

Still the sand is too tempting,

constantly wanting to build your own sandcastle only to watch the water,

or the other so called naturally natured order of the world that dictates whether you belong,

wash your dreams away.

Maybe all these things may not sound that bad to you?

Maybe they just sound like crazy excuses?

Maybe I’m just another black guy that cant swim?

The thing is my father taught me to swim when I was a child,

I’m really just bad with authority just like “every” minority

Not that I cant listen

It is fear that has striken

There’s cops at the beach.

 -In hopes that we can some day stop living in fear in the places fear should not exist.


Open RP

Sprink skipped around Sugar Rush, bow and arrows in hand. She climbed Mt. Gobstopers and sat down on top. She walked around the shack on top. Her own peaceful place. Sprink heard a twig break in the vast forest surrounding her. “Hello? I’m armed.”