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You moaned and arched your back off the bed, knotting your fingers into Chris' hair. He kissed your inner thigh and looked back at the index cards laying next to your thigh. "I didnt write this report but I'm pretty sure there wasn't moaning involved in The Hobbit, sweetheart," he licked his lips and thumbed through the cards, "start off from the authors historical presence." Your breath caught in your throat as Chris began to slide two fingers into your slick cunt, "T-tolkien uses the (1/4)

Gob-goblins as the embodiment-“ your mouth hung open as his tongue flicked across your clit, "o-of evil. The publi-” your eyes rolled back as Chris began humming softly, the vibrations teasing your sensitive cunt. You groaned as you felt him start to pull away, “-cation date allo-allows for the reader-to-gain-insight-of-his-personal-viewing-of-the-axis-powers-during-the-second-world-war-as-others-authors-also-shared-the-same-insight-for-their-antagonists- oh fuck.” Chris’ arms wrapped (2/4)

around your thighs as he buried his face into your slick, switching between teasing the ever loving god out of you clit to lapping at your folds. His fingers began curling inside of you as your thighs began to twitch, writhing around half tangled in the sheets you clamped your legs behind his head keeping him buried in you. Your toes curled as a full body shudder ripped through you, crying out as your orgasm finally hit. You laid back against the bed, sweat beading on your forehead as (¾)

Chris left a trail of kisses from your lower stomach up to your ear and whispered, “Still having a hard time with remembering the presentation sweetheart?” before nuzzling his nose against your neck. You smirked running your hand down his chest and stomach and wrapped your fingers around his hard cock, “no, but I know someone who’s having a hard time.” (4/4)

God I adore this and I adore you - Gen

Moaning Monday™

The Four Elements


Tool: Wand

Direction: East

Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Gemini

Archangel: Raphael

Elemental: Sylphs (their ruler is Niksa)

Tarot suit: sword

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Air is the Element of the intellect, mental processes, and communication. It is considered an activating Element. The direction that corresponds to Air is the East, where the day begins. Air is the springtime, new beginnings, and, in the foundations of Magickal thought, Faith. Faith (confidence) in Magickal energies comes from knowledge (intellect) and from understanding the processes of ritual and focused thought, then applying them with sure result.  The tool of Air is the Wand, which is used to direct and channel energy in Magick. When it is used in healing to absorb the energy of the Universe and channel it into the patient, the Wand corresponds to the caduceus of Mercury/Hermes, a God of Air—you will notice that this same symbol is used by physicians today.  The Astrological Signs associated with Air are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Aquarius is the innovator, the Sign of original thought and ideals. Gemini is the communicator, the comedian, the experimenter. Libra is the balancer and harmonizer, interested in partnerships and relationships.

The Archangel of Air is Raphael, the Archangel of healing, teaching, and travel. He is visualized on a mountaintop, in robes of yellow and lavender (the colors associated with the Element Air), which blow gently in the wind.

Sylphs are the Elementals attributed to Air and are similar in form to humans, although they are transparent and have lovely, delicate wings. They travel on the wind, and you can hear them talking and laughing as they drift in and out of the trees. Paralda is the name of their ruler. Sylphs are very articulate and logical and prefer the mountaintops where the air is the thinnest. They are related to the nervous system in the human body. Their favorite scents are the mints and light flowery essences such as tulip, and they love the sound of bells and wind chimes.


Tool: Athame

Direction: South

Astrological sign: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Archangel:  Michael (pronounced Mee-kee-al)

Elemental: salamander (their ruler is a Djinn [pronounced Jeen])

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Fire is the Element of Will and Passion and is considered an activate Element in relation to energy. The direction that corresponds to Fire is the South, which we associate with heat. The season is, of course, summer the time of growth and culmination of that growth.

Fire is the drive and motivation used by an individual as he strives toward his goals. In the foundations of Magick, Fire is the Magickal Will.  The force of the Magickal Will enables the Magickian to carry through with goals, plans, and dreams. The focused Magickal Will serves as the force or stimulus for the Magickal energy that is sent forth to act on the physical plane to manifest the goal of any ritual.  The tool of Fire is the Athame, the ritual dagger, which is used to inscribe the Magickal sigils in the ether during ritual, describe the circumference of the Magickal Circle, banish phantasms and defend against them, and heal via the act of removing holes in the aura through cauterization on the astral plane.

The Astrological Signs that correspond to Fire are the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, all Signs of action and vitality. Aries initiates new projects, Leo is the Fire Sign of flamboyance and flair, and Sagittarius is the Sign of freedom and physical activity.

The Archangel of Fire is Michael, the Archangel of authority, victory, initiative, and splendor. Michael is visualized in robes of scarlet and green, bearing before him a flaming sword.

Fire is the activating force giving vitality and energy to the ideas of Air, bringing them into physical reality as we perceive it.  Salamanders are attributed to the Element of Fire. They are not considered a part of the physical flame as such but the essence that enables the flame to burn. Naturally, they are most active in the summer months and geographically prefer the hotter regions. When they live in cold places, Salamanders reside in the hearth. They are full of passion and enthusiasm and for this reason are sometimes considered dangerous, as their unpredictability can be disconcerting. However, they are actually very generous and warmhearted, if treated with the respect due them. Salamanders relate to the heart in the human body as well as to the circulatory system. Their King is called Djinn.  Salamanders love the smell of burning wood and spicy odors such as cinnamon and nutmeg.  Candles, lanterns, and mirrors are attractive to them.  


Tool: Chalice and cauldron

Direction: West

Astrological sign: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Archangel: Gabriel

Elemental: Undines (their ruler is Necksa)

Energy: receptive (“feminine”)

Water is the Element of love, intuition, emotion, fertility, understanding, and imagination. It is considered a receptive Element. Water receives the ideas of Air, the force of Fire, and begins the alchemical process of transmuting them into a form that can be made tangible. The direction that corresponds to Water is the West. Human emotions and feelings belong to the Element Water. The season is autumn, and in the foundations of Magick, Water is imagination. Imagination begins in our dreams and in the language of our subconscious minds. Without it, our rituals would be dry and emotionless. Imagination allows us to see what might be and is therefore creativity, fertility, and inner vision.

The tool of Water is the Chalice, which is used to contain the water of purification when we cleanse a space or an object for ritual. The Chalice holds the ritual wine and the liquid for the practice of scrying. The Chalice represents wisdom, transformation, and receptivity. In the legends of ancient times, the Grail of Immortality was sought by the valiant for its life-giving and regenerative powers as well as for the knowledge it brings. The Ritual Cauldron is also of the Element of Water, and the stories that surround it—the regenerative Cauldron of Dagda, the Cauldron of wisdom belonging to Ceridwen, and the Cauldron of Baba Yaga—reaffirm the theme of wisdom, life, transformation, and regeneration.

The Astrological Water Signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio correspond to the Magickal Element of Water. Pisces is the Sign of emotional connection and inner vision; Cancer is associated with family connection and nurturing; and Scorpio is known for occult ability, psychic power, death, and regeneration.

The Archangel of Water is Gabriel, known as the Prince of Change and Alteration. He can be seen on the Judgment card of the Tarot, blowing his horn, which represents fertility and authority.  Gabriel is visualized in robes of clear blue and orange, holding a Chalice from which torrents of water spill.

Undines are the Elementals of Water. They are extremely graceful and seductive. Undines are similar to humans in form and the majority of them are female. They will impart psychic knowledge and ability. If you work with them in this area, be sure to give them extravagant and appealing gifts in return, for they have feelings that can be easily bruised. They correspond to the human digestive system, and Necksa is their King. Undines live in oceans, rivers, springs, creeks, and raindrops.  Their most beloved scents are cool ones—camphor, cucumber, and citrus fruits such as lime. They delight in beautiful shells, silver jewelry, boxes for their treasures, and flutes.  


Tool: Disk/shield/pentacle

Direction: North

Astrological sign: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

Archangel:Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el)

Elemental: dwarfs (Their King is Gheb)

Energy: Receptive (“feminine”)

Earth is the Element of secrecy, deep wisdom, possessions, creation, perseverance, birth, and death.  It is considered to be a receptive Element. Earth receives the idea of Air, the force of Fire, and the transmuted substance of Water and manifests the form into the physical world. The direction that is associated with Earth is the North, the place of endings. Earth corresponds to the bone structure of the human body. The season is winter, and in the foundation of Magick, Earth is Secrecy. Hidden beneath the Earth are many treasures—jewels, minerals, oil—which must be sought out. They cannot be obtained without perseverance and labor. So it is with the Magickal secrets that the Element Earth hides; only through dedication and patience can these secrets be brought to light, yet they must always be protected and guarded.  The tool of the Earth is the Pentacle, which is used both for drawing in and projecting energy.  The Pentacle can also used as a shield for psychic self-defense. The Magickal Cords are also of Earth and are used to bind energy.

Capricorn is the Sign of pragmatism and wealth; Taurus is the Sign associated with sensuality, acquisition, resources, and practicality; and Virgo is the Sign of the healer and the organizer.

The Archangel of Earth is Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el), also called the Lord of Awe, who presides over protection and strength. He is visualized in robes of olive and russet, bearing a Pentacle.  Gnomes and elves are attributed to Earth and are seen in very small human form. Their King is Gheb (also known as Geb or Gob, as in goblin). Earth Elementals are the most mischievous of the Elementals and love a good practical joke. They prefer to live in the forest, crags, heaths, and caverns, although with the human population cutting down on gnomes’ habitats, the more sociable ones actually enjoy being around sensitive and sympathetic human beings and will share living quarters. Gnomes and elves love jewels, gold, interesting rocks, moss, and living plants of all kinds.  Their favorite scents are resins and woodland smells such as patchouli and vetivert.  

The gnomes are ruled over by a king, whom they greatly love and revere. His name is Gob; hence his subjects are often called goblins

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