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Jesus isn’t brown like me Mama!!!

*Scenario:  In the car on the way to school/work when he randomly says:

K: Mama, where is heaven?

Me:  In the sky, but it’s also past the planets.  It’s VERY far away.  But God is everywhere, so it isn’t that far for Him.

K:  So that’s where God and Jesus live, right?

Me:  Yes. 

K:  I wonder what God looks like.

Me:  I wonder that too Baby.  One day we will know what he looks like.

K:  But I already know what Jesus looks like.

Me:  You do?  Is he brown like you?

K: No.

Me: Actually, he probably was brown like you, my Love.  He was born and lived in a place where people are brown—light brown and dark brown; all shades of brown.  It’s really close to Africa, actually.

K:  It is?

Me:  Yeah.  When we get home tonight, I will show you on our globe where Jesus lived and how close it is to Africa.

K: Is it this close?  (see photo below)

Me:  Maybe not that close, but… (and I just smile at him and remember about how much I love this kid and his questions!) 

Blessed with another Christmas...


So, our son is almost 8 and this is the 6th year that I have been blessed to be his Mama!  I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas.  I don’t know if you even know that we are celebrating, but I am sure that each and every day you miss our boy.  I am sure that you think about him, with longing and love!  I am confident that you wonder how tall he is, how funny he is, how smart he is and how truly perfect he is.  I can tell you, he thinks about you too!  He has a lot of questions—really good ones. And I wish I had the answers. I wish I knew what to say all the time. I wish I knew how to remind him ALL THE TIME how much he is loved—not just by us, but by you!  All I can do is just keep saying it and reminding him!  Oh, how I wish you were here to be able to answer some of those questions for him.  How I wish that you could tell him, without my intervention, without my input, assumptions and thoughts, how much I KNOW you truly love him.  But I pray that time will allow for a moment like that—where the two of you can share the same space, the same air and have that conversation.  

Today, as we celebrate the day I became his Mama, but you are never far from our thoughts.  I need you to know that YOU ARE STILL HIS MAMA too!!!  You are forever the reason I get to be his second Mama! Z, as we celebrate this season and our time as a family, I hope that you know that you are still our hero.  You are our forever angel.  You are the reason for all of this.  While I am sure that this won’t ever take away the sting of not being in his life every day, please know you truly are a part of the fabric that makes up our family!

Melkam Gena!

Betam ewodishalehu!

That’s what I think romance is anyway

Scenario:  Watching TV and a commercial about Valentine’s Day comes on… 

K:  That’s what you and Daddy do?

Me:  What do we do?

K:  Snuggle and kiss and hold hands.

Me:  We do!  I like to snuggle with him.

K:  He likes to snuggle with you.  But you aren’t married and only married people should kiss.

Me:  Um… No, that’s not the only people who kiss.

K: But for romance love, kisses are kinda required.

Me:  That’s true, but…

K: (cutting me off) well that’s what I think romance is anyway.  Lots of snuggles, and holding hands… and kissing……………………… on the lips, like you and Daddy do, but not like you and I do!

*and immediately stands up and walks away…

Worst Villain Ever—So now I’m the idiot

K: Mama, I bet you can’t guess who is the worst villain ever.

Me:  How bad is this villain?  And is it a boy or a girl?

K:  He’s a boy and he’s VERY bad!!!

Me:  Is it the devil? 

K:  What the heck?!  Who’s the devil?  I was talking about Braniac.  Geesh Mama, do you know anything???

*Clearly not Son!!!

Don’t wear junk

Scenario:  In the kitchen, getting ready to head out for the day!

Me:  How do I look?

K: Mama, you look beautiful in anything.

Me: Thank you baby!

K:  Well, except junk!

Me: Wait what?  When would I wear junk?

K:  Well, it’s possible.  All things are possible.   But when you wear stuff you like, you look marvelous.  Just don’t wear junk!

So many rules

Scenario: Day 3 of Kinder

Me:  Why did you have a bad day at school?  Wanna talk about it?

K: Not really….. *Silence*  You know Mama, there are just so many new rules.  All I can do is keep trying to be a good boy!

Me: (ready to scoop him up in my arms and hug his breathe away) Yes Baby!  It’s new rules for all of us.  Let’s work together so that you know all of them… ok?!

K:  I sure hope we can do it!

*I know we can do it!!!

3rd Rule about girls

Scenario: Sitting on the couch getting our shoes on.

K:  Mama, does that woman have a baby in her belly? (pointing to the TV).
Me:  I think she might, but the show didn’t say that she did.  
K:  (confused look).
Me:  You know what, Love, here’s another girl rule that I want you to remember.
K: (rolls eyes).
Me:  NEVER ask a girl if she is pregnant.  If she tells you she has a baby in her belly then you can ask questions, but we never just ask a girl if she’s pregnant.  And while we’re at it, why don’t you repeat back to me the other two rules you already know about girls.
K:  Never ask how old they are.  And never ask how much they weigh.
Me:  Right.  And now, what’s the new rule.
K:  Don’t ask them if they have a baby in their belly because then basically you’re calling them fat.
Me:  Um… yeah… that’s right, but…
K: I get it Mom, let it go.

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