During our first Black Hack campaign, Angelo was a bratty thief, Nyxie was also thief and Angelo’s main crush. Nyxie had just gotten saved by Angelo because goblins were attacking our campsite and Angelo had a bow and arrows. After the battle ended, Nyxie was still a good distance away from Angelo.

Angelo: I make a heart with my hands towards Nyxie and wink, then mouth “my tent, tomorrow night”.

Nyxie: I return the heart sign for a second, but then I promptly rip the heart in half and flip Angelo off with both hands.

GM: Angelo, roll for initiative twice.

[Critical fail both rolls]

GM: Angelo, while you were standing there shocked that the girl of your dreams flipped you off and practically hates you, a large flying bird decided to drop a good-sized stone on your head.

[after calculating damage]

GM: If you were having a bad day before, now it’s terrible. A bird knocked you out. You are now unconscious.

nathanritchieab  asked:

Hey Brett, I'm an aspiring artist and I wanted to ask if you had any advice on drawing and where I should start from. If you do not have the time to explain please disregard this question.


I think it’s important to just start.  Just draw on anything! Post its, sketchbook paper, margins of your homework, the wall, your cat.  

Just start drawing on things…

As you start down the path begin making manageable goals you can attain by drawing and working smart and hard.  

                                      I want to be good yesterday!

Give yourself a break and realize this is a marathon and not a dash to being a good artist.  It’s the quickest way people quit.  

Something like:

I’m going to draw 5 hands today. 

I’m going to devote 3 pages to eyeballs

I’m going to practice my goblins

I’ll try ink wash today

and so forth.  

The point is to create and keep motivating yourself to learn, do better, and not overwhelm and make yourself quit.  

If you decide to turn this hobby into a career then I’d suggest much more stringent exercise and self evaluation.  Taking anatomy classes and art classes online or in school.  All the earlier drawings keep adding up as you learn hand eye coordination and how to trust your self and vision.

Reading and studying (Andrew Loomis books, Drawn To Life, how to draw the marvel way, Drawing in 3D with Mark Kistler could be good introductions)

But if it’s for fun, just draw.  Who cares, it’s the beauty of the act.

It’s important for artists to remember that their favorite hobby is their job and how to retain that fun and happiness that made them gravitate towards being an artist in the first place.  Good luck, I hope that helps.

First attempt at zenithal priming. Bit of a mixed bag of results, had issues with my lightest can sputtering, so have gone heavier than intended on it.

Will be glazing instead of layering, then highlighting. Interested to see the results, but I’m hoping to save a lot of time on these guys.

For those wondering what I’m on about, zenithal priming is a way of creating your first level highlights by using multiple shades of primer spraying from increasingly higher angles of attack. There’s a tonne of great vids on YouTube explaining the technique.

anonymous asked:

"Why not use them in spells to annoy people who get all bent out of shape that people find them pretty." One of my favorite stones is goldstone, especially the blue variety, which is just copper/cobalt mixed in with glass, and my favorite thing to do when people scoff at it "not being real" is to babble about the heating process that produces it and the history/folklore around cobalt mining (I also mentally call it "goblin glass" because of that folklore)

Ha! Love it!

aesthetic: the goblin king of los angeles

true, he ascended as hollywood rose to fame, but he is as much a creature of pavement and palm trees as he is of glitz and glamour. when hollywood boulevard is blocked off for a premiere event, you can find him along the red carpet, in the eaves of the chinese theatre, or sprawled across the glittering marquee of el capitan. but come the morning, he will be back coaxing a spot of shade out of the trees in griffith park, or whispering a traffic light on sunset boulevard to stay green a little longer (the lady in the civic is rushing to the hospital, and he hears her silent but fervent prayers). ask anything of him - a parking space, an apartment vacancy, a safe trip on the 101 or a slight delay at LAX - but be prepared to come before him with a clear mind, an open heart, and pure intentions. if you would beg a boon of the goblin king, you must first ensure you are worthy of receiving it.

Two interesting things about this Corben page (both of them in the last panel).

1. The caption box tells readers that if they want to read more, they can go out and buy the rest of the saga directly from Corben himself. Not from some Heavy Metal reseller in New York - send money to Kansas City, where Corben lives. This is the first time I’ve seen that in fifteen years worth of this publication and I think that only Corben could have gotten away with it, especially considering his tumultuous relationship with Heavy Metal.

2. If you look closely, you can see that directly behind that caption box, Den and his girlfriend are having sex. They’re also having sex on the first page and the little goblin character describes them as “wrestling.” It’s interesting that the caption box is so well placed as to almost obscure the activity, but not too much. It also makes me think that the advertisement is implying that the full saga will have much more explicit sexual activity.

(Heavy Metal issue #145, July 1993 - Page 13 Den by Corben)

Players who want to play evil characters should try DM-ing

I’m not kidding. And I don’t mean it in a “oh, you don’t understand how hard it is, you need to step in my shoes” way. 

I say this because as a DM, you get to play all the evil characters. From the goblin minions to the Final Boss, you’re the one moving them forwards, pushing their goals and agendas. 

I’m planning a homebrew campaign and I’m having an absolute ball shaping my bad guys. (Lawful Evil is such a fun alignment, btw) When I DM’d already written at the game store, I loved revealing that the magic object had let the bad guy track the heroes or that displacer beasts exist. Or slowly, slowly revealing that all was not what it seemed. 

I don’t like to create impossible scenarios for players, and my number one goal is for everyone to have fun. But, DMing lets me talk a walk on the wild side so to speak. And fucking hell it can be fun.   

Bon Voyage Clickbait Goblin

So Gawker is gone. Well, part of it is. Univision, who now owns their pitiful media empire decided that the other Gawker Media offshoots were just barely profitable to keep around. While it is only a partial victory, it does show a certain willingness to simply cut their losses on the less than profitable aspects of their acquisition. 

It also shows that Gawker Media’s new owners have no respect for the “brand” that Gawker built up, and judging by the new ethics policy that was unceremoniously applied to all Gawker sites, it shows that they have very little patience for the usual bullshit that Kotaku, Jezebel, et al have become infamous for.

So the new boss has arrived and put their foot down immediately. Presumably, the intent is to turn what few disparate parts remain of Gawker’s crumbling media empire into profitable, effective news outlets. Possibly to even make them respectable and desirable compared to other news and media outlets.

This is not to say that I believe Univision is wholly on the up and up, but they are a professional organization with bigger goals than simply getting into twitter slapfights and reposting stupid things someone said on reddit.

Given their political leanings and their past actions, making Gawker Media “good” is an means to an end. If they aren’t a detestable laughingstock, then some people might accidentally listen and believe when the Boss starts issuing orders on what stories to cover and how. Or what kind of political angle to hammer on over the next few days.

Anyway you slice it, this is the end of an era for clickbait journalism. Many at Gawker have jumped ship or simply been scattered to the winds. The remaining stragglers still clinging to that sinking ship will likely find that their new owner isn’t too forgiving of gross ineptitude that costs them millions in ad revenue.