Harry Potter!

I may have noticed that a whole bunch of you were potterheads during one of my stalking sessions. Well, here is our version! 

Books :

- the philosopher’s stone : à l’école des sorciers (”at the wizards’ school” because vive la révolution idk why the translator did that)

- the chamber of secrets : et la chambre des secrets (chambre : usually bedroom)

- the prisoner of Azkaban : le prisonnier d’Azkaban

- the goblet of fire : la coupe de feu (gobelet : usually plastic cup)

- the order of the phoenix : l’ordre du phénix

- the half-blood prince : le prince de sang-mêlé (”mixed blood”)(half : demi)

- the deathly hallows : les reliques de la mort (”and the relics of death”)

Basics :

- hogwarts : poudlard (pou : louse, lard : pork fat)

- ravenclaw : serdaigle (serre : talon)

- eagle : aigle (m)

- gryffindor : gryffondor

- lion : lion-ne

- slytherin : serpentard (ard : pejorative suffixe)

- snake : serpent (m)

- hufflepuff : poufsouffle (souffle : breath, breeze)

- badger : blaireau (m)

- wizardry / wizard / witch : sorcellerie (f) / sorcier / sorcière

- muggle : moldu-e

- squib : cracmol-e

- mudblood : sang-de-bourbe (sang : blood, bourbe : sludge, mug (rare))

- galleon / sickle / knut : gallion / mornille / noise

Hogwarts related :

- Hogwarts express : Poudlard express

- platform nine and three-quarters : plateforme neuf trois-quarts

- house : maison (f)

- teacher : professeur-e

- prefect : préfet/fète / headboy : préfet en chef

- castle : château (m)

- the restricted section : la Réserve 

- whomping willow : saule (m) cogneur (cogner, v : to bang, hit, knock)

- forbidden forest : forêt (f) interdite

- gamekeeper : garde-chasse (ep) (chasse (f) : hunt)

- great hall : grande salle “big room”

- marauder’s map : la carte des maraudeurs

- Moony : Lunard (lune (f) : moon) / Wormtail : Queudver (queue (f) de ver : ”tail of a worm”) / Padfoot : Patmol (patte (f) molle : “squishy paw”) / Prongs : Cornedrue (corne (f) : horn, dru-e, adj : heavy, thick)

- house championship : coupe des quatre maisons “cup of the four houses”

Studies related :

- OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) : BUSE (Brevet Universel de Sorcellerie Elémentaire) (buse (f) : buzzard)

- NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) : ASPIC (Accumulation de Sorcellerie Particulièrement Intensive et Contraignante) (contraignant-e : restricting)(aspic (m) : asp, type of snake)

- outstanding : optimal / exceeds expectations : efforts exceptionnels / acceptable : acceptable / poor : piètre (: mediocre) / dreadful : désolant (: distressing) / troll

- pr Grubbly-Plank : pr Gobe-Planche (gober, v : to gulp down)

- Severus Snape : Severus Rogue (rogue, adj (rare) : arrogant, haughty)

- Madam Hooch : Madame Bibine (bibine : cheap wine (fam))

- pr Sprout : pr Chourave (chou : cabbage, rave/navet : turnip)

- ancient runes : runes

- arithmancy : arithmancie (f)

- astronomy : astronomie (f)

- care of magical creatures : cours (m) de soins aux créatures magiques

- charms : sortilèges (m)

- defense against the dark arts : cours de défense contre les forces du mal

- divination : divination (f)

- flying : vol (m)

- herbology : botanique (f)

- history of magic : histoire (f) de la magie 

- muggle studies : étude (f) des moldus

- potions : potions (f)

- polyjuice potion : polynectar

- transfiguration : métamorphose (f)

The second part of this post will be my next one, patience! Let me just tell you that the audiobooks are accessible on YOUTUBE! Here’s a last treat :

Yearning to Flow

Could we but turn off the thoughts
accepting graciously what is ours
and of all the rest, letting go
being not a mountain
and not a valley
but only a river yearning to flow

With loving hands gently reaching
we would yield and then melt 
into life’s great sea
no judgement no criticisim 
of ourselves or others
only flowing, flowing, flowing free 

I’m not sure if this poem will make much sense to anyone, but it was inspired by the kindness shared with, and written for ecstasiskunou and creatingnikki. Thank you both, and love to all.  Let’s Flow.  <3




1. English adoption of a French term for describing a silly, naïve person; a “fly swallower”, someone who keeps their mouth open all the time (native English-speakers will recognize its equivalent of “mouth breather”). A credulous, gullible person who accepts everything they hear at face value as gospel truth.

French “gobe-mouche”=flycatcher bird or plant < “gober”=to swallow + “mouche”=fly.”

“As words here cost nothing, the gulping gobemouche is plentifully supplied.” — Richard Ford

Dating Sirius Black Would Include...
  • About 3 billion inside jokes
  • That no one else would understand
  • Not even the guys
  • Secret butt grabs
  • In the hallways
  • “SIRIUS!”
  • “It was an accident.”
  • “Your hand is still on my ass.”
  • “It’s still an accident.”
  • Flirty winks
  • Sexual tension you could cut with a knife
  • Wherever you two go
  • Being named “Hottest Couple”
  • Both of you being incredibly smart
  • And the few times you decide to study
  • You do it together
  • Which means a LOT of distractions
  • “Why aren’t you paying attention to meee?” in a whiny voice
  • Which is also incredibly cute
  • Him switching your quill with a charmed one
  • That can only write I love Sirius Black and Sirius Black is a hot piece of ass over and over
  • Him getting firmly poked with this quill
  • Finally managing to focus
  • Except he starts gently kicking you under the table
  • Finally giving up on studying and going for a walk instead
  • Him getting detention a lot
  • You sneaking him out of detention a lot
  • How, you ask?
  • A different method every time.
  • Maybe charming the professor into a deep sleep
  • Maybe sneaking in with James’ cloak of invisibility and sneaking him out under there
  • I don’t know man
  • You’re a very original person
  • You come up with a lot of ways.
  • Him picking you up around the waist a lot
  • All the time

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anonymous asked:

Ooooooooooo, I saw your Prompto/Noctis crush thing and you mentioned how it would end in a good ol poly relationship so I was wondering if you could do some cute fluffy headcanons of a Noctis/Prompto/so? Thanks!

*CRacks knuckles* HERE WE FUCKIN GO

Being in a poly relationship with Noctis and Prompto:

  • So these nerds would be so fuckin cute
  • I think having another party in the relationship may bring Noctis out of his shell a little bit- he’s been friends with Prompto since childhood, and having that level of familiarity in the relationship would really take some of the teeth out of that self-consciousness.
  • Ok so Prompto’s self-consciousness is a little less obvious but still there. Like Noctis, having an old friend in the relationship would temper some of that awkwardness.
  • Bouncing jokes and banter off of Noctis at home would be fun. Same with Prompto. Bouncing them off of both of them at once would be AMAZING. That house would be a fuckin den of fun-poking, with nothing being left unjoked about. 
  • Noctis and Prompto are clearly really physically comfortable around one another- there were too many ass-spankings in game for that. So can we say movie nights all cuddled together with them on the sofa anyone? 
  • Speaking of cuddles, at bedtime that bed would be so soft and warm. It would probably end up with S/O in the middle; Prompto as the big spoon with his face pressed into S/O’s hair/neck and Noctis curled up against S/O’s chest. 
  • It would not be so neat in the morning though- it would probably just degenerate into a big cuddle pile of gangly limbs and fluffy hair.
thinking out loud ; minhyuk

minhyuk x reader ➠ requested by anonymous—minhyuk comes home after a full day of promotions physically and mentally drained, only to discover his foreign partner has prepared all the foods that remind him of home.

warnings: none. genre: fluff. word count: 877. a/n: sorry this took so long! i’ve been super busy studying for uni and i had work all day friday so i didn’t have time to write. back at it now though lol

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Being an idol is hard–this is never sugar coated when you are a trainee–but some days are harder than others. When you have a photoshoot before 7am, an interview before 9am, a television appearance between 11am and 2pm, and a recording studio booked from 4pm until 9pm, it can be tough just to keep going. But the main thing that kept Minhyuk going was you. The whole way home he was only thinking about wrapping his arms around you and listening to you talk about anything and everything.

“Y/N?” he called as he dropped his bag onto the couch and craned his neck, searching for any sign of you. “Are you here?”

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Jack led a rebellion group against Aku. It included the Scotsman, his wife, the thief, and the sam-moo-rhai, and many others of Jack's friends and supporters. They once planned a massive attack on Aku, but when they carried it out, every possible thing that could have gobe wrong went wrong, and it's where Jack lost his sword. He was seperated from his group, and out of all four of his closest allies, only the Scotsman and his wife survived.


Muntik na kaming mag-avail ng bagong plan sa gobe/bayantel kasi nagooffer sila ng 5mbps per month yung internet tapos unli calls pa to landline and globe/tm subscribers. Nagpaalam na ako sa Papa ko tapos pumayag naman siya. Yung kapatid ko naman nagtaka kasi bat daw ang mura, yun pala may limit naman pala. Hindi ko siya nabasa nung una kasi ang liit nang sulat niya sa flyers.

Nakakainis lang kasi pinipilit na kami kanina ni Mama nung agent na mag-avail kasi unli internet naman daw. Sabi naman namin tatanong muna nami sa Papa ko tapos pag-iisipan muna namin. Ilang beses ko pa siya tinanong kung unli internet ba talaga tapos oo naman sagot niya. Pagcheck ko sa internet may limit naman pala. Nakakaloka.


( D-nt r-bl-g )
As I am now free to speak here on Tumblr after feeling trapped for a bit. I’ve decided to come clean about what all my vent blogging has been about, at least for those that are curious. You may call me ungrateful or blame me, don’t worry i’ve gobe through the entire process and am still trying to understand why and what the fuck happened. No, this is not a ‘callout’, it’s a warning. It’s also just me finally feeling that i’m not literally suffocating anymore.


I would appreciate if my mutuals or anyone read this. If u want to come after me, i really dont care. And please d* n*t r*bl*g… im begging. I just needed this off my chest, im not trying to start shit. If u r*bl*g i WILL block u, no exceptions.