EXO CHANYEOL & Punch ‘Stay With Me’ MV Hits 70 Million Views on YouTube!

EXO’s Chanyeol & Punch’s ‘Stay With Me’ Music Video hits 70 Million views on YouTube! ‘Stay With Me’ remains the Most Watched Korean OST Music Video of all-time.

Congratulations Chanyeol & Punch!

Watch the ‘Stay With Me’ MV Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcKR0LPwoYs


Hi guys, long time no post. 
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I thought I’d share my glowing Goblin sword that I made in the spur of a moment for TKC a few weeks back. The whole thing was made in 1 morning and is made out of cardboard, craft foam, styrofoam, a small bit of worbla and fabric for the harness and a cheap dollar store LED.

Basically the main part of the sword was made to be as lightweight as possible. A piece of corrugated cardboard serves as the base with styrofoam to build out the hilt, a bit of cereal box cardboard curled into a tube for the handle and everything covered in craft foam for the details. One side of the styrofoam was hollowed out so I could shove in a small finger LED for when I wanted the sword to light up. The fabric on the handle was stained with fake costume blood to get the grimey look.

The harness is a rectangle of worbla with 4 strap that tie around my chest to hold it in place (marked in blue) and  2 prongs (marked in red) that poke through the turtleneck and fit into the corrugated slots of the cardboard sword base so I can easily pop the sword off and on (because having an 18″ sword sticking out of your chest doesn’t really work well for crowds… or doors LOL).

I would suggest reinforcing the slots in the sword a bit because after a full day of taking the sword off and on and walking around it started to loosen up and sag a bit and nobody wants a case of limp sword.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask since I just gave a very quick rundown of the sword. Unfortunately I will not be able to answer any “how much does ___ cost” questions because this was almost all from scrap materials. The LEDs were from Dollarama and came in a pack of 6 (3 colours) for $1.50. The styrofoam was 3/4″ and the craft foam was the standard thin sheet.



bts au [1/ ]

kim taehyung as the goblin 
jeon jungkook as the goblin’s bride
jung hoseok as the grim reaper’s lover
park jimin as the  grim reaper

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