goblin corps


IT’S NOT TOO LATE! It’s still V-day in Cali D8!!! (It…was when I started writing this…)

But, Valentine’s day is special to me C: My last name is Valentine, so my family really likes to be together and celebrate this day >w<! And I wanted to make sure my other “family” gets just as much love from me! It’s not about “dating”, it’s about showing your love to the people that matter to you. Friends, family, and everything inbetween!

So, for my BEST friends in the whole wide world, I wanted to do funky Goblin Corps valentines!! 8D VIVA GOBLINS!! Our silly Goblin masked Ragnarok Online crew are like a family as well C:

Usagiiya - Mr. Tangelo

eX - Mr. Byzantium

WeirdoofDoom - Mr. Lazuli

Mowsey - Ms. Viridian

Hidden - Ms. Aureolin

Eorii (Me) - Mr. Alizarin

Happy Valentine’s Day, my beloved family C:

Err here’s an old lamey lame sketch I did! ;w; I threw on some color to make it a sort of ref since I don’t otherwise have any refs of Mr. Tangelo as an archbishop! *A* As a drawing it sucks but for reference’s sake it’ll do. OTL

I’ve realized he looks a tad militaristic what with the hat and the belt and arm cuff thing he’s got going on. It was kind of a coincidence… OTL This is a pretty intense mod of the archbishop outfit =w= Belts moved around, things added and taken away… and wow those colors LOL IT’S FOR A MASK/COLOR THEMED PARTY OKAY. D8

He is probably the most… sealed-up archbishop alive. OTL He pretty much always wears his Annoyed Mask, so… I bet when he takes off his clothes ONLY HIS EARS ARE TANNED LOLOL…..

That staff is caduceus… it’s just a placeholder really… xD Same with the red insignia he’s got! Right now he’s just got the little like… angry animu vein pop thing LOL (to match the “annoyed mask” and all) But um, if/when the Goblin Corps get some kind of symbol/emblem, he will wear that there instead. ;v;


Completed commission for the wonderful WeirdOfDoom!!! ;W; My very good friend, who is just such a sweetheart! Thank you again for commissioning me >o< It was really fun to work on this *W* Mr. Alizarin chewing on Mr. Lazuli’s metal arm >W> Just any other day at the Goblin Corps home. Originally from RO, they’re in their CasualRO outfits for winter c:

Want a commission from me? I’m still open! For more information, go HERE!

I just finished reading The Goblin Corps by Ari Marmell and it is one of the better fantasy novels I’ve read recently.  If you play D&D or Pathfinder or any RPG really you’ll get some added humor out of it because the author really does sound like one of the biggest asshole DM’s.  You’ll read a passage, look up and just think “oh man what a dick!”  This is no mere coincidence, as Marmell has written for many different RPG series’, including my personal favorite Vampire: The Masquerade.

DUNNO ABOUT YOU GUYS, BUT… This right here is my OT3. ;D

…. sob. Poor Mr. Tangelo. A priest who gets bullied by his front line fighters WHAT’S UP WITH THAT

For those who don’t know, Mr. Tangelo is a germaphobe, so… he doesn’t want to be touched… >_> (He’ll be burning that mask later, he ain’t puttin’ that back on after Mr. Byz touched it :V)

Anyway HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY (AGAIN) ;w; <3 I ULTRA LOVE YOU TWO!! Sorry it’s sketchy, I have a lot I wanted to draw today… xD

My OC, Mr. Lazuli, Genderbent and casual.  I think I’m loving this design a little TOO much xDDDDD

So, it’s been a long while since I did something that wasn’t a chibi @u@  Okay granted there was that sketch of Nairyn and Ernst but that doesn’t count.  It was just a sketch 8c  It’s also been far too long since I shaded something >_>;;  Here’s to hoping that I’m still okay at it!  I’m still trying to figure out how ears work, and tinting lips and noses is kinda new to me too…one day I’ll get the hang of it.  One day.  |B  

WOW this party is going to rock. It is going to take all of Rune-Midgard by storm. Aaaw yeeeah

This is Mr. Tangelo!! He is a priest who wears his coat completely closed top to bottom with long rubber gloves and Annoyed Mask! You better ask for buffs nicely or he’ll poison you with agent orange. B| I… I think he has a habit of threatening people in the format of, “If you _______, I’ll _______” in a very matter-of-fact tone. (e.g. “If you don’t shut up, I’ll Lex Divina you.”) Because this world is all about give and take. Equivalent exchange. Cause and effect. Mr. Tangelo might come off as a little cold but he loves his friends…


“Why would you give me these arms…if you’re going to kill me for having them?”

I guess maybe…it should be noted that when I draw sad pictures, I usually am feeling sad somehow u_u;;  Not quite sure how to put my current mood now, but I haven’t been feeling too happy lately.  Today and yesterday even moreso than before.

Anyway, this is my OC, Mr. Lazuli.  He’s wearing a t-shirt for the first time, I guess, and…I imagine that every day, just seeing his own arms, reminds him of what he’s done and that Rekenber’s looking for him.  His own augmented arms haunt him, every single day, so that’s one of the main reasons he wears long sleeves and gloves (the other is to just…not stand out).  Somehow I like this look, where it looks like I’ve drawn on paper with marker…something like that.  It’s kinda cool and…modern?  Not quite sure how to put it.

Edit: Fixed a few things that were bugging me about it