Jesus isn’t brown like me Mama!!!

*Scenario:  In the car on the way to school/work when he randomly says:

K: Mama, where is heaven?

Me:  In the sky, but it’s also past the planets.  It’s VERY far away.  But God is everywhere, so it isn’t that far for Him.

K:  So that’s where God and Jesus live, right?

Me:  Yes. 

K:  I wonder what God looks like.

Me:  I wonder that too Baby.  One day we will know what he looks like.

K:  But I already know what Jesus looks like.

Me:  You do?  Is he brown like you?

K: No.

Me: Actually, he probably was brown like you, my Love.  He was born and lived in a place where people are brown—light brown and dark brown; all shades of brown.  It’s really close to Africa, actually.

K:  It is?

Me:  Yeah.  When we get home tonight, I will show you on our globe where Jesus lived and how close it is to Africa.

K: Is it this close?  (see photo below)

Me:  Maybe not that close, but… (and I just smile at him and remember about how much I love this kid and his questions!)