goblin rebellions


“I am never going to be able to live this down. That’s it. I’m leaving Hogwarts and I’m going to join the circus and train monkeys and never, ever come back.”

“It’s not like you knew McGonagall was going to read the notes out in front of every body.”

“He knows Marlene, he knows. James bloody Potter knows I like his arse.”

“Well technically you only think it’s aesthetically pleasing. You never said you liked it.”

“You’re the worst friend ever.”

The Trick

Pairing: James Potter x reader

Words: 1630

Warnings: one swear word

A/N: I finished it!! It wasn’t a request, just a dumb idea I had. I hope you enjoy it!!

Binns’ classes were always boring, but that day’s lesson was especially tedious. The ghost was talking about some Goblin rebellion while you were looking outside the window, wishing you were relaxing under a tree. The sun shined bright through the glass and the summer breeze made the trees’ brunches dance smoothly. You glanced around the class and saw Sirius Black making paper plains, Lily Evans half listening and half doodling in the corner of her parchment and James Potter, sitting right next to you, almost fallen asleep with his head resting on his arms.

You looked down and saw something written on the desk. It said ‘1st Goblin rebellion 1612’. You were curious about who wrote that and why, but you weren’t given much time to wonder about it as you heard your pale professor yelling at the class.

“Is any of you paying attention?” He was clearly annoyed. Everyone snapped their heads up abruptly to look at Binns, eyes wide in surprise. He’d never scowled you or even cared to check if you were paying attention before. “You!” Binns pointed at you. “When did the first Goblin rebellion happen?”

You thought about it for a brief moment, actually wishing you’d paid attention, but then realized it was what you had read on the table a few seconds before. “1612?” you asked timidly, not really sure if the table was tricking you or not.

Binns groaned, unsatisfied that he couldn’t give detention to you and mumbling a 'well said’ under his breath. He went back to his initial position and continued with his lecture. When the class finished, you started to put your things away but a familiar voice interrupted you.

“How did you do that?” James Potter asked, curiosity evident in his eyes.

“Do what?”

“Get the correct answer,” he explained. “I saw you weren’t listening either.”

“Binns isn’t the first teacher that asks me something when I’m not paying attention. I learnt the trick.” You didn’t know why you said that. There was no trick, you were just lucky it was written on the desk.

“And what would that be?” the boy asked, a smug smile spread over his face. He passed a hand through his messy locks and looked at you from behind his round glasses.

“I don’t think you’re worthy of it, Potter,” you flirted back. It wasn’t common for you, but sometimes you teased and flirted with people. This was your crush’s turn.

“Then I shall make myself worthy,” James said dramatically, earning a giggle from you. He grinned at the sound he liked so much and looked at you with his brown eyes, the kind of eyes that could made you melt every time.

“And how are you planning on doing that?” you asked challengingly crossing your arms over your chest.

“By taking you to Hogsmeade this weekend and buying you a butterbeer, (y/l/n),” his eager eyes expressed how much he really wanted you to accept. Your mouth drew a sweet smile on your face and you nodded, showing James you liked the idea. He walked away, with a triumphant smirk and good news to tell to his friends.

The next day, James was waiting by Hogwarts’ entrance for you. You approached him and he greeted you with a gleeful and a nervous 'Hi’. You were nervous too, though you did your best to hide it. You walked to The Three Broomsticks together. Both, his and your shyness went away after starting the conversation and so you talked about everything on your way there. From grades and school to your family and friends. It was comforting to know not all purebloods were like the Malfoys or the Blacks, with the exception of Sirius, of course.

When you got to your destination, your date led you to a table in one of the corners and ordered two butterbeers. “So, (y/n), tell me more about you,” James said, shortly after taking the first sip of his drink.

“I told you a lot on the way here, what else do you need to know?” you asked, grinning at him. “Now it’s your turn. You’re gonna tell me how the hell did you do the prank for Slughorn and didn’t get caught.”

He chuckled, remembering how much he had laughed with his friends that day. Remus had had the idea of covering Slughorn with a potion that would get him to smell like shit for a few days. They carried out the plan in one of the poor professor’s classes, and you were there to watch it all.

“Well that’s my trick, love. And I don’t think you’re worthy of it,” the boy explained with a mischievous smirk.

“The I shall make myself worthy,” you quoted with the same dramatic tone he had used before. You both laughed at your childishness and returned to talk about other pranks he’d carried out with his friends.

Talking to James felt easy. You didn’t worry about saying the right thing or trying not to show your awkward self you only showed to your closest friends. You could be and talk like yourself. The messy-haired boy felt the exact same way. Being with you, made it easy to be himself, not only showing his confident façade all the time. James could be the casual, a bit awkward and funny person he’d always been but showed too little.

After you finished your butterbeer, you stayed talking some more time, but then realized it was getting late and went for a walk around the town. You went to Honeydukes, where you bought all the candies and sweets you could put in your pockets and then you visited Zonko’s. After that, you finally decided to return to the castle.

When you got there, James didn’t lead you to your Common Room but went up another stair. “C'mon, follow me,” he whispered into the darkness.

“Where?” You liked the boy, of course, but you didn’t know if going with him was a good idea. He was known for getting people into trouble a lot, so maybe the troublemaker would get you into trouble.

“Just trust me, okay?”

You hummed accepting, a bit relentless, the invitation. When you saw the light of the moon shining through the big windows, you finally realized where you were. The Astronomy tower. You got near one of the windows and gazed up the starry sky with admiration, not being able to take your eyes off it. James stood beside you, leaning on his shoulders on the railing, but not looking at the sky. He was looking at you. James knew how beautiful you were, but the brightness of the moon made your eyes glisten and the small smile on your lips melted him away.

You felt his heavy gaze on you, and looked down at him. James looked away, blush creeping through his cheeks.

“I love this,” you finally broke the silence. It was peaceful and comfortable, not awkward like it happened with other people.

“I knew you’d like it,” he replies. He didn’t say it in a flirtish tone, but in a soft and relaxed voice, matching the smile he could not avoid showing. He hasn’t realized how close you actually were until he looked down at your lips, wanting to kiss you. “So,” he started saying softly, almost in a whisper and your lips almost touching, “am I worthy now?”

“I guess,” you answered, biting your bottom lip. You blushed at the closeness of your faces.

“And what’s the trick?” he asked in the same low voice that drove you crazy. But, before you could react, James leaned in, linking your lips together. It was soft and full of life. Electricity was flowing from the tips of your fingers to your lips. It was the perfect kiss and no one could deny it. You pulled away, taking a breath, and looked at him. The boy’s face looked joyous and his wide grin matched yours.

From then on, you started slowly and safely falling in love with him and he did the same with you. When school finished, you kept in touch, meeting almost every day until you moved together to a small house. It wasn’t much, but it was your home and you loved it as much as you loved James.

One day, Sirius, Remus and Peter were hanging out with you and James in your house. You started catching up but ended up talking about your glorious days at Hogwarts. You talked about how they pranked the teachers and about the girls they had crushes on.

“I remember Prongs entering the Common Room really excited and we didn’t know what was going on,” Sirius was talking about the time when you accepted to go on your first date with James. “And then he says he’s got a date with you really loud. I think everyone in the Gryffindor tower heard it,” he added, making everyone in the room laugh, except James, who was blushing intensely.

“Now that I realize,” your boyfriend started saying with a playful expression, “you never told me what your trick was.”

You opened your wide in surprise. “Oh… well,” you murmured, “there wasn’t any trick. I was just lucky it was written on the table.”

The boys were all looking with amused smirks, eager to know where would this lead to, while James looked at you confused. “But you…” he started to say, but never finished.

“Yeah, I just wanted to mess with you,” you said with a small grin that showed a bit of guilt. You stepped closer to him and as you did, you saw him smiling. It was in that way that even now, it kept melting you.

“I’m glad you did,” he admitted softly, and kissed you briefly.

“Me too.”

i agree - wolfstar
  • remus: - so that's why the early 17th century goblin rebellions shook gringotts.
  • sirius: *staring at him* I agree.
  • remus: - and that is when the mountain trolls decided to hide in mountains.
  • sirius: *staring at him* I agree.
  • remus: - and that is how you make the philosophers stone,
  • sirius: *staring at him* I agree.
  • remus: dumbledore is gay.
  • sirius: *staring at him* I agree.
  • remus: remus lupin is the sexiest piece of werewolf ass ever and i, sirius black, am in love with him
  • sirius: *staring at him* i agree.
unexpected// one

part one of a series set in hogwarts (the same au as namjoon’s)

posting this for th grandpa’s birthday ;(  i love u min yoongi, jibangi grandpa, the softest rapper to rap ;(  캡짱!!!

edit: i’m reposting this because of an issue with it not showing up in tags, hopefully it will do so this time!

The silence in the Prefects’ common room is broken only by the scratching of your quill against the yellowing parchment. You’ve always preferred studying here over the Ravenclaw common room, ever since you’d gotten your badge last year. The absence of your loud housemates probably did the trick, you think, as you hunt through your notes for a specific piece of information. You’re searching for the section you’ve dedicated to the Goblin Rebellions of 1723, when you hear the door creak open. One of the Slytherin prefects, Yoongi, walks in with his general air of regality. He spots you in your corner and acknowledges you with a nod, but doesn’t say anything even as you nod back.

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Light me up

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  hi! i love your writing! i was wondering if you could do a remus lupin imagine for a shy ravenclaw reader. the plot is up to you! thanks in advance! :)
Drunk reader confesses her feelings for someone I don’t care who x

“Miss Y/L/N, can I have a word with you please?” You heard McGonagall’s voice as the class ended and you were packing your things. You gulped and tried to wipe the bitter expression off your face as you walked to the teacher’s desk.

“Yes, professor?”

“Miss Y/L/N, are you still intend to be in my class in the next year? Your performance in the first semester was quiet disappointing, and I know it’s only January, but I can’t see any attempt of improvement from you.” - she said in a strong tone, also she had a little concern on her face.

“I’m truly trying, professor! But sometimes I can’t even manage to do the easiest things. I’m a hopeless case.” You closed your eyes for a moment and shook your head. Transfiguration was your worst nightmare.

“Nonsense!” - she stated. “The other teachers say wonderful things about you. All you need is more self-confidence. And, a good tutor, if you’re interested.”

“Well, Y/F/N tries to help me sometimes…” - you started, but she cut you off.

“I was thinking about normal tutorials. May I suggest somebody from my own house? I assume you know Remus Lupin.”

You frowned, but your cheeks flushed. “Yes, but he’s friends with James Potter and Sirius Black, isn’t he? Are you sure this is a good idea, because…”

She cut you off again. “I can assure you Mr. Lupin is nothing like his friends. Well, mostly.” - she said with an almost invisible smile. “I’ll talk to him for you.”

You walked on the dimly lit corridors, down to the empty Transfiguration classroom that Professor McGonagall provided to you. As she said, Remus easily agreed to teach you in private lessons twice in a week. 

A happy and a nervous feeling waved through you as you made your way to your destination. As you were in the same year, you know Remus (and honestly, who doesn’t know him and his friends?), you also have some classes together since your first year, but you’ve never talked with him. You could tell he became a handsome guy; you liked to stare at him sometimes when nobody noticed, and it fascinated you how smart he was.

You were so lost in your thoughts about him you almost passed through the classroom. When you streched out your hand to open the door, you just realized your fists was clenched for Merlin knows how long. Hoping you seem calm, you stepped inside the room; Remus already there, sitting on the teacher’s desk and reading a book.

“Hi.” - you said with an unusually high voice, unable to control a huge smile on your face. 

“Oh, hello.” - he greeted you as he just looked up from his book, slipping down from the desk. “You’re Y/N Y/L/N, yeah? Remus Lupin.” With a kind smile, he reached out his hand that you shook.

Trying to break the awkward silence, you said the first things that popped into your head. “I’m sorry about this, I’m sure you could spend your time better than suffer with me.”

He just smiled. “Actually, I should thank you, because I got away from a detention with McGonagall.”

You just managed to letting out a nervous laugh as you sat down to a chair, searching for your book.

“So.” - he started, sitting down next to you. “Tell me what are your weakest topic and we should start there.”

“All of it, so we could start from the very beginning.” - you said, trying to sound as you joking. 

“Oh come on, I’m sure you’re not that bad. I mean, we never had Transfiguration together, but I watched you on Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, and you were really good.”

You were thankful the classroom was just dimmish, so there was a chance he didn’t notice your flushed cheeks, because the thought he watched you making you blushed instantly.

You practiced easy spells first, so you didn’t seem a complete disaster first. After half an hour, you switched to harder ones, messing up almost every one of them. 

He stepped closer to you as you let out a tired moan. “I am terrible.”

“No, you aren’t.” - he argued while he rolled up his sleeves and took your wand hand, lifting up your hand as he stood behind you. His touch made you jump a little, but he didn’t let you, just looked at you, smiled.

“Usually, I don’t bite, you know.” - he joked. You just let out a shy smile, hoping you’re the only one who heard your loud, fast heartbeat. “You just use the wrong movements, let me show you.”

An other hour passed, and it was incredible, but you already improved a lot. You were so thrilled about your little success, you kissed him on the cheek with a courage that you didn’t know where you get from. You agreed on you’ll meet every Thursday and Sunday.

With every private lesson, you became more comfortable in each others company. You started to talking about yourselves, your days, things that you had in common (which was a lot), and after like two weeks, you usually stopped in the corridors when you bumped into each other for some small talk. You were better in Transfiguration than ever and your relationship with your crush was also went great; everything was perfect. 

The Gryffindor easily won the Quidditch match against the Hufflepuff in a sunny spring day. You made your way back with your friends to the castle, when a loudly singing group passed next to you in red and gold scarf. You watched them with amusement when you heard a voice behind you.

“Hey Y/N! Y/N!” 

You stopped and turned around, facing with Remus. Your friends waved to you with smug smiles and low giggles.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

“No it’s okay.” - he said, walking closer to you. “I was just thinking, you know there’ll be this party in our common room now, so if you want to come… I mean, I’d be glad if you come.”

“Sure, why not.” - you chimed. “Thank you.”

You walked up to the Gryffindor tower with him, and when you climbed into the portrait hole, you were astonished. You’ve never seen a common room so crowded and loud; it felt like the whole house is here, celebrate their winning. Remus went in the middle of the room to fetch some butterbeer, so you had time to find an emptier corner - you never really liked so crowded places like this.

“Are you okay?” Remus asked a bit worried when he found you.

“Sure. It’s just… a lot of people.” - you let out a nervous giggle, taking a big sip from your bottle.

“If it’s make you uncomfortable, we can go upstairs or outside.” - he offered, but you didn’t want to seem so timid. 

“No, no, we can stay.”

You were talking about hours and hours when the common room started to became emptier. Remus’ friends joined you and you could tell they’re not as bad as you though, also, it helped a lot that you were already a little tipsy; making friends wasn’t so frightening. Sirius vanished for a good twenty minutes, returned with a big bottle of firewhisky.

“Padfoot, where did you get that?” - Remus asked with an what-the-hell-have-you-done-again voice.

“Don’t ask, Moony, and I don’t have to lie.”

You took a few shots, but since you weren’t used to drinking alcohol, you get drunk easily in a short time. You laughed so much your stomach hurt, since the guys didn’t stop joking.  

The party was over after you got into a heated argument about the Goblin Rebellions with Remus (the others didn’t want to bored to death, so simply left you there). You tried to explain your truth with so much passion, you stood up, but falling down on his lap a few seconds later. 

You shrieked first but giggled as you felt he held you steady. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He muttered, so close to you his breath tickled your face. “I think you should get some rest now, I’ll walk you to your common rom, okay?”

“Mhm.” - you nodded exhaustedly, resting your forehead against his before he lifted you up carefully.

He escorted you to the Ravenclaw tower. Since your movements was far away from steady, you wrapped your hands around his, trying not to fall down from the staircaise, giggling in his ear everytime when you almost fell on him. You stopped down in front of the common room’s door, remembering something.

“I don’t think I can go in.” - you said, slowly wrapping your hands around his neck and hugging him. He was clearly surprised by your action, but he placed his hand on your lower back, murmuring in your ear.

“You don’t remember your password?”

“No. I mean it’s not a password, you have to solve a riddle.”

“That’s… cruel.” - he laughed and you giggled in his ear again, rubbing your cheek to his face after. 

“You’re really clingly, aren’t you?” He pulled you closer.

“Mhm.” You buried your face in the crook of his neck for a moment before you pulled back, placing your head on his shoulder.

“You’re so cute, you know that? And so kind. You’re so kind with me. I.. I think I love you, Remus.” - you whispered, but still, your voice wasn’t weak at all.

You felt as his grip around you became a bit more tight. “You’re drunk.”

“It doesn’t change my feelings, you know.” - you said, now looking into his eyes. “You don’t feel the same. I should’ve known.” You looked down on your shoes, but he lifted your chin up.

“I do, actually. I just want to hear these words without the affect of the alchohol.” - he said with a kind smile and you grinned, leaned closer to a kiss, but he stopped your face by cupping your cheeks. 

“As much as I really want to kiss you right now, we should leave this for a soberer moment.”

You closed your eyes, smiling. “Always the gentleman, aren’t you?” He kissed your cheek. 

“Now help me with that riddle.” - you said before you listened the puzzle.

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.

Remus frowned. “I think you should find an another place to sleep. That’s a really hard one, that is.”

You stayed in silence for an another few seconds. “Why but it’s easy. The answer is darkness.

The door swung open, and you proudly smiled on Remus. 

“You are brilliant.” - he said in amazement, pulling you into a last hug before let you inside the room.


In which James and Sirius fill out an application for Snape.

If Lily ever sees this we are no longer friends. Don’t worry, precious Evans won’t know it exists.


I’m lonely and cold and in need of a cuddle buddy so fill this out.

Name: Snivellus

Age: Snake age

Gender: Snake

Phone number: 5n1311u5

Address: Lily said it was Spinner’s End or something? Why were you talking about where Snivellus lives? Because I wanted to invite him to my birthday. Don’t sass me stag boy.

Top Five Movies: Stalking Lily Evans 1, 2 & 3. I’m an evil dickhead. The Monster: Shampoo. James Potter Dies Tragically. Voldemort’s Arse.

Five Random Facts About Yourself: I am a bastard. I hate general hygiene. I love Lily Evans. I HATE the Marauders. Perfect Slytherin right here.

Do you mind if I give you a cute nickname?: Yes. Snivellus is all you shall call me.

Can we build a fort?: No. But we can curse people for fun.

Will there be random junk food and food fights?: Yes. 

Do you mind kissing?: Yes. Unless you’re Lily Evans. If you’re Lily Evans I want to stalk you and snog you and call you awful names.

Signature: SnivellusSnape

(Place a picture of yourself here: Awful drawing skills James. Fuck off Padfoot. You couldn’t do better.)

James Potter / Remus Lupin / Peter Pettigrew / Lily Evans / James Potter (by Sirius Black) 

This is as a thank you for 500+ followers! I hope you all like it :)

i want to hold your hand

and when i touch you i feel happy inside … | 13,500 words | ( ao3 )

day two of rucas fic week ( handholding )

ϟ part of the girl meets hogwarts au ϟ

- 1 -

The first time they hold hands, they barely know each other.

Sure, Riley Matthews knows of Lucas Friar, and he knows of her. They’ve exchanged greetings, introduced themselves, brought together by their mutual friendship with Maya. They could pick each other out in a crowd no sweat—it’s hard to forget the face of someone you nearly ran over during your first week of classes. Riley doesn’t think she could ever forget his kindness in a situation that could’ve easily ruined her already stressful first week. Lucas doesn’t think he could ever forget how bright her eyes are.

But aside from the occasional smile as they pass on the staircase or a brief wave from their table as they sit down for breakfast in the great hall, Riley and Lucas don’t see much of each other. It’s sort of the casualty of being in different houses, especially in first year when you’re already drowning attempting to figure out where everything is and where you belong. When the sorting hat plops on your head and tells you which table to sit at and what friends to make on that first night in the great hall, you sure as hell listen.

Still, Riley spends half of her time at the Hufflepuff table staring longingly at the table just a few feet away, wishing she was sitting with her best friend and her new classmates wearing their deep red uniforms with pride.

What she isn’t so proud of is how her best friend gets into trouble, and so often drags her along with her. Despite being in different houses and supposedly less vulnerable to Maya’s shenanigans, it’s Riley who is caught with her sneaking around to explore the castle after hours, earning them a swift detention.

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We need to study together more often: Remus Lupin X Reader [SMUT]

This is my first fanfic and it kind of sucks, but I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: smut

The OWLs were in a week and Y/N was in full study mode. The moments she didn’t spend learning in the classroom or eating in the great hall were devoted to sitting in the library hunched over various textbooks with a quill clutched in hand. It was getting quite late into the evening and Y/N was working on a particularly tough chapter in her advanced potion making book, madam pince approached Y/N and spoke in a hushed tone, “I’m sorry to interrupt dear, but I wanted you to know Im locking up for the night, you’re welcome to stay.”
“Oh thank you so much madam pince! I really need to keep studying!” Y/N explained in a grateful tone.
Madam pince gave the tired looking girl a warm smile and replied, “oh it’s quite alright dear, just don’t let anyone else in well I’m gone, goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight!” Y/N responded and turned back to her work.

Y/N shrugged on a deep maroon cardigan and pulled her Y/H/C locks into a messy ponytail. She sat listening to the fire crackling and the books thumping as they flew to their places on the shelves. While reading over her notes on the goblin rebellions, the quite atmosphere was interrupted by the slamming of the library door. Quickly, Y/N’s head shot up and she craned her head past a bookshelf to see the intruder. Upon catching sight of Remus Lupin, with his messy soft brown curls and reading glasses perched on his nose just above a large red gash, her face flushed. She returned to a sitting up position, her cheeks felt hot, in her flustered state she knocked one of those godforsaken textbooks off the table. It landed with a loud thumb and Y/N shut her eyes tight cursing herself for drawing attention.
“Hello? Is someone there?” Called out a warm voice, before she had time to answer he poked his head around the bookshelf and smiled, “oh hey, Y/N, what are you doing here?”.
“Oh, um, I’m, um studying for the OWLs” Y/N finally managed to stutter out, she was always a stuttering mess around Remus, unable to properly form sentences.
“Me too, but James and Sirius got into a bottle of fire whiskey, and I can’t concentrate with those two messing about. Maybe we could study together, yeah?” Remus replied In his warm voice that always gave Y/N butterflies. Y/N quickly shook her head with a goofy smile on her face, Remus returned the smile and moved to sit next to the flustered girl. As he sat down, Y/N’s nostrils filled with the sweet scent of chocolate, she examined his messy hair while he was leaned over retrieving his books from his bag. When he sat up, Y/N quickly returned her gaze to her notes on the goblin rebellion, as she read over the scribbled lines that made no sense she released a heavy sigh. Y/N was pulled out of her bored trance when Remus asked what she was studying, “the goblin rebellions” she replied simply in an annoyed tone, just talking about the subject bored her.
“I can help you, I’m rather good at history of magic!” Remus offered, Y/N held onto every last word uttered from his perfect soft pink lips. Upon realizing she had been starring at his lips her cheeks turned a bright red color yet again and she quickly responded “that would be lovely, I really need all the help I can get”. Remus chuckled softly and pulled out his notes, the two began studying.

Time flew past, and for the first time in months, Y/N understood what she had learned in history of magic. Remus was such a lovely tutor, how could one boy be so smart and so bloody beautiful. Lost in thought, Y/N finally realized she needed a fresh piece of parchment, she leaned across the table to grab one and bumped Remus’ arm. When she turned around to apologize for bumping him he leaned forward and pressed his soft pink lips to hers, his mouth tasted of chocolate. She couldn’t believe this was happening, and immediately melted into the kiss, her lips moving perfectly with Remus’. When the two pulled away for air Remus quickly apologized, “Y/N I’m so sorry, I-I don’t know what has gotten into me, I just had to do that” he stuttered, attempting to find his words.
Y/N still sat in disbelief and stared at the beautiful boy, her cheeks a soft rosy red and her chest rising quickly as she caught her breathe, “No Remus you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this, how long I’ve dreamed of kissing you” she replied in a soft voice the butterflies in her stomach were now thrashing around. Remus looked completely surprised, his eyes widened and mouth hung slightly ajar. The two stared at each and Remus’ eyes grew darker, the air around them thick and hot, as if they read each other’s minds they leaned forward in unison and pressed their lips together. This kiss was unlike the first, it was rougher, his tongue pushing into her mouth, causing her to moan. He removed his lips from the gorgeous girls mouth and stood up, lifting her from her seat and pushing her down on to the table. He quickly reattached their lips, his hands exploring every curve over her beautiful body, he once again removed his lips from hers, earning a rather annoyed whimper from Y/N but moments later a soft moan fell from her mouth as he attached his lips to her neck, sucking and biting gently at the sensitive skin.
Remus suddenly pulled away and looked at Y/N with a soft expression, “are you sure about this, is this what you want?” He questioned awaiting the girls consent. “God! Yes Remus I want this so badly! Please, please do something!” She moaned rubbing her legs together in an attempt to relieve the aching pressure. He smirked and returned to her neck, guiding the Maroon cardigan off her shoulders, next he moved his fingers to the buttons of her shirt, quickly undoing them and revealing her supple breasts in her simple black bra. He groaned at the sight of them, and moved his hands to the clasp at the back, he struggled for a few moments before removing the dark materiel from her skin. When the cool air hit her bare breasts soft goose bumps raised up, Remus groaned loudly at the sight and quickly made work on her beautiful breasts. One large calloused hand roughly ran over her left breast and his lips attached to the right one, gently rolling her taut pink nipple between his teeth, Y/N whimpered at his touch. He smiled up at Y/N, her head thrown back, red marks littered on her neck, in this moment he couldn’t help but think she looked like the most beautiful girl on earth.
Next, Remus moved to her pleated school skirt, pulling it down her legs and revealing a rather childish pair of underwear with cartoon cats printed on them. He giggled and Y/N hid her face in her hands quietly cursing herself for not picking something sexier, he grabbed her wrists and pulled them away from her face smiling softly and chucking, “It’s alright darling, they are rather adorable, just like you” he smirked and pressed his lips to hers. Her embarrassment slipping away as he pulled the underwear down her legs and ran a single long finger up her wet slit. He pushed one finger in causing the girl to whimper loudly. He pushed a second finger in and his thumb to her clit, pumping rhythmically and rubbing sloppy circles on the sensitive nub. “ oh god rem! Yes!” y/n exclaimed. He smirked, “you like that my girl? Such a good girl, you’re doing so well” he praised her. As he continued pumping y/n finally felt a knot deep in the pit of her stomach, “don’t stop rem I’m so close, oh s’ good” she whimpered between exasperated breathes.
“That’s it, that’s my good girl, come on, come for me beautiful girl” he continued pushing his fingers deeper into the girls opening. A few moments later she screamed out his name clutching his wrist tightly as he continued pumping his digits into her, allowing her to ride out her high.
He continued praising her as she fell back against the table, he pushed his fingers into his mouth savoring her sweet taste. He watched her as he cleaned his fingers, Y/H/C locks messily laying around her, eyes screwed shut, chest rising slower and slower, cheeks flushed, and lips swollen from all the kissing, Y/N looked completely and utterly gorgeous. She opened her eyes and gave him a lazy smile, her breathe finally even, “that was absolutely amazing!” She exclaimed excitedly, Remus chucked and unbuckled his belt, “We aren’t done yet my sweet girl”. Y/N whimpered at his words and stared curiously at the boy removing his clothing, as he stood in just his boxers, towering over the her, the heat between her legs grew uncomfortable. She examined his chest, covered in large white scars, she frowned and before she could ask where he had gotten them he leaned forward to kiss her. This new closeness allowed y/n to run her small hand over the bulge in his boxers, he pulled away and growled loudly in her ear. “Don’t tease me” Remus growled again, y/n looked down and apologized, “don’t worry my sweet girl, we will just have to punish you won’t we?” He said softly in her ear. His words shocked her but also excited her, he moved his hands to the bottom of y/n’s thighs and lifted her up swiftly, she gave Remus a confused look but realized what he was planning when he roughly pushed her into a nearby bookshelf.
Remus pulled away from her lips and stared into her eyes with a rather serious expression, “are you sure this is what you want, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to?”, y/n frowned and replied “for the love of God Remus! Please just fuck me!”.
Remus growled loudly and pushed into the girl, fucking her up into the book case. As he pounded into her all that could be heard in the quite library was the slapping of skin, the moans of the two, and the occasional book falling from the enchanted bookshelf as Remus fucked y/n hard against the books. “Oh you’re such a naughty girl, letting me fuck you like this in the library” Remus growled lowly in her ear all she could do was moan his name in response. “I’m so close love! Are you ready to come for me? Come on, come for me beautiful girl” a few moments later y/n screamed his name loud enough to awaken the owls in the owlery. Y/N’s clenched around Remus’ cock causing him to come with loud grunts, his thrusts slowing down and becoming sloppy. He held her up for a few moments starring into her Y/E/C eyes, admiring their beauty. Remus let out a hoarse laugh before saying “we need to study together more often”.

In which Lily actually wants to fill the form out

I can’t believe I’m actually filling this thing out. (You wanted to!)


I’m lonely and cold and in need of a cuddle buddy so fill this out.

Name:Lily Evans

Age: 18

Gender: Lady (Umm sweetie)

Phone number: James, do you even know what a phone is? (NO BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER)

Address: NOT James Potter’s bed, whatever the rumours are. (though his bed is comfy.) (So that was just Sirius in a wig last night?)

Top Five Movies: Life of Brian. (We went to this together & it was great.) The Jungle Book. Holy Grail. The Deer Hunter. (WHY ARE YOU HUNTING DEER? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY.) Help! The Beatles. 

Five Random Facts About Yourself: I am a red head, not a ginger. My boyfriend is a prat. (Ow.) I prefer the Beatles to the Rat Pack. Clearly I have rubbish taste in blokes. (WOW.) I’m extremely wonderful.

Do you mind if I give you a cute nickname?: No. If it’s Ginger I will hex you. (Oops.)

Can we build a fort?: Yes. 

Will there be random junk food and food fights?: Yes. Duh.

Do you mind kissing?: No. Seriously who minds kissing?? (I definitely don’t.) Well I know that don’t I.

Include one or all.




(Look at our frolicking babies Evans! LOOK!) You can’t be serious. 

James BlackSirius Black / Remus Lupin / Peter Pettigrew / James Potter (by Sirius Black) / Snivellus 

Teddy Lupin Headcanons
  • It was fifth year when Teddy started leading the History of Magic study groups. It started out as Hufflepuff thing; but it soon grew to include every house. On Friday evenings, fifth year Teddy even leads a N.E.W.T.s review group.
  • When the Hufflepuffs started acing all the tests, surpassing even most of the Ravenclaw scores, students started asking for answers.
  • The Hufflepuffs, being Hufflepuffs, moved their study group to the library and welcomed the Ravenclaws with open arms. Soon, the Gryffindors and Slytherins come looking for answers too. 
  • The answer was Teddy. You see, as the child of both Remus Lupin (easily Hogwarts best DADA teacher for decades) and Tonks (metamorphmagus extraordinaire) teaching others in a memorable way was second nature to the blue-haired teen. 
  • You see, Teddy morphs when he leads the study group. He’ll change into a goblin to talk about the goblin rebellions, or a giant when explaining the giant wars, or Emeric the Evil and talk about “his” achievements.
  • Teddy always paid attention in History of Magic, having even as a first year, known the possibility of the class for being absolutely amazing.
  • Soon, the practice O.W.L. and the N.E.W.T. scores started rising. Even the teachers started getting curious and soon found out about Teddy. 
  • Professor Sprout talks to Teddy about what it takes to become a professor (”Binns would never leave, Professor.” “Oh, don’t worry about that dear. We’ve always been able to persuade him to leave, there’s just never been a reason before now. Have a sweet, Teddy dear.”), and he enrolls in the N.E.W.T.s classes.
  • Of course he does well, eventually ‘co-teaching’ classes for Binns by his seventh year. The end of year tests that year are better than they have been in decades. 
  • Teddy takes a year off, traveling to different historical magic sites, learning from the indigenous magic users of the area. Once back at Hogwarts, he revitalizes the History of Magic program. Teddy adds things from all the places and cultures he met, changing the course from the ‘European’ history of magic class it had been, to a true History of Magic class.
  • Like this father before him, Teddy quickly becomes one of Hogwart’s favorite teachers (and is Neville’s main competition for the title). Test scores have never been higher and when Sprout retires, Teddy humbly accepts.
  • Remus and Tonks have never been prouder as they watch over their son become his own person. Their only wish is that he would know how incredibly proud they are.     
Being friends with Cedric Diggory would include:

► Afternoons spend at the lake, laughing about his lame jokes and reminiscing about the previous school years and how you became friends in your second year, when you accidentally hexed him (his chin ended up the size of a plate). “I still can’t believe you did that.” He’d laugh and flick your forehead lovingly. “I meant to hex that idiot, but you decided to move at a very inconvenient time!”

► Cedric helping you with Transfiguration because he always aced this subject and you most certainly did not. He’d help you for hours on end if he had to, practicing in empty class rooms until you got the hang of it. “Come on, I believe in you.” “Cedric, I can’t do this!” “Of course you can.” “You think so?” “I know so.” And after a few more tries you’d be able to do it, beaming at your best friend and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Ced. I owe you.” “You don’t owe me anything.” “Not even honeydukes chocolate?” “Okay wait we can talk about this owing thing again.”

► Him being somewhat overprotective of you at times even though he knows you can handle yourself. (“Who is this guy?” Cedric asked, glaring after a boy who just walked away from you. You shrugged and answered: “Just someone I know.” “Is he worthy?” “What?” “I’m going to keep an eye on him.” “We’ve only talked once.” “Oh.”) Sometimes Cedric ended up feeling a little stupid, but as long as you were happy and safe he didn’t mind.

► The two of you spending your summer holidays together because you live close to each other. You’d knock on his door, all dramatic. “I haven’t seen you in ages Cedric.” “It’s been two days.” “TWO DAYS!” You’d poke his chest with your finger and he couldn’t help but snort at you. “Would you, maybe, like to spend some time with me?” He’d ask all innocently and you’d reply sarcastically: “Why would I want to spent time with my best friend?” You’d bicker all the way up to his room.

► Cedric always eating the food you have left because you’d always pile too much onto your plate. He didn’t know that, by now, you did it on purpose. You loved this little tradition of yours and you knew he did too. (“When will you learn?” “Never, don’t complain.” “I am not.”)

► Falling asleep on a table in the common room, brooding over your homework and Cedric carrying you over to the sofa so you would be more comfortable. He’d put a cozy blanket over you, stroke your hair back gently and smile at you, whispering: “You work too hard.” He’d then finish the tiny bit of homework you’d have left for you.

► You having the tendency to braid Cedric’s hair in history of magic because you’d reach new levels of boredom and Cedric would eventually complain about it, but not because he minds but because he is bored as well and wants to give it a go. You end up teaching him how to braid hair and at the end of the semester, during the exams, the two of you know how to braid a perfect waterfall braid but neither of you knows anything related to goblins and their rebellion and you barely manage to pass.

► Cedric forcing you to practice Quidditch with him every free minute you have, not on broomsticks, because he knows you are afraid of heights, but he always drags you along so you can sit in the stands and make the balls fly through the air with your wand so he can chase them. He makes sure to tell you at least once a week how much he appreciates you doing that for him.

► Cedric surprising you with tickets to the Quidditch World Cup and you can only stare at him for a few seconds, spluttering out a ‘Don’t spoil me, Ced!’ but he just laughs, because he doesn’t care at all and he tells you so and he hugs you and whirls you around in his happiness and who are you to argue with him when something clearly gives him so much joy?

ideas to continue the HP craze without compromising its original story and characters
  • A history channel style documentary where each episode talks about a different subject and each season is a different wizarding culture. Season 1. Japan. Episode 1. The Founding of Mahoutokoro. Episode 2. Their magical robes and why the rest of the world didn’t incorporate a similar system. ETC.
  • History of Magic online classroom/videos ; Professor Binns Or maybe a Bagshot can tell us all about the Goblin Rebellion and what happened at the International Warlock Convention of 1289.
  • A political drama series set in the Ministry of Magic, preferably not during LVs second rise to power but maybe his first, with only small cameos from the likes of the Order Members that we know. Like, give me Dorcas Meadows and the Prewett brothers instead, maybe touch on Crouch’s frustrations that eventually lead to him allowing unforgivables to be used. Maybe just not during LV or the Trios time at all.
  • MoM/MACUSA Elite Force action type show (seriously why didn’t they actually make this a thing)
  • Netflix Dramedy about Wendelin the Weird and the Salem Trials and how continuously getting caught probably kept the hunt going for longer than it would’ve otherwise so she inadvertently caused a lot of muggles to die and how will she handle that?
  • Plz Add. but nothing about the marauders. or any original characters from the story because that can compromise them
Stupid games | Hogwarts!5sos

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I am starting a Hogwarts!5SOS series. Including everything and anything you want with every boy and request and also my own ideas. I just thought we all need some more of it in our lives. 

Request things here

Check out my masterlist here.

Words: 1,5k+

Summary: When four guys play the “penis” game in the library while you wanna study and cannot even get over a quiet yell you decide to win this game to finally study in peace.

It was your sixth year at Hogwarts and the library had always seemed like the place you could study in quietly without anyone interrupting you while writing another unnecessarily long essay about the goblin rebellions for Professor Binns or figuring out the correct way to translate runes.

You were sitting in your preferred corner in the back of the library, crouched over your Venomous tentacula paper that was due to give to your herbology professor the next day. You were keen to get a good mark on it and told all your friends you’d be in the library working on it to be perfect and not to be disturbed. The past couple weeks had been stressful enough, lots of homework, quidditch practice and too little sleep had strained you.

Once every while you glanced out of the window looking over the Hogwarts lands, the Black lake quiet except for the giant squid casually swimming around and the sun reflecting beautifully on the water surface. Everything seemed peaceful – inside in the library and outside on the grounds.

Then you suddenly heard approaching footsteps and your eyes darted up to locate the source of noise. You saw four boys walking towards your spot – the Ravenclaw with a stunningly complexion that reminded you of milk chocolate winked at you -, stopping and then settling for the empty table about 7 meters from you. They all stood out in their own way, even though one similarity you make out was their height – they all seemed to be pretty tall compared to the average – and handsomeness. You also felt like you’d seen them around the castle before and they seemed pretty familiar.

You went back to your essay after noticing they all pulled out their books – which made clear that they were in the same year as you – and started working on them.

All of the sudden you heard them start chatting and rolled your eyes. If they wanted to talk, then they could have also just done it outside of the library without disturbing anyone.

“Penis.” You could hear the Hufflepuff whisper. Then the Gryffindor with the flaming red hair said it a little louder. It kept going to the Slytherin with eyes that looked like the clear blue ocean and finally to the Ravenclaw that had given you a wink only fifteen minutes ago. You raised your eyebrows and shot them a disapproving look, but they didn’t really notice it and kept going.

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In which Sirius mistakes a cuddling application for a shagging advert.


I’m lonely and cold and in need of a cuddle buddy so fill this out.

Name: Walking sex (aka Sirus Black)

Age: Legal

Gender: Take a look

Phone number: I take DADA not fucking Arithmancy

Address: Your bed (or mine). It’s actually Potter Manor.

Top Five Movies: What the fuck? What in the name of Merlin is a movie. I think Evans might have taken Potter to one once. Didn’t invite me the smarmy bastard.

Five Random Facts About Yourself: You like me. I’m an excellent shag. You want to ride my broomstick. I know the best places for a snog. There’s no one better.

Do you mind if I give you a cute sexy nickname?: Yes. (Doesn’t Sirius get you going enough?)

Can we build a fort?: Yes. (Is this roleplaying? It sounds like roleplaying. Am I the commander of an army?)

Will there be random junk food and food fights?: Yes. (Duh.)

Do you mind kissing shagging?: No.

Include one or all.

Instagram: Merlin’s

Tumblr: balls

Twitter: what is this

(Place a picture of yourself here: This is a five. I am a ten. This was Potter. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS. He used a sticking charm and it won’t come off. I am about to rip his balls off.)

James Potter / Remus Lupin / Peter Pettigrew / Lily Evans / James Potter (by Sirius Black) 

Hogwarts subjects // Core classes (5/7) // History of Magic.

History of Magic is a core class and subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This class is a study of magical history. This is one of the subjects where the use of magic practically isn’t necessary.The lesson plan usually consists of lectures on the ‘History of Wizards and the Magical World’ (in which goblin rebellions appear most memorably). This class is similar to the study of History in the Muggle World, as particular emphasis is placed upon remembering dates, names and events.

May or May Not Have

Hiya, please could I have an imagine or one shot or whatever where George and Y/N like each other but don’t know about the other’s feelings. Over a period of time the golden trio keep telling Y/N that it’s obvious that he likes her and she later overhears George talking to Fred about how much he likes her and just make it really fluffy and a bit funny please? If you can’t it’s fine, thanks duckie x

  • Warnings: none
  • masterlist here

“In 1612, one goblin rebellion took place in Hogsmeade… the goblins used the Three Broomsticks as headquarters to rebel against…” My eyelids were slowly sliding closed to the drone of Professor Binn, when suddenly a piece of paper hit my shoulder and landed on my desk. I looked up and saw George grinning at me. 

I opened the crumbled up note, and had to hold my hand over my mouth to stifle a giggle. George had drawn a picture of Professor Binn riding a unicorn with a completely bored look on his face, and it was enchanted to canter across the paper over and over again. I didn’t dare to look back up at the twins, because I was afraid of not being able to contain myself any longer. I stared down at my paper and slowly sank into a doze again.

A few days later, I was sat at the Gryffindor table, with the twins next to me and Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Neville were sitting in front of me. 

“George, stop it!” He was poking me with an asparagus and I swatted his hand away, laughing. 

“I just want to know whether I can meet you in the library to study but you’re too busy stuffing your face, so you’re not even listening!” George whined and tugged at my hand. I laughed again and slung my arm around his shoulder playfully. 

“Of course I’ll study with you, Georgie!” George flashed me another one of his heart-melting grins and swung his bag over his shoulder. 

“Alright, y/n see your later!” He left the Great Hall. 

“Um, y/n?” Hermione waved her hand in front of my face. I hadn’t realized that I was staring after George, and I had missed my mouth with the forkful of food, instead hitting my forehead and leaving bits of brussel sprouts sliding down my face. 

I quickly wiped my face with my napkin, turning bright red and replied, “Yes! Yes, Hermione?” Harry and Ron were laughing openly at me and Neville was looking down at his plate, his shoulders shaking. 

“I…. I see what…. you… you’re in LOVE with my brother!” Tears rolled down Ron’s face from laughing so hard and I threw my fork at him, barely missing his face by inches. Everyone at the Gryffindor table seemed to have heard what Ron said and they looked over at us, and I waved at them. 

“Hi! Nothing to look at here, please go back to doing whatever you were doing. Thank you!” 

I hid my face between my hands and hissed at the boys, who were still laughing. 

“Guys, STOP!” 

Neville suddenly let out a whoop of laughter that he had been holding in and fell off his chair. I groaned and stood up, swinging my bag around me so hard I stumbled and almost fell over, causing more giggles to escape from my friends’ mouths. 

“Y/n, you do realize how obvious it is that you two love each other?”

“I do not love George and he certainly does not love me! Now excuse me…” I tried to step around Ron, who had clambered over the table to block me from exiting the Great Hall.

“It’s so obvious because you two are constantly shooting lovey-dovey looks at each other and touching each other and–”

“Alright, I’m going to the library and I’ll see YOU GUYS later.”

Cutting Ron off, I side-stepped him and stomped out of the Great Hall, my cheeks finally starting to cool down. Now the entire school knew that I had a massive crush on George Weasley and I couldn’t do anything about it. 

I came back from the library at half past 11 with George’s arms wrapped around me and holding me up. 

“Thanks for helping me study, y/n.” George chuckled. To be honest, our “study session” had been filled with giggling, sneaking bits of candy in and eating them, and seeing who could send the most books flying around the library before Madame Pomfrey saw. 

“If you call that studying…” I yawned and stumbled on the carpet.

“Alright, let’s get you somewhere to lie down.” George hefted me to the sofa in front of the fireplace and placed a blanket over me. I immediately snuggled into the fluffy warmth and soon, my brain became drowsy and I closed my eyes. I heard someone’s footsteps coming down the stairs, but I kept my eyes closed.

“Georgie are you finally back from your date?” I heard Fred and my eyes opened a little in shock, but I kept myself lying down, pretending to sleep. 

“Fred, it was not a date,” Fred threw something at George and he caught it. George stuffed it in his mouth and chewing, replied, “Besides, y/n would never agree to go on a date with me.” Oh. I took a deep breath and felt my heart pounding against my chest. 

“Well, George, I heard something today that might change your mind about that.” I heard Fred sink into the sofa next to me and George walked briskly over to his brother.


“I heard from Ronnie-kins that maaaaaaybe y/n miiiiight like you.”

I squeezed my eyes and furrowed my brows, my stomach plunging down to my feet. How could Ron do this to me? I thought that surely he wouldn’t tell anyone after what happened at dinner tonight. 

“W-what– don’t play with me Fred.” George sighed and sat down across from Fred. I heard a small sound like something was being blown up, then a pop! as it exploded.

“I’m not playing! I’m being serious for once. Maybe you should take your chances and finally ask her out, like you’ve been wanting to for the past six months.” I could almost hear the smirk on Fred’s face as he got up and walked back up to his room, closing the door quietly behind himself. I held my breath in anticipation of what George would do next. 

He didn’t move for a few minutes, but after a short pause of chewing thoughtfully, he got up and trudged over to where I was lying. He sighed again and kneeled beside me, resting his hands on my side. I could feel his warm breath on my face as he inched closer to me. I smelled the crazyberry smell of Drooble’s best blowing gum. That was what George must’ve been chewing.

I fluttered my eyes open and yawned, trying to pretend that I had just woken up. 

“You heard everything, didn’t you y/n?” I looked at George in surprise and grinned sheepishly. 

“I may or may not have.” George laughed quietly to himself and turned away. 

“So you heard that I like you.” I sat up and twisted my hands together nervously. George whipped back around to face me dramatically. 

“Do you like me?” 

I giggled nervously, but couldn’t stop my heart from climbing up my throat and preventing me from being able to speak properly like a normal human being. 

“I–uh, I, well, maybe–” God dammit I thought. Why did this alway happen to me? 

With two swift steps, George made his way back to where I was sitting and plopped down next to me. 

“Should I take that as a yes?” 

I nodded the tiniest nod and gulped, not daring to look back up at him. George inhaled sharply and scooted closer to me, taking my hand in his. 

“Well, you may or may not have heard, but…” Suddenly, a pair of lips were pressed onto mine, and I was falling back on the couch. George leaned over me and continued, “…but I like you too.” He smiled at me and I let out a laugh. 

I pulled him closer to me so our noses were touching. “I’m glad you do.” George chortled and leaned in to seal the space between us again. I closed my eyes and sighed in happiness. We pulled apart and I got up from the couch, folding the blanket that had fallen off my lap. 

“Goodnight, George.” I bent down and kissed his cheek, and turned around to head up the stairs to my own room. 

“Goodnight, love.”