Thanksgiving with the Ackermans (Eruri)

This is a modern AU drabble I wrote for shits & giggles. Erwin & Levi have 3 rowdy little kids and are preparing for Thanksgiving.

“Gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble!” Eren hollers as he runs down the halls of the Ackerman-Smith house, naked as the day he was born.

“Well,” Erwin sighs with a dopey grin on his face as he pokes his head into the master bedroom where Levi is only beginning to wake up. “At least he’s clean.”

“Not for long if you don’t get him dressed,” Levi grumbles as he yawns and stretches, arching his back like a great cat. “Hurry up before he pees on something.”

“Oh, you’re absolutely right,” Erwin says with dread in his voice, making haste to chase down the three year old. “Eren! Come to Poppa!”

Levi sits up just as the bedroom door squeaks wide open and Mikasa shuffles into the room.

“Good morning, Wonder Woman,” Levi greets his four-and-a-half year old as she silently wanders up to his bed and climbs up to snuggle at his side. “Morning cuddles for daddy?” Levi asks, kissing the top of her glossy black hair. She nods before the hand furthest from Levi searches around and finds the remote control on her Poppa’s side. Expertly, she turns on the television and enters the number for her favorite channel. Levi glowers down at her. “Using cuddles to watch Power Puff Girls, you sneaky girl. You’re not a superhero, you’re a super villain.”

Mikasa looked up her at her daddy and put her index finger to her nose, hissing, “Shhhhh!”

Levi rolls his eyes and sighs, enjoying the Cartoon Network show for a few minutes before leaving Mikasa to her own devices in favor of checking on the rest of the household. He first stops in the nursery where Armin, who just celebrated his first birthday a few weeks prior, is playing quietly in his crib, clearly only having just woke up himself as well.

“Hi, sunshine,” Levi whispers as he approaches the crib. Armin blinks up at him and a wide smile suddenly breaks out across his dimpled face. “Are you ready for Thanksgiving?” Levi reaches down and hoists the toddler up onto his feet. Armin gives a cry of delight and clings to the rail of his crib, dancing from foot to foot. “Should we go check on your brother? Let’s see if Poppa has that naked boy dressed yet.” Levi scoops their youngest child into his arms.

“Eren, please sit still, just for a minute! Please?” Erwin’s voice is reaching critical levels of desperation as Levi approaches the bedroom Eren and Mikasa share. 

Levi cannot suppress his laughter as he spies his husband’s tortured expression, helpless to the three year old tyrant jumping up and down on his bed, in his training nappy. That’s progress, Levi admits as he approaches his husband.

“Eren,” Levi says in his best Stern Dad voice. “Just what do you think you are doing?”

“Jumping! Eren’s a turkey! Gobble gobble gobble!”

“Turkeys do not jump.”

Eren abruptly stops jumping as his face falls into sorrow. “They don’t?”

“No. Furthermore, why are you not dressed?”

“Eren a turkey! Turkey do not wear clothes!”

“Turkeys do wear clothes. They’re called feathers. All birds wear feathers.”

Eren looked at his arms forlornly, as if searching for his feathers. “Be a good turkey and put on your clothes. They’ll be like your feathers.”

“OK!” Eren shouts, sitting down nicely on his bed and waiting pleasantly for his Poppa to dress him. Erwin wastes no time in getting their rowdy middle child dressed. 

“Thanks,” Erwin sighs with relief. Levi leans down to steal a kiss. Armin squeals with laughter between them. 

“No problem, turkey wrangler. I’m going to get Armin dressed and ready and we can head out to my mom’s shortly thereafter.”

“Good morning, baby Armin!” Eren says to his brother, waving his hand as Erwin struggles to get his arm through the arm hole of his long-sleeve shirt. As Levi makes to exist, Eren wriggles out of Erwin’s grasp and darts past his fathers, shouting, “Wait! I gotta pee!" 

Erwin groans with resigned amusement. "What’s going to happen when Eren figures out today is about eating turkey, not being turkey?”

Levi looks over his shoulder and replies, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”