“The pressure was big because the drama was completed in pre-filming rather than because it’s airing after ’Goblin’. There are a lot of positives aspects to pre-filming but it’s true that I was concerned because it’s a format that I haven’t experienced. I was greatly curious about his acting because he has never done a romance genre, and I noticed that Lee Jae Hoon has refreshing charms. That goes along well with his character. The refreshing side is better for Lee Jae Hoon’s character rather than manly ones. - Shin Min Ah

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1-3 Supercut!

ASM: Renew Your Vows #1-3 present Peter, Mary Jane’s and Annie’s respective points of view of the same set of events.

Because I am that sort of nerd I decided to take those issues and place the panels and pages in roughly chronological order to try and create a single flowing narrative.

I didn’t entirely succeed.

It was actually a lot harder than i thought and there is definitely more than one way to organize the images to create different flows and impacts in the story.  

For example, you can place the panels very differently depending upon when you think Peter senses MJ tapping into his powers. For myself I was prioritizing getting all the dialogue and thought captions in the story. although that compromised the flow of the story in some places.

It was a frustrating yet fun activity and if you have the time I’d honestly recommend trying it out just as a creative exercise. It really makes you think about how to structure a story and the art of sequential storytelling.

Anyway, here is at least one of my attempts. Hope you enjoy!

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Annnd parents~

Azitish is Shen’s father; he’s a priest and when Shen was still in the household he would tend to his son’s injuries after his father would snap. Azi was never able to gain the courage to stand up for his son on most occasions because Mal’ghan was and is still abusive towards him as well. He’s grateful that Shen was able to get out of the situation at home and later on Shen and the troupe come back for him as well.

Sazee was Shen’s mother; she was a troll/goblin hybrid with dominant goblin genetics, and retained a very small stature (obviously bigger than regular goblins but significantly smaller than trolls). Sadly, she died in child birth because Shen ended up being mostly Troll and her body was unable to handle him. She was very spunky and tough so it was a real shock for her loved ones to hear she had passed away. She did get to name Shen’ahjen however, and he did end up inheriting her intelligence in the field of machinery

A mysterious (work in progress) menu system! What could this possibly be for? Who knows! ;)

Been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes optomising, I also have a codey friend who is helping me an insane amount, which means I spend less time frantically looking up code online (h-happens to the best of us I’m sure).

After to speaking to my tutors though, seems like the project is on course and smashing expectations. Full speed ahead!