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Ten Favorite Female Characters

Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. I have some series where I have a couple favorites…

I was tagged by @aelin-and-feyre, but also at least 2 other blogs. Tumblr is being stupid and I can’t find the posts to see, so I’m sorry for not tagging you!!!!

  1. Feyre - A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J Maas)
  2. Lysandra // Yrene Towers  - Throne of Glass (HRH Sarah J Maas)
  3. Penryn - Angelfall (Susan Ee)
  4. Katsa // Bitterblue - Graceling (Kristin Cashore)
  5. Alianne - Trickster’s Choice (Tamora Pierce)
  6. Sadima - Skin Hunger (Kathleen Duey, who will hopefully write book 3 this century)
  7. Soraya - The Farsala Trilogy (Hilari Bell)
  8. Makenna - The Goblin Wood (Hilari Bell)
  9. Yoko Nakagima - The Twelve Kingdoms (Fuyumi Ono, and I like Yoko most after book 1)
  10. Kate // Emily - The Hollow Kingdom (Clare B. Dunkle)

It was so hard to pick!!!!

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You’re Safe : Steve Rogers/Captain America (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Okay, so this is going to be a doozy. It’s going to have multiple parts because it’s long as hell.

Dear sweet anon, I don’t know what you want the end game to be for Y/N. Like I could do majority vote and figure out how you’d guys would want me to end this, Y/N with Steve or run it out and make it so that Y/N will end with Bucky? But so far I have her as best friends with the boys. 

(I know you requested it with Y/N as friends with Steve, but… what’s Steve without Buck? oops)

Warning: This contains violent scenes (torture and blood)

Word Count: 1,745



Request: Anon 

Can you could do an imagine where the reader was friends with Steve in 1940’s before the war and after Steve “died” the reader is captured by hydra and is experimented on and then is kept in a cryo chamber for 50 years or something. Then the avengers accidentally find her after infiltrating an old hydra base and they bring her back to the avenger’s tower and they find out she has powers and she doesn’t remember Steve but he remembers her. I hope this makes sense!


A war had begun again, every young male suitable in the United States was being shipped off to fight overseas.

It might have been selfish of you to think of this way, but you were glad Steve was incapable of going off to fight in the war. Bucky was already leaving you two, you couldn’t even handle that. But the thought of both of them leaving you broke your heart to pieces.

You could physically feel it break when you had seen what happened to Steve.


“You’re not…” You looked at Bucky for an explanation but all he did was smile and shrug his shoulders.

“Tiny?” Steve laughed. You could only nod your head towards the buff blond.

“When you said you got in, I didn’t know that they were going to-to shoot you up with super soldier liquids!” You were somewhat angry to be honest. Was the army even allowed to do that? You could only sigh and look at the two soldiers. “So I guess you’re going to be leaving then, huh?” As much as you wanted to be mad at him, you couldn’t. He wanted this, Steve wanted to fight for his country along side his best friend. You didn’t blame him, you’d do the same for either of them.

“Yea…” Steve was rubbing the back of his neck, he knew of how you reacted when you found out that Bucky was leaving you two. He could only hope for the best when they both had to leave you.

“When do you two leave again?”

Bucky had cut in and answered for the both of them. “Seeing as how the war is raging on right now, I’d say one of our commanding officers will be coming in about one minute to get us.” Bucky too had felt horrible for leaving you alone. You again sighed and brought yourself closer to the two men.

“You both better be careful out there. Or there’s going to another world war when you get back.” You could feel both of them laugh under your arms. As if on queue, a knock was heard from the front door. You let go of both of them, a solemn look on your face. They too looked sadly at you. A knock was heard again from the door, it took everything from you to not yell at the commanding officer standing outside.

“We’ll be back Y/N.” Steve grabbed his bag and looked back at you. “It’s a promise.” You only smiled and went to kiss his cheek, then went to kiss Bucky’s cheek.

“You guys better, there’s tons of gals in this city wanting a dance from you both!” They laughed as you guided them to the door.

You watched them both leave with the commanding officer. But before Bucky could get too far you called out to him, “Take care of him Buck!” He turned around and playfully bowed down to you. You waved goodbye to your best friends. Yet you couldn’t help but feel a pang of sudden dread while watching them leave. But you decided it was most likely nerves from knowing that they both have left you alone.


It was in the headlines everywhere.

“Captain America Dead!” Underneath it read, “Best Friend James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes Brave Sacrifice!” You didn’t want to believe it. You couldn’t believe it. Both of them were dead…

You felt like your entire world came crashing down on you when you received two American flags.


You plopped yourself onto your couch, another day without them, what were you suppose to do now without them? It’s been months without them and everyday just seems to be getting even more of a struggle. Groaning loudly, you looked towards your wall mounted clock to see it was now 7pm.

Your eyes widen, how could you have forgotten? You got up from your spot and trudged towards your bedroom. Steve and Bucky were your best friends, but you know for a fact that they wouldn’t want you sealing yourself up from the world.

You had made a friend at work, her name was Gina, and she had invited you out for drinks.

‘God Y/N, I know you’re distraught from them dying but get a hold of yourself!’ You were scolding yourself as you made your way out the door to the local bar.


“Are you sure you don’t need a ride Y/N?” Your friend Gina reassured you that it was okay for you to hop along for a ride home. You waved your hand at her and smiled softly.

“I’m fine Gina! I need the fresh air anyway.” She only looked at you. You chuckled lowly and waved your hand at her once more. “Go! I’ll be fine, I promise!” She rolled her eyes and said goodbye to you. You watched her disappear with the rest of your work friends, once you couldn’t see her any longer you made your way home.

As you were walking you could feel eyes watching you.

‘Geez, maybe I should have taken Gina up on her offer…’

You began to walk faster, paranoia was creeping up on your nerves. You could see your apartment building from where you were, you were almost there. You were stopped in your tracks when you felt two hands grab you from behind. A strange smelling cloth was placed hastily over your nose and mouth. The outer ring of your vision was starting to turn black. You wanted to yell for help, you wanted to fight back. But anything you did was futile.

Before you could fully black out you had seen a strange looking emblem.


Everything was fuzzy, you wanted to wipe away the fogginess but as you tried to move your hands to your face they were instantly pulled back down. That alone made you wake up even more. Panic was coursing through your veins, you were just near your apartment building until… until… You shot up from your seat. Well, you tried to shoot out of your seat. You were looking all over the room for someone, anyone really.

“Help!” Tears of panic were welling up, you were terrified beyond belief. You kept shaking at your restraints, hoping that they would possibly give out.

“I vouldn’t do zat if I vas you.” You looked all around trying to find the source of the voice.

“Come out from wherever you are!” Even in your frightened state, you were very forceful. You could hear someone chuckle from behind your seat.

“I said, I vouldn’t do zat if I vas you…” You were about to question the voice until you felt a brutal slap to your face, leaving you gasping for air. The unknown voice made a tsk at you. “You’re going to ve a fery difficult subject.” Your eyes had widen when the voice said subject, were you to be tested on? Again before you could question the unbodied voice, a man had stepped into the light.

“Who are you?” This couldn’t be real, this was just some drunk induced nightmare.

“I am Zola.” You quirked your eyebrow at the small man. He looked like a real life goblin, the glasses didn’t help his case either. You would have laughed if it weren’t for the guards now standing near the man named Zola.

“Why am I here?” Zola had a proud look on his face when you asked him that. You knew you were not going to like his answer.

“I’m fery glad you’ve asked Miss Y/N.” He clasped his hands behind his back and started to circle you. “You zee, you’ve lost Mr. Captain America and Sergeant Barnes, yes?” You were baffled, you didn’t know what they had to deal with you being there. “Vee have kept a fery close eye on you.” He kept circling you, as if you were his prey. Zola then stopped right in front of you, his face mere inches away from yours. “Captain America alone must have told you vat vas done to him!” You could only convey your emotions through you quirking your eyebrow once more. When you didn’t answer in time Zola signaled for one of the guards towards you and him. The guard then proceeded to hit you with the butt of his rifle. You could hear your nose break at the impact. The force of the hit couldn’t even knock you out.

Zola grabbed your face by the chin and shouted at you. “You tell me vat you know!” He must have thought you were in a way connected to them bring in the army.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!” You had enough of the little gremlin holding onto you. So with what blood and saliva was in your mouth, you spat at him. He proceeded to violently push your head back into the chair. You could see him signal the guards again, they then crowded you and punished you for your insolence.

You knew the world was a cruel place, but this must have been a separate dimension to hell itself.

They were relentless with their beatings, you just hope that your mind would slip back into unconsciousness. But you guess the universe wasn’t working in your favor right now.

“Shtop.” From the voice of Zola, the guards had stopped beating you. Through slitted eyes you looked at him. You could see him observing you, a curious glint in his eyes. “You’re fery tough Miss Y/N.” He grabbed your chin once more. “Take her to her cell.”

A pitiful sound resonated throughout the halls while you were being dragged to your cell.

‘Good god, Steve… Bucky… why did you have to leave me…” You were holding you head down low until you heard a creaking sound. You looked up in time to see where you were being tossed into. And with a large thud, you were on the cold hard concrete of your cell. Oh god, how you wanted to sob for a release. For anyone to come find you. You even wished to be joined by your best friends. Anything to get out of that hell hole. But you knew that they would want you to survive, Steve especially wouldn’t want to hear you already giving up.

Your vision started to haze over again, perhaps from blood loss, or maybe the emotional exhaustion you’re experiencing. You didn’t question it one bit though, you welcomed the sweet slumber with open arms.


I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you sweet anon for the request! Also it made total sense, don’t ever doubt yourself <3

Remember to tell me if you want the end game to be that Y/N ends with Steve or Y/N with Bucky. Or if you just want them to stay as friends! That is always an option <3