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The thing about Barry Bluejeans, though…

He was never much of a character. He barely had any screen time or any development, you know?

But there was this moment on The Adventure Zone Zone….

Griffin was kind of complaining about how many people wanted him to bring Barry back, which he couldn’t understand. He was barely even there! Was it just because he had a fun name? But after a bit of talking, they figured it out. 

Because in Episode 1, when Griffin changed the name of an NPC from Sildar Hallwinter to Barry Bluejeans, that was the moment they realized they could do whatever they wanted with this campaign. They could make up silly names and situations that didn’t have to fit with any pre-conceived notion of “high fantasy.” It was a formative moment where the campaign first started to develop its own identity.

How appropriate that as they were walking out of the Felicity Wilds, they stumbled across a camp the three of them had set over a year ago (in-game time) when they were only just starting to get to know one another. (Or get to know one another again, since they were presumably all Red Robes at one point.) 

That campsite, the return of Barry, the mention of the Goblin camp and Phandalin…all call backs to those first formative moments, just as the campaign is drawing to a close. It honestly makes me feel really really emotional, guys. It’s just so perfect.

Caffeine Challenge 19

I had to do this one late because of other commitments. Only used prompt 2. A little warning. There are no section breaks in this story. There are also no characters. There is also no plot.

Usually people though their preferred method of payment was money. Typically they thought this only once. You could only go to Goblin Market once before it would become clear that The Goblins were not interested in money.

No. Money was only worth what people said it was worth. And people tended to disagree. Factor in the travelling between universes and money would would be so different in one place than another that it  might not even be recognised as money.

Instead The Goblins wanted one simple payment which was always worth exactly what they wanted it to be worth. The Goblins preferred payment was spoons.

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poshtearex  asked:

Go to the mines

{[FAST TRAVEL]: [Cold Cavern Entrance]}


On your way back to the Obins Mountains, you pass by the Goblin Camp.
You see Geff standing on guard duty and they wave you down.

You appreciate Geff’s effort to try and keep the caravan nearby as long as possible, so you will have to get those ice crystals as quickly as possible.


What Should We Do Now?

readerjohn  asked:

Tell Geff: Thank you for your kind act we will come back as soon as possible. Action: Proceed back to the mines.

{[Tell]: [Geff]: [”Thank you for your kind act. We will come back as soon as we can”]}

You thank Geff for stalling for you before continuing on your way.

Well at least Geff is being honest.

{[Fast Travel]: [Cold Cavern Entrance]}

You and your team cross through the Junkyard and you end up at the edge of the river. You can’t risk crossing over on a floating wooden box again, not with 3 people, so you and Cal power up the [Rusty Lift]

It’s actually really fun, the lift puts along at a decent pace and carries the three of you to the top of the Obins Mountain. You climb down the ladder and work your way through the twisting mine shafts, now free of the Rot.

It feels odd to be back in the Cold Cavern after being out in the Sunken City for so long. The icy sting feels nostalgic for the far off time of yesterday. Your group ends up by the [Strange Elevator] that you passed by twice now.

Heading down now will be a big risk, but if the rare ice crystals are down there it might just be worth it.
Fixing the airship means faster and safer travel on your journey and that can mean all the difference if you can just fly over the Rot on your way to find the Keys. A chance to buy these parts might not come again.

[MAP] (New!)

What Should We Do Now?