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Yeen, I have begun the process of making a mono-red goblin token deck with Purphoros, God of the Forge as the commander. I shall call it Goblin Forge. But I must know, what wares would best serve this deck?





Thank you, Goblin Week.

I’m doing a decklist. The gobbo deck we all deserve to helm at one point in our lives.

Wort in this variation has an awesome dichotomy that makes the decklist simple and easy to balance- we’ll call it ‘goblinball’. The trick is to pretend you’re playing elves. For example, you’re gonna need some tokens. In fact I’d say almost every goblin you play is a goblin token.

What’s fun about Mogg Infestation is that if you copy it you’re basically quadrupling your goblins. Then you have the garbage that is Goblin Rally, which gives you eight bodies for five mana. What do we do with those bodies? Draw cards, of course.

Pay some mana, tap some friends, and draw a whole bunch of cards. Green can even find you your Reliquary Tower pretty easily! What’s nice is that you don’t need to rely on red’s wheel effects when you’re in green. Green also gives us other toys, such as the ‘ball’ part of the name-

Jenny has eight goblins, so normally Overrun would only give them a bonus offensive power of 24 damage. But if Jenny taps two goblins, the offensive power actually increases to 36! And with Wort being 3 power, Overwhelming Stampede when copied will at minimum buff creatures by +9/+9. Of course, we do need to have some ‘goodstuff’ synergy.

Pay four mana for six cards and watch the blue man weep. Then double up on second harvest and quadruple your gobbo squad again! Don’t forget primo removal such as Artifact Mutation, which will give you more bodies to work with, and Hull Breach, which has the potential to be a 4 for 1 trade off.

I hope you all have enjoyed goblin week as much as I have!


Magic the Gathering Tokens - Goblins pt 1.

I guess i’m still doing this, just because. This time with Goblins.

@askkrenko I have a feeling that you will like those tokens more than Linvala’s 3/3 angel.

Btw, the last one wasn’t really printed. It’s from the Vintage masters, a set exclusive from MtGO.

Things I already did:

Angel tokens

Zombies 1, 2 and 3


majoraatio  asked:

Judge! Just had a realization that Chandra's Ignition might not be the best thing in my Zada deck. Could you explain what happens with the stack when I cast CI targeting Zada with let's say 3 other creatures I control. Thank you.

It depends on the other creatures you have. Let’s say the three creatures you control are 1/1 goblin tokens. 

You get to choose the order that the copies resolve in, but the original spell will resolve last. The first Ignition resolves, dealing one damage to each other creature and each opponent. The other two goblins have taken lethal damage and died, so their respective copies of Chandra’s Ignition are countered due to their only targets being removed. Zada is still around, so the original Ignition can resolve, dealing three damage to each other creature and each opponent. This should kill the one surviving goblin token. You’d be left with a Zada that has one damage marked on her, four damage to each opponent, and four damage to your opponents’ creatures.

EDH Deck Tech: Norin

[you can see every deck tech here]

This week we have something exciting! One of my favourite commanders, for being really original, Norin the Wary! The design of this card is so unique & weird and makes place for such a cool deck. The ability of Norin is odd enough that people are mostly unfazed by it; most of the time your opponents will just think “yeah whatever” and let Norin resolve; especially since you always play Norin on turn 1. Let’s see why you should play Norin and why he’s so good!

Making Use of the Blink

Since Norin blinks every time anyone casts a spell or attacks, he will blink OFTEN, like, very often. So you need to take advantage of that constant blinking. Genesis Chamber is amazing for that, every time a creature comes into play another token comes with it! With this card, Norin will provide you a small army of tokens!

Being Aggressive with the Blink

So, while Genesis Chamber provides you a bunch of tokens, those little 1/1s aren’t much use without something to give you the edge. Purphoros gives you that edge. Cards like Impact Tremors, Ogre Battledriver, Into the Web of War, Warstorm Surge & Pandemonium are all cards that will make your deck a force to reckon with by just putting little 1/1s on the field constantly.

Reusing those Triggers

Since the deck relies on creatures entering the battlefield, might as well have some good ETB effects on top of that! Playing cards like Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet will make sure that your creatures are always coming into play, providing you goo value from your Solem Simulacrum, Filigree Familiar, Duplicant, Fanatic of Mogis, Spawn of Thraxes, Inferno Titan, Stingscourger, Mindclaw Shaman & such!

We Need More Creatures!

Since you want a lot of creatures coming into play, you might as well go the token route! Krenko is amazing at that, creating a crazy amount of tokens over & over again! And since you’re playing Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet, you might as well play cards that come into play with tokens, like Myr Battlesphere (which is insane with Genesis Chamber), Pia & Kiran Nalaar,  Mogg War Marshal, Beetlback Chief & Siege-Gang Commander.


This is not necessarily the usual way to go with the deck, but since you’re playing a bunch of goblin tokens generator, you might as well go the Goblin way on top of that, giving your deck another angle of attack. Listing all the good Goblins would take forever, so really you should just look up tribal EDH, Legacy or Modern goblin decks and pick what you want; but cards like Moggcatcher, Goblin Matron, Goblin Chieftain, Goblin King, Goblin Recruiter, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Bombardment (paired with Goblin Sharpshooter) & Quest for the Goblin Lord all come to mind as great Goblin cards, but there are far more good cards. 

Combo Win

If you’re in the type of meta that plays combos & stuff you should always have one too, just in case. If you don’t want to combo off you can just use the individual cards separately as they are playable, and if you’re in a pickle you can combo off for the win. Playing Kiki-Jiki with Zealous Conscript can make you an infinite number of ZC and you can attack everyone for lethal. But, I mean, Kiki is just a value machine & Zealous can be VERY good even by itself.

Keeping a Plentiful Hand

As a red deck, especially filled with small stuff, you will get empty-handed fairly quickly. You need ways to keep your hand full and cards like Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Magus of the Wheel, Skullclamp, Memory Jar, Wheel of Fate, Dragon Mage & Chandra Ablaze are good ways to keep a grip full. Your opponents sort of benefit from it too, but having to discard their hand can disrupt their game plan and it will most likely benefit you more.

Bigger Threats

Since most of your creatures will be 1/1s, granted that they will deal damage when coming into play, you still need a little something more. Cards like Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Gauntlet of Might, Eldrazi Monument all take your small creatures and turn them into massive threats, also you get some nice extra mana out of it!


It’s all fun & games, playing creatures & stuff, but you still need something more; answers. You don’t need that many, but it’s nice to have an option to deal with problematic things. Since you’re playing Red, those answers can often just aim at your opponents face too. Cards like Blasphemous Act, Chaos Warp, Incendiary Command, Vandalblast & just any XR burn spell could do it; I have a soft spot for Bonfire of the Damned. Thunderous Wrath is pretty good too, especially if you have ways to manipulate the top of your library.

Various Effects

Here are some cards that are very good to include but don’t have a category to go with; stuff like Sensei’s Divining Top & Scroll Rack to filter your draws, cards like Sol Ring, Ruby Medallion & Mana Vault/Crypt to ramp, Panharmonicon to have some more triggers, Goblin Welder & Feldon to reuse cards from your graveyard (paired with Wurmcoil Engine for extra value) & Dualcaster Mage for a surprise answer to control players. There are more cards, but I just wanted to mention these ones.


I’m not a fan of this strategy, I talked about Goblins earlier as I think it’s a better direction than Chaos, but most build of Norin I’ve seen don’t really play Goblins, and they tend to embrace the Chaos cards; stuff like Confusion if the Ranks, Warp World, Grip of Chaos, Planar Chaos, Possibility Storm & all. It makes for a more crazy and weird deck and makes unique games, but I feel like the deck loses so much by doing so and could be just a GOOD deck instead of being a “LOL RANDOM” deck. That’s just my opinion though, so instead of Goblins, you can play Chaos if you want; the rest of the deck doesn’t really change.


There you go, all you need to know to make a Norin the Wary deck! So, as I said, you can either go the Chaos or Goblin route, but the rest of the deck stays fairly similar. I really love this deck and it’s by far my favourite Mono-Red deck as it’s more interesting than a straight-up Purphoros deck or Krenko deck, it’s sort of a mix of both! If I missed anything let me know! I’ll see you guys next week for another deck tech, which should be Standard!

hoondle  asked:

Happy birthday! One time, I battled my brother's Riku of Two Reflections commander deck. He had out Doubling Season and Parallel Lives, and had Riku double-cast Chancellor of the Forge. Over the course of the battle, he proceeded to double-cast Parallel Evolution, then flash it back (and double-cast it again)! By the end, he had out over 6 million goblin tokens! Even with the 200 life I had gained over the course of the battle (with my Zedruu deck), I couldn't hope to win.

A kindred soul. : )

Till the end I will be with you,
We will go where our dreams come true,
All the times that we have been through,
You will always be my best friends…

Goblin Reviews: Grenzo, Havoc Raiser

Oh my god, this is the greatest goblin I have ever seen in my entire LIFE! Not only is he basically an auto-include in any Red commander deck that likes to attack with creatures, but I think he might be playable in Legacy.
Also, he works especially well in Commander with, you know, Krenko, Mob Boss, who makes a pile of goblin tokens to attack with. Let’s break it down.

“Cost: RR” A bit restrictive, but he’s worth it. If you want him on curve, it’s for monored. Grenzo is not very splashable, but he could still be played in two color, because you’ll often want to play him, then swing with everything else while still having two or three mana open. Two mana is also low enough that as a Commander, he can just keep coming back.

“Legendary Creature - Goblin Rogue” Legendary is a drawback, Goblin is is a huge buff. It’s probably the strongest creature type in the game, with the possible exception of Merfolk. Rogue is mostly irrelevant. There’s a few Rogue tribal cards, but many of them apply to goblins and rogues, and none of them are red. The only noteworthy one is “Cloak and Dagger” which should go into any Commander deck where the Commander is a Rogue.

“Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, choose one-” That is any creature. Not Grenzo. any creature. And not once per combat, either. So if you attack with Grenzo and two other goblins, that’s three triggers. If you have five goblins, then play Grenzo, then swing, that’s five potential triggers. Grenzo doesn’t even need to be attacking. Bonus points: there’s ways to get him into play after blockers are declared, like Aether Vial.

“Goad target creature that player controls.”   Goad does two things, and it’s important to know that these are two things. First off, it forces their creatures to attack. In a one-on-one fight, this makes your opponent get into a damage race. You’re playing goblins, so you should be winning that race. Sure, you’d rather not take 5 damage a turn from Tarmogoyf, but you’re happy to see it not held back to block. If they’re using smaller creatures, some might even die by crashing into goblins that they wouldn’t have attacked in. In multiplayer, Goad forces the creature to attack a player other than you if able. This is even better. Not only does it get rid of a blocker, but it puts damage on someone other than you (or just gets creatures killed.) This then makes it easier for Grenzo and his guys to swing in next time.

“Exile the top card of that player’s library. Until end of turn, you may cast that card and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour to cast it.” This is a new form of red’s temporary draw, and it’s delightful. First off, you’re capable of seeing multiple cards here. A reasonable wide swing can let you see two to four. Keep in mind, though, that if this kills the target, you get nothing, because his library gets removed from the game. Then, while the cards are your opponent’s and not yours, you can spend mana of any color to cast them. This means you can dig for answers in an enemy’s deck, try to steal opposing Planeswalkers, or just enjoy the zaniness of not knowing what you’re going to get. In one on one, this is mostly just card advantage, as there will be few decks that aren’t running something you want to steal. In group play, you’re going to want to carefully consider who you attack, because what you want most of all is more creatures so that you can repeat this process. Targeted removal is also good. In Commander, you may have to use this to dig for someone else’s mass removal, just to clean out a larger threat. Just keep in mind that because it says “Cast” and not “play,” you can’t steal lands with this. Grenzo is neither mana fixing nor mana acceleration, unless you’re attacking someone who’s running spells that do so.

“ ‘You burn. I’ll pillage.’ ” I love this guy.

“2/2″ This is a 2/2 Goblin for 2 mana whose only drawback is “Legendary.” Anyone keeping up with my Goblin Reviews knows that this is good. He passes the vanilla test, and deals decent damage when attacking for his own ability. He’s incredible.

Additional Thoughts:

Grenzo is my new best friend. Grenzo goes in any Krenko commander deck, and Krenko in a Grenzo commander deck because the end result is swinging with a lot of goblins and stealing a lot of cards. Sure, he works great in any commander deck that wants to attack, but none quite as well as Krenko… Maybe Aurelia. Putting him into Aurelia would be wonderful, too. You know what? From now on, I’m just calling him Uncle Grenzo like he calls himself. Uncle Grenzo is great.

This card’s power has a lot of setup, but an obscene payoff. I love this card. It’s amazing. He could honestly see Legacy play for pure card advantage. Stealing a Shardless Agent or a Thalia or a Snapcaster Mage or even a Tarmogoyf would be great. I mean, sure, Tarmogoyf’s only going to be like a 2/3, but that’s still a 2/3 that didn’t cost you a card.

Uncle Grenzo just looks so happy to be here. Take a closer look at the art. The little ones are having fun, Uncle Grenzo’s found a book he likes, there’s guards coming and nobody seems to care… LOOK!

Uncle Grenzo, Havoc Raiser by Svetlin Velinov

So we’ve now got four factions on screen: Marchesa on the throne, Trest doing whatever it is they’re doing, Uncle Grenzo’s goblins running amok, and Adriana’s peoples revolution. I feel like we still need to see someone from the remnants of the Academy.

Uncle Grenzo is a very large goblin.

the-batlord  asked:

RE: double sided tokens. I'd gladly pay for a 40 card pack of double sided tokens that are hard to get nowadays i.e. wurmcoil engine's tokens, Green/red goblin tokens for Wort, the raidmother, dragon broodmother's tokens. the Kaldra avatar token etc.

Would others like a supplemental product of just tokens? If so, double-sided or no?

Spidey Event: Complete Episode 2 Masterpost

Now updated to include Sky-Cycle Missions and Lizard health points details!


It’s that time of the month again, where I attempt to answer a million asks in one shot because I’m very clearly unemployed! Episode 2 is finally live, and there’s a lot of new steps, so this will be a walkthrough - though feel free to point out if I’ve missed something :)


  • According to the FAQ, the Spectacular Spider-Crate was limited to Episode 1, and hence can no longer be opened, but further content for Spidey Tokens etc will be released soon.
  • The update has two fixes: the portals from the British Invasion are now in your storage and their animations work, and the Octobots no longer stop your timer, but you can’t collect the reward until you get rid of them.
  • The Lizard hasn’t arrived yet, but that just gives us more time to focus on the rest of the episode stuff, which is good. However, it is known that the WWII Captain America outfit can be unlocked in Van Dyne’s by defeating the Lizard 7 times when he arrives.
  • The mission dismissal time is now 45 minutes!
  • If you sent a nasty message/bad rating/overall been a dick to the devs over the delay, go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done.


Again, going in order of quests you have to complete, which unlocks various things:

  • The first thing you have to do is a quest that unlocks the Sky-Cycle lot (complete with Hawkeye reference omg) and the Power Plant. The Sky-Cycle lot costs 100 Oscoins and takes 3s to build while the Power Plant costs 700 Oscoins and takes 3m.
  • Once you build the Sky-Cycle Lot, you can take a Sky-Cycle from there to go on any of these missions. You require 4 Fuel Cells (got from the Power Plant, which I’ll explain later) to open a Sky-Cycle:

It is absolutely necessary that you have unlocked the given combination of characters (or outfits) to go on these missions. I’m not sure about the times of each mission yet, but peeps who have started them say they’re a couple of minutes, at the start, anyway.

The description for the Investigate: Fire mission is as follows. It requires 4 Fuel Cells and 2 Spidey Tech to complete:

The rewards listed are Web-Shooters (for those nasty Octobots), Wanted Posters (for the Stop the Heist mission), Lock Picks (for Black Cat) and Oscoins. I’m guessing the rewards are based on random chance, Star-Stones style, but in good amounts.

The description for the Battle: Stop the Heist mission is as follows. It requires 2 Fuel Cells, 3 Wanted Posters, and 1 Spidey Tech to complete:

The additional reward here is the blue Oscorp Intel, which will be used later to make Injectors to fight Lizard.

Note that it is not necessary to have Spider-Ham or unlock Spider-Man to do these missions, but you must have Reporter Wasp.

  • Once you unlock the Power Plant, it begins to drop the Fuel Cells you need for the Sky-Cycles:

And yes, these can be attacked by Octobots as well. HANDY TIP: Don’t be an idiot like me and blow your Oscoins on Black Cat - get the remaining two Power Stations first if you can, since they each drop two and three Fuel Cells respectively upon unlock and thus gives you a head start on Sky-Cycle missions.

  • Once all this is done, you get the quests to unlock Black Cat. Freeing her from the web requires 100 Oscoins, after which she jumps into the quad and you can see her unlock requirements.

(My gay senses are tingling.)

Black Cat Tokens are obtained from fighting the Lizard, so you don’t need to worry about those yet; Lock Picks are obtained from the aforementioned Sky-Cycle missions; and Black Belts are dropped by the mission board.

  • Finally, the Episode 2 Shop items are as shown below, but you cannot buy any of them and earn the usual 5 Green Goblin Tokens reward until you unlock Black Cat.


This information has only been gathered from the in-game FAQ and a few early completionists on Reddit (thanks @capstevenrogers! <3), so it may not be 100% complete, as most f2p players haven’t reached the quest to begin fighting Lizard anyway. Here’s what I did gather though:

  • To begin upgrading your Web-Shooters to Level 2 in order to produce Injectors, you need to unlock the Research Center (Civil War Event players will find this familiar), which can be done by completing the “Step Your Webs Up” quest. I’m assuming this happens after the first Sky Cycle quest, I haven’t gotten there yet. Creating Injectors requires blue Oscorp Intel, obtained from the “Stop the Heist” Sky-Cycle mission.
  • To begin fighting the Lizard, you need to complete the “Get Ready To Rumble” quest. This is what the boss fight looks like:

The heroes shown at the top can be sent on missions to collect Antidotes (probably 4h per mission), and the Antidotes and Injectors together are the tickets you need to fight the Lizard using Spidey alone, who by default has an attack power of 300. If you have Symbiote Spider-Man, your attack power will be increased.

And this is a list of the prizes from each stage:

1. 1 Black Cat Token, 3 Spidey Tokens, 3 Yellow Gems, 250 Oscoins

2. 6 BC Tokens, 5 Spidey, 2 Green Goblin Tokens, 400 Oscoins

3. 6 BC, 5 Spidey, 2 GG, 400 Oscoins

4. 6 Spidey, 2 GG, 6 Yellow Gems, 450 Oscoins

5. 7 Spidey, 2 GG, 75 Shards(!!!!!), 550 Oscoins

6. 8 Spidey, 2 GG, 8 Yellow Gems, 550 Oscoins

7. 8 Spidey, 2 GG, 600 Oscoins, WWII Cap.

The Yellow Gems will be used to buy the decor in the Event Store.

NOTE that Lizard’s health points do increase after every fight (like Ronan, Madame Hydra and Red Skull, and unlike Black Knight). So it will take a lot more effort to keep getting to each streak. However, he does not seem to have a timed streak, though this needs confirmation.

As for the full list of Lizard’s health points:

Streak 1 - 400
Streak 2 - 600
Streak 3 - 800
Streak 4 - 1300
Streak 5 - 1900
Streak 6 - 2500
Streak 7 - 3300
Streak 8 - 4300
Streak 9 - 5800
Streak 10 - 7800

Assuming health points = attack points for now, this means normal Spidey will have to hit Lizard 11 times on streak 7 to get the WWII Cap suit. Which can be potentially problematic for f2p trying to make the deadline. But let’s see how it pans out.

That’s all I could find so far! If there’s anything at all I missed out, or have additional information and tips, do shoot us an ask or submission! :)

Spider-Man Event info

Here’s some info graciously collected and posted by F_R_I_D_A_Y over at the AvAc subreddit. (more info can be found in all the comments of the thread there so it’s a handy resource to keep on hand as well)

There is a 70 minute cooldown timer on the mission board. (yes, this is intentional by the devs. T^T -Bonnie)

The Webs We Weave, Part 1
Black Widow: Hack the System, 2m
Iron Man: Talk to Jarvis, 2h (or 30m with Business Time costume)

The Webs We Weave, Part 2
Black Widow: Search for Clues, 1m
Iron Man: Tinker With Tech, 1h
Iron Man: Do Super Science, 3m

The Webs We Weave, Part 3
Wasp: Create a Buzz, 3m
Iron Man: Get Some Fresh Air, 1m
Black Widow: Search For Clues, 1m

The Webs We Weave, Part 4
“Spider-Man arrives at Avengers Academy soon.”

Episode 1 unlocks Spider-man.
Episode 2 is Black Cat.
Episode 3 is Mary Jane.
Episode 4 is Doc Oc.

Green Goblin can be recruited with 100 Goblin tokens. One source of Green Goblin tokens will be unlocking all of the event decorations per week, through a system similar to the Civil Warehouse.

All event character unlocks require collecting that’s characters’ tokens, which are earned through boss fights, challenges, and mystery boxes.
Upgrading event characters to 5 requires Spider tokens.

Event Buildings
Most buildings are currently labeled Top Secret, except for the Sky Cycle Lot.
Daily Bugle costs 100 OsCoins or 20 shards to clear of webbing.

Event Rewards (collect them all in week 1 for 5 free Green Goblin tokens)
Wrestling Poster
Requires 1,078 OsCoins and 4 event items (likely mission board drop)

Unlock Requirements

  • Spider-Man requires 18 Spider-Tracers, 25 Film Rolls, 25 Web Cartridges, and 2099 Oscoins.
  • Reporter Wasp requires 35 Cappuccinos, 35 Undercover Sunglasses, 12 Film Rolls, 3 Notepads, and 2242 Oscoins.
  • Spider-Ham is premium, for 495 Shards.


  • Oscoin ATM: 150/12 hours, 195 Shards
  • Oscoin Station: 450/12 hours, 445 Shards
  • Oscoin Generator: 1000/12 hours, 745 Shards
  • Spider-Signal: 1 Web Shooter/12 hours, 195 Shards
  • Spider-Spotlight: 3 Web Shooter/12 hours, 545 Shards


Spider-Man’s Photo Lab that you unlock for 350 Oscoins has 4 photo stations. First 2 are unlocked with the other 2 requiring 700 and 1050 Oscoins respectively. First station drops 1 film roll every 4 hours, second station drops 2 every 8 hours.

The mission board now has missions for Oscions, Cappuccinos, Sunglasses, Spider-tracers, and web cartridges. Missions are now dropping more coins.

Before you guys ask about Spider-Gwen, it’s most likely she’ll show up in Part 2 of the event, so don’t panic. She has been confirmed to be available to recruit at some point.

FINALLY Episode 2 started (I think by now you noticed) so here is my usual guide (I have been telling you I was gonna make one at least 3 times so I think by now you understood that too).

Let’s start, shall we?
First thing first, the time for a new mission to spawn after you dismiss one is down to 45 minutes instead of 70. YAY! SO, if you have a mission that doesn’t drop anything useful and is longer that 1-2 hours, DISMISS IT!
(You do that by tapping on the little trashcan near the name of the mission.)

Another important info is that you need to RECRUIT SPIDEY and complete the Truth Bomb storyline quest to actually start Episode 2.(no need to get him to rank 3 tho, don’t worry.)

Once you do that, Episode 2 should start. The first thing you’ll have to do is this mission.

Once you build both of them, you’ll notice that you need Fuel Cells to actually use the Sky-Cycle. You can get those from the Power Plant you just built (which works just like Spidey’s Photo Lab).
If you
have enough Oscoins to unlock both the extra Power Station you should be able to open the Sky-Cycle as soon as you buy them, cause they immediately drop the first 5 Fuel Cells.

ANOTHER important info is that Octobots now WON’T stop the timer, just prevent you to collect the item when the timer is down to 0! SO you can ignore them till the timer is done and you won’t have to check your game too much to be sure they won’t stop your progress.

EDIT: @ourheartsrace​ asked this.

The answer to this question is in the fact that we don’t need to get rid of them every single time they spawn. Considering they spawn every 4 to 8 hours, with the 12 hours station we had to get rid of Octobots 2, sometimes 3 times before we could collect Film Rolls. NOW you can just leave the Octobot there till the timer is to zero. I gotta admit that it would be nice to have more Web Fiber on the Mission Board, but now we actually need a lot less of them since we don’t have to actually keep them away constantly.

Back at those Sky-Cycles! Why are they so important? WELL, the in game guide says it all. 

Mostly… (keep reading for more info)

Keep reading

In the Zone - The Graveyard

(Buried Alive - Greg Staples)

For all intents and purposes, the Graveyard is the waste bin or magic. It’s where spells that have lived out their usefulness go, and were creatures end up when they die. However, this mismatch of ideas and identity leave what it means open to interpretation. Think with me. At first, you imagine a large Graveyard, filled with tombstones that have long outlived their welcome, a haze falls over it as crows caw from dead or dying treats, stretching like bony fingers over the yard. This makes sense, this is what a graveyard is supposed to look like, but magic’s understanding of a graveyard goes much deeper.

But what it may also represent is a more psychological place. Where the waste product of magic and aether end up. If when casting spells, we are pulling creatures and artifacts from the aether, then the graveyard is the rubbish bin, where remnants of it remains, but without the strength to maintain physical form. It would lead make sense for mechanics like Dilerium or Madness to exist, as we would keep hold of that energy. It would take a great toll on any player, but sometimes that energy can be harnessed.

Doug Beyer compares the Graveyard to ‘The Past’. In that, it isn’t somewhere that exists, but it’s simply that which things of significance linger. He uses the example of the card Dragon Fodder to make his point. It will create 2 1/1 Goblin tokens, that when they die, will touch the graveyard, but will poof away, and the spell remains. The spell remains, serving as a significant ‘memory’ of past events, but the tokens, while still dying. 

(All Suns Dawn - Glen Angus)

Some mages are more adept at interaction with the graveyard in different ways, than others. Black, white and green mages are the best; pulling all creatures to the battlefield, small creatures to the battlefield and most spells to their owner’s hand, respectively. Blue and Red mages are, in some cases able to bring things back, but it is much less often, and when it does happen, it is usually limited to instants and sorceries respectively. Each reflects that colour segment of the colour pie quite well. 

Black is well known as the colour of death, ambition and amorality. Bringing things back from the dead is often, in literature, a reflection of this things. Death is sacred and messing with that is seen as, not only the ultimate sin, but as the greatest accomplishment.

White, on the other hand is about community and morality and holds close to it that which is sacred. To it, interactions with the graveyard are more about, the greater good. Often card that brings back creatures from the grave will be Angels or holy beings, and this greatly shows White’s affinity for holiness and a trust in things greater than itself. 

Finally, green speaks to the regrowth of that which is gone. To allow nature to take it’s course, and as such, it’s recursion comes from nature. Spells like Regrowth or Eternal Witness return what was lost and others like Dreg Mangler take from what was lost and in turn give back when gone. 

The graveyard is one of the most important mechanics in magic, especially with newer sets like Eldrich Moon and Shadows Over Innistrad, and while we may have some understanding of what it represents, at the end of the day, it is open to interpretation and is something that, I think, we all have our own understanding of. I hope in this article I could get you to think a little bit more about what it means to you.

—Max, @commandtower-solring-go

During Weekly Commander tonight, one of my opponents attacked me with Zada, Hedron Grinder and five 1/1 Goblin tokens. Then he cast Aleatory on Zada.

The amazing part is that I somehow managed to successfully call all six coin tosses (a 1/64 chance, if my math is correct.)

I ultimately lost the game, but as of that moment, I considered it a victory.


Magic: the Gathering - Conspiracy Tokens 2

Conspiracy: Take the Crown features one marker and eleven tokens.

7 • 5/5 red Dragon creature token with flying for Skyline Despot

8 • 1/1 red Goblin creature token onto the battlefield with “This creature can’t block.” for Hold the Perimeter

9 • 8/8 red Lizard creature token for Subterranean Tremors

10 • 3/3 green Beast creature token for Beast Within

11 • 1/1 green Insect creature token for Dragonlair Spider

12 •  1/1 colorless Construct artifact creature token with defender for Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast