QUESTION 20: There are n sweet shops in the area. One sweet shop owner happily admits to conning children out of their pocket money by pressing down on the scales to give them less sweets than they were paying for. 

Calculate the probability that this sweet shop owner is a wanker. Show your working.

"Jesus, Bro!" IndieGoGo Campaign!
A Religious Spoof Film from the Creators of The Cinema Snob Movie

Synopsis: When an angry internet atheist has a near death experience and visits heaven, he returns to Earth to spread the good news of Jesus to his devout online followers.  But he soon finds out that delivering his new message comes at a cost.

Cast: David Gobble, Fard Muhammad, Robert Walker, Allison Pregler, Malcolm Ray, Doug Walker, Brad Jones, Brian Lewis, Sarah Gobble, and more!

Director: Ryan Mitchelle.  

Writer: Brad Jones