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A reaction of seventeen (Joshua, Jeonghan, mingyu and wonwoo) when their idol crush also likes them? Not sure if you did this (prob not)... but if you did could you put a link pls? ¡¡¡¡Thank uuuu so muchxhxhxh!!!! Lobe yore blogg ~ Gobliin anon

Hi guys, we have been really busy with work lately and semester 2 is starting again really soon but we will try our hardest to update as frequent as we can! Thank you so much for all the support! Requests are open so please send in your requests! Everything is welcome!

Joshua - At first he would not believe that his idol crush would even know his name. Even though Joshua is part of Seventeen and they are one of the most popular Kpop groups right now, he hasn’t let the fame get to his head. He still thinks of himself as the shy, weird anime fan from LA who loves Kpop. It would take a while for the news to actually sink him. The first time he saw that his crush admitted to thinking Joshua is the most attractive member of Seventeen he would just stand there, jaw dropped and eyes big. The next time Joshua sees his crush you can expect him to either be really smooth and drop hints or he’s going to be a blushing mess.

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Jeonghan - I feel like he would try his hardest not to show a reaction as he was being interviewed and the interviewer slipped in the fact that his crush said that she found Jeonghan as one of the very good looking members of Seventeen. He would just smile and nod mostly while he was biting his lip really hard to keep his reaction inside. As soon as they left the interview he would be jumping around all bubbly and happy. He would act kinda smug about it like “yeah how could she not think i’m good looking? I’m definitely the visuals of this group.” He would start imagining how it would be next time he saw his crush and would think of what to say because after what he knows he will definitely initiate a conversation.

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Mingyu - This boy would literally turn into a ecstatic 5 year old. He would be so happy, so very happy. He was so happy when his crush admitted publicly that her idol crush was Mingyu of Seventeen. He loved the part where she talked about how nervous she gets around Seventeen and especially Mingyu. He loved this because he always thought she didn’t like him back even as a friend but now that he knows the real reason he couldn’t be happier. This boy definitely is confident to call his idol crush and arrange a secret date. Now that he knows his crush feels the same way about him he definitely won’t hesitate anymore.

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Wonwoo - He is the king of keeping a straight face so he actually won’t react when he is told about how his idol crush feels about him during an interview. He will mostly comment on he’s the only decent member so who else would. During the interview he would act like his usual self but the moment he is alone with the other members he will start smiling to himself and saying some of his favourite romantic quotes. He would act really confident around the members saying things like “next time I see her I will …” But the moment his crush is in front of him he will freeze and not one word will come out.

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