gobble gooble

Okay but students who have one pureblood parent and one muggle born parent still picking up on pop culture stuff. Not as much as the muggle borns, obviously, but I mean what muggle born parent is going to let their child, magic or not, grow up without seeing Labyrinth and Star Wars and without hearing Another Brick In The Wall at least once?

So one day one of these half-blood kids kinda shyly goes up to a group of muggle borns and whispers, “I see what you did there…and it’s hilarious.”

And it’s like suddenly finding out that scrawny kid in your history class has an outrageous singing voice and the muggle borns’ eyes go kinda wide and they just go “ONE OF US. ONE OF US.”

And the half-blood, with a knowing smile, responds, “Gooble gobble, gooble gobble.”

Submit Anon: Tales From the Weebside

Warning: Very, very, very long

Okay! So this tale starts off at a small town highschool in the midwest. This small town is in the middle of? ….you guessed it! nowhere.

I was in middle school and I have to admit I was quite a weeb myself. And kindof antisocial. but other than tracing and saying “look at skill!!” I don’t consider myself to be all that bad. Nor my friends either. We all hung out together and our interaction was mainly based on the fact that we all liked anime. So discussing anime. Obsessing over anime…..trying to make our own anime. You get the idea. This also reflected on our appearances. Each of us had some sort of anime styled merchandise. Whether it be a tshirt or at the very least a pin on a backpack. This made us even more obvious as the “weirdies” of the school. So you can imagine that the people we attracted were one of our own.

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