goblin gets creative

Young David Bowie: *is a creative musician who influences music and encourages others to make art and be themselves*

*publicly calls out MTV for ignoring POC artist*

*waves his bisexuality so intensely that he’s one of the few celebrities that the media DOESN’T actually erase his sexuality*

*tells gender norms to piss off and supports trans individuals*

Old David Bowie: *dies after long, brutal battle with cancer*

Angry tumblr slacktivists: “You know he did drugs and some people say that some groupies who he slept with were underage and despite little to no evidence, that completely dismantles any good that he could have done ever, he was a terrible person.”


Since the final goblin’s been released officially, why don’t we all do fun goblin asks today? :0

Send me a goblin in my ask box and I’ll answer! Other blogs are allowed to do this, too, since it’s such a special goblin day!

Shining Goblin: What was the greatest highlight of Flight Rising for you this year?

Sparkling Goblin: Did someone give you a shocking gift or dragon that you absolutely adored?

Blazing Goblin: Did you meet someone new while on Flight Rising? A new friend?

Enchanting Goblin: Have you participated in any fun events?

Enduring Goblin:  Since joining, how has the site and community effected you?

Crumbling Goblin: Which dragon breed is your favorite? Explain?

Frozen Goblin: If you had to pick another flight, what would it be?

Obscuring Goblin: Share a bit of lore!

Gusting Goblin: Time to get creative! Draw or write about your favorite dragon of your clan!

Bubbling Guardian: Which goblin is your favorite?

Sprouting Goblin: What do you think the next elemental familiars are going to be shaped after?