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What was the last piece of art (visual, film, literature) that blew your mind?

I don’t feel mindblown but I do feel my heartbeat change sometimes. This year it was Henry Green’s novels and Hal Hartley’s Trust and my friend Dev’s album as Blood Orange. Last year it was the Grimes album and my friend Sam’s paintings and Paul Beatty’s The Sellout and The Clouds of Sils Maria and Robert Gober at MoMa. But I’m forgetting things… and there’s one thing I’m not saying because I’m so possessive & want to write about it.

Robert Gober (b. 1954), Heart in a Box, 2014–2015. Corrugated aluminum, cast glass, paper, plaster, and ink, 6 ½ × 10 ½ × 11 11/16 in. (16.5 × 26.7 × 29.7 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art 2015.156a. © Robert Gober

“The brooding realism of Gober… is as American as apple pie — with the sugar left out.” - The New York Times

Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor closes Sunday.  

[Installation view of Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor, The Museum of Modern Art, October 4, 2014–January 18, 2015. © 2014 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Thomas Griesel. All works by Robert Gober © 2014 Robert Gober]

Robert Gober, September 12, 2005–9. Pastel and graphite, over photolithograph, on ivory wove paper. The Art Institute of Chicago. Gift of the artist. (2009.145)

Featuring now-iconic images of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, these lithographs of pages from the September 12, 2001, issue of the New York Times are layered with drawings of bodies embracing. The figures are incomplete, appearing to be vanishing or slipping away. The intimacy of the drawings is at odds with the horrific violence reported in the news, yet they share a pronounced physicality, a view into the vulnerability of the human body and an indictment of brutality.


((So this is going to be exploring my OC's original story line. Short version: Gersemi escapes Drago Bludvist some time before the first movie. Ends up in the dragon sanctuary where Valka trains her and sends her off to the north to save/find new dragons. The dragon Gersemi traveled to the north with is killed saving her and a year later she finds Whitefire (a deep, deep, almost black, red Nightfury). Time flies by and she comes back to the sanctuary to find it's a year after the second movie.))

((If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask!! Wow ok this turned out longer then I thought haha! My bad! XD Please don’t be intimidated by the length!!! This is just a on-a-whim starter that grew a lot bigger then I thought.))

The extra cool wind of the southern waters bit at her cheeks but made her smile. She is almost home to her brother and sister dragons, her father Bewilderbeast and mother Valka. Of course non of them were blood related but after she escaped Drago Bludvist, they fixed her up and took her in knowing she was a trapper. Even after ten years she can’t help but smile at their kindness, and it’s that memory that has gotten her though the toughest times in the north.

Guiding Whitefire around the last few bins of the ice maze she takes in the huge structure of the dragon sanctuary not with happiness but with fear. Whitefire grumbles curiously at her riders new mood.

“Something’s wrong White, it’s not as alive as I-” Passing by an ice spike she sees the Bewilderbeast and her words are taken from her. She starts to shake and tears drip onto Whitefire’s head. Her dragon lands a small walking distance from the Bewilderbeast’s tusk and watches her rider slump lifelessly over to it helplessly whispering over and over.

“No, no, not you, why, who- No … no …” Falling to her knees she grabs hold of one large tusk with both arms and lets the sobs take her until she realizes with a gasp.

“Valka!” Dashing off to the cave entrance on the ground she draws her sword before running in. Whitefire follows her close on her heals as she runs thought the maze-like sanctuary. She had run though it all without finding a single dragon before going to the large inner room. All that could be heard is the running water and the faint cracking of ice. As Gersemi stands like a statue on the rock ledge Whitefire nusles her head oh her hand so it lays flat. Her rider is upset, she might be emotional at times but never like this never so quiet and still. It’s like she froze from the inside out. The Nightfury heat’s up her core just enough to show a small deep red line a the base of her spines and the top of her head where Gersemi’s hand rests.

Neither of them know how long they stand there but Gersemi finally scratches her faithful friends head and looks her dead in her sky blue eyes.

“This isn’t your fight, but will you help me with something.” Whitefire didn’t understand all her words but she knew it was a question, one that she would agree to no matter what. Rubbing the side of her face on her rider’s she rumbles and warms herself in agreement.

Gersemi flies Whitefire back out onto the rocky beach to find something anything that would give them a clue. She knew whoever did this has a Bewilderbeast as well and is now the alpha but who was controlling it who- Whitefire screamed and growled off in the distance. Running over to her friend jumping and hissing at a dark spot on the ground she pails. Drago Bludvist’s dragon skinned caplet lay before her. She picks it up but Whitefire doesn’t cease her hissing.

“I know, I know, but you said you would help me.” Holding out her hand the Nightfury inches closer to take a whiff of the hide. “Good girl.” Folding the caplet and tying it to the back of her belt with a spare leather strap she jumps on Whitefire’s bear back. “Come on girl try and find them!!” With a screaming roar she takes off and Gersemi looks back at her old home. Over the years of her traveling she has done this sad departure and left a little piece of herself with the people she bonds with. But this time it’s more then just a little and instead of getting sad she fuels the rage in her gut, lays flat on her dragon, and grips her tight urging her to go faster.

They fly until the sun sets before finding a spit of island in the middle of the ocean more by chance then by Whitefire’s nose. Ducking low and flying in fast they turn half way around the island before landing among the thick trees.

“Did you see that White? That village had dragons-” A ear shattering roar can be heard and an all too familiar double wing beat. Looking up she sees a Stormcutter flash by and a black shadow follow at an even faster speed.

“Cloudjumper?” Running to the edge of the forest and a cliff she watches as the black shadow chases Cloudjumper into the village. Heading back into the shadowy forest she sits on a stump and thinks while Whitefire makes a comfortable bed for herself.

“I need to get into that village and find Valka. They could have her captured and be controlling Cloudjumper with her life.” Furiously rubbing her face she sighs and walks over to her dozing Nightfury. “But i’ll do that tomorrow when we aren’t as tired.” Picking up on of her wings she lays on her warm legs and lets the wing settle over her body. The Nightfury stirs to bring her rider closer for the cold night.

The next early morning they were blessed with fog. Oh thank the gods! But before she would sneak into the village she made the large dragon skinned caplet into a hooded cloche.

“You know the drill Whitefire, you don’t come until I come and get you or I call. So sit!” The Nightfury sits on her tail with her front claws resting on her back knees. “Now stay.” Lowering her head, and squinting her eyes she watches as her rider slips on the cloche and finds a safe way down the cliff.

The village is still relatively quiet as she walks in the shadows with her hood up and hand on her hilt. She had visited a village before with dragons but they were NOT friendly at all. Gersemi isn’t going to risk another nasty scare for something she can prevent. As the village wakes up she makes her way to the docks to hide in the big storage houses and ship cargo. It’s a wonder non of the dragons have found her, but I guess cause of the dragon skin they can’t pick up her sent.

As she makes her way around another building she doesn’t notice someone coming up from behind.