gobs of love


So today the alpacas about gave us a heart attack which nearly resulted in a vet call. We came out to give them some kibble, and both of them were standing around with their mouths wide open and their bottom lips drooping, green drool dribbling out. We had no idea if they ate something bad or what? Luckily we turned to Google before calling the vet.
As it turns out, after alpacas get in a fight, they adopt these sort of “sulk faces,” with the duel purpose of airing out their mouths from spit stink, and expressing just how unhappy they are about having gotten in an argument. So I present to you, the gaping sulk boys.

if they make a fifth season of arrested development, i feel very strongly that the central event of the season should be gob and tony wonder planning the most glorious, sumptuous, dazzling, glittery magician wedding this world has ever known (also probably the only magician wedding the world has ever known?)

gob will dance down the aisle to “the final countdown”

it will be WONDERful

Worst Impressions


Apparently the pretty Togruta has a boyfriend. A large boyfriend.

Keizer lands hard on his ass in the alley behind the cantina. He’s really getting tired of getting that same spot inside his cheek busted open. There’s just something about his face that begs to be punched in the mouth.

He spits a gob of blood at the lovely couple just before they slam the door on him. He kicks it as hard as he can.

Kyorla chakaar! Make you feel tough beatin’ up somebody half your size?!”