Dating Sirius Black Would Include...
  • About 3 billion inside jokes
  • That no one else would understand
  • Not even the guys
  • Secret butt grabs
  • In the hallways
  • “SIRIUS!”
  • “It was an accident.”
  • “Your hand is still on my ass.”
  • “It’s still an accident.”
  • Flirty winks
  • Sexual tension you could cut with a knife
  • Wherever you two go
  • Being named “Hottest Couple”
  • Both of you being incredibly smart
  • And the few times you decide to study
  • You do it together
  • Which means a LOT of distractions
  • “Why aren’t you paying attention to meee?” in a whiny voice
  • Which is also incredibly cute
  • Him switching your quill with a charmed one
  • That can only write I love Sirius Black and Sirius Black is a hot piece of ass over and over
  • Him getting firmly poked with this quill
  • Finally managing to focus
  • Except he starts gently kicking you under the table
  • Finally giving up on studying and going for a walk instead
  • Him getting detention a lot
  • You sneaking him out of detention a lot
  • How, you ask?
  • A different method every time.
  • Maybe charming the professor into a deep sleep
  • Maybe sneaking in with James’ cloak of invisibility and sneaking him out under there
  • I don’t know man
  • You’re a very original person
  • You come up with a lot of ways.
  • Him picking you up around the waist a lot
  • All the time

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The volcano in the back of this shot erupted relatively recently, paths are made from larva and the forest is teaming from the rich soil. The most magical wonderland we’ve visited in the Americas. Thanks again Chile you are blowing our minds! Parque Nacional Villarrica, Chile Δ

SM, YG, JYP, Big Hit, And Pledis Reveal Their Plans For 2017

Pledis “SEVENTEEN and Han Dong Geun to stay active, Pledis Girlz to debut”
SEVENTEEN won the “Best male rookie award” last year and has been on a roll this year. The group will be holding their first official fan meeting in February, 2017. Following that, they will hold six concerts in Gobe and Yokohama, Japan. As “self-made idols,” they will continue to work on new music and stay active throughout the year.

Pledis Girlz plans to hold a concert in January as the last event before their official debut. At the concert, the group will announce their official group name and immediately jump right into things. With the addition of Lim Nayoung and Zhou Jieqiong, who will have wrapped up their I.O.I activities by then, the group will make their debut in the first half of 2017.

Han Dong Geun is currently busy working on his new studio album, which is set to be released in the first half of 2017. After School’s members like Uee and Nana will be focused on their individual activities. “Cartoon-dol” NU’EST will have a busy year, juggling both group and individual activities.


The show tells us that the GoBots are from Gobotron, a planet that was once home to a race of humanoids, the GoBings. Thousands of years ago, a terrorist group known as the Renegades started a war with a group of peaceful people called the Guardians, which ultimately ruined their planet. OK, that sounds a lot like the Transformers’ back story so far. But here’s where shit gets weird.

Facing extinction, the survivors sought out a man known only as the Last Engineer. Not because he was the most brilliant scientist or because he had a way to fix the planet. No, they needed him because for years, he had been slowly transforming himself into a cyborg by cutting off parts of his own body and replacing them with machinery. For fun.

The GoBings decided to allow the Engineer to transplant their brains into robot bodies, allowing them to survive as GoBots. He provided these transplants indiscriminately to both sides, Renegade and Guardian alike, until they had all been assimilated.

When his work was done, the Engineer disappeared and left the two factions to continue fighting. Challenge of the GoBots is set in modern times, which means that the GoBots have been at war for thousands of years. Which is to say, this toy line is about human minds, trapped in metal bodies, trying to destroy each other. Forever.

6 Beloved 80s Toys With Bizarrely Horrifying Origin Stories

Just after taking this shot I put the camera away, threw my pack on and looked up to see a massive Condor fly past, almost within arms reach. Devastated to have missed the shot yet elated to have been so close and appraise the true magnificence of the Condor. The Andes Δ


Been a minute since i’ve been on Tumblr.  Here is a newer cover of “Airplanes” by BoB from Lamoni and I.  NSO


New song with We Should Whisper! / Lamoni!  Hope ya’ll love it!