gobbledy gook

I just got in a cranky mood again so I need to rant a little bit.

Players in SWTOR who think they can learn languages like Cheunh, Trandoshan, Wookiee, etc, despite those languages requiring a specific set of vocal chords.

Yes, it is entirely plausible and even likely that a character can learn to understand these languages. Like, no one is denying that.


They are born with very specific sets of vocal chords and biology that permits only them to speak it. 

For instance, with Chiss, it’s because they have an extra set of vocal chords (At least to my understanding) and that is why people cannot speak Cheunh. What this tells me, is that plenty of their words rely on having that extra sound added to it to make sense. Even if another species could pick up on pronunciations, it’s likely that they’d be looked at as speaking gobbledy-gook because they simply don’t have that tonal quality to give a word the context needed.

It does not matter how “amazing” some species vocal chords can be when pressed. If they are not born with the appropriate biological equipment to speak a native species language, they cannot speak that language.

I’m sorry that you/your character feel left out when players of characters like that start speaking in their native tongue. If you want to feel included, either have them understand it (not speak it) or make a character of that species.

Just because you OOCly feel as though it’s not fair, doesn’t mean that things are just going to change for you. Learn to cope.