goats with antlers

Here’s my haul from the 127 yard sale! Cow horns and skull, goat horn, deer skulls and antlers, old set of shark jaws, and some sort of giant nut/seed pod. I think it’s from a species of tree in Central or South America but I’m not sure of the ID yet. Still, it was only a buck so couldn’t pass it up!

Most of these goodies will be available in my Etsy shop soon! Hoping to have a bunch of stuff listed later this week! <3

Baltic mythology concept #3
  • Early morning covered by thick shawls of fog. A line of pale girls dressed in white is rising up the hill. Their transparent robes sweep over the thorn-covered path among thick conifers as they carry the items to a fireplace; on top of the hill that no human has ever entered. Fox skull, lock of auburn hair, goat horns and moose antler are released from the hands of pamėklės and find their place in the altar. A thick pillar of sanguine smoke emerges among pines and spruces as a pair of transparent hands starts the fire. The smoke drifts northwards. Thick layers of fog make villagers unaware of the plague that is about to begin.
Caffeine Challenge 18

It feels good to do a caffeine challenge again. I used prompts 2 and 4. This works as the third part of my ‘Something to do with the Shadows’ series.Part One and Part Two but also works as a combination point with one of my other series.

It’s snowing, which is how she knows that her lover is lying to her. I don’t know how I know that. Or if it even really is me that knows that at all. It’s getting harder and harder to tell which snippets of information are coming from my own memory anymore. Perhaps I know this, perhaps it does.

The two of us are watching her from a nearby bench as she shouts at her lover until she’s blue in the face. Arms waving and spit flying she screams until she can scream no more. I can’t actually hear the conversation and only it can lip read so the information doesn’t really make it all the way to me.

The snow is still dropping and the thing I set free tells me it looks like ash. Like the ash of the old world. When the old world went away and it was locked away. What the world had looked like before it looked like this.

There are, it explains in an oddly generous fashion, still remnants of that old world. In front of us are two of them. It gives me the information because it needs to hide for a moment. Hideaway and allow me to take control. It doesn’t like doing this. It won’t tell me why.

All it tells me is the questions to ask. Do you remember yourself? What happened to the man with the stories on his skin? Where is the chapel now? Just those three questions and the first must be asked first. If the answer is no. If the answer is honestly no. The later two do not matter. We will have to start again.

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I keep thinking of the different aliens Shiro might have encountered within his year in space prison…they couldn’t have all been bad right? I’m sure he made a few friends, even if they were likely separated/killed before too long ;A;

I’m not the beast at alien design but I decided to give it a shot. The colored one I grew quite fond of; her name is Ambika! More info under the cut for those who are interested:

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Gamos | Phil manages to get himself cursed by the God’s again, but this time he won’t tell Dan what he did wrong, and Dan’s left to figure it out for himself. Modern Day Greek Gods AU | Phan | Teen | Humor, Misunderstandings, Assumed cheating but not actually, Proposal fic | 3,334 Words

Written as my @phanfictioncatalogue​ secret santa gift for @crescendohowell​! I really hope you enjoy this and that it makes you laugh :)) Merry Christmas <3 I hope it’s the best day ever!

Special thanks to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for sitting through the wild, real time adventure of me writing this and acting as support, and to @phansdick​ for beta’ing for me! You’re all amazing, and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, truly

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.


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★ The Pentagram ★

 Here ya go! A Pentagram post, as requested by you lovelies

The Pentagram is a powerful symbol with  a complex history. There is much confusion involving this symbol,  and as a result, it is commonly mistaken for a symbol of devil worship and evil.

The confusion starts with the symbol itself, As it is confused with that of the Pentacle, it is because of this, that both the Pentagram and Pentacle often share names…

★The Pentacle & Pentagram…

The Pentacle is the five-pointed star, cased inside a circle. It is used as a generic term for a mystical or magical symbol. The Circle around the star refracts and reflects all light, bringing to the wearer total intelligence, universal wisdom and protection.The circle around the star represents protection that is stronger than the Pentagram due to it’s “closed-off” form, as well as unity, and wholeness, and is most commonly worn around the neck. The pentacle, crafted from silver represents Moon energy and psychic forces. The same symbol made in gold represents the Sun energies of power and strength. Many pentacles come with embedded stones which can represent birth months or a particular energy that the wearer wants to attract.

The Pentagram is the 5 pointed star without the circle, A powerful symbol used throughout different cultures and religions since 3500BC, even included in the holy Bible in which the five points represent the wounds of Christ. The Pentagram was first discovered, etched onto the walls of caves and upon fragments of pottery in Ancient Babylonia, along with the first recorded discoveries of written language.


★Meaning behind the Pentagram…

It is a powerful symbol of faith and protection,The pentagram tells us that we have the ability to bring Spirit to Earth; this applies to every area of practical day-to-day living, as well as spiritual thought. The ability of bringing Spirit to Earth is what makes us whole. The 5 points of the symbol represent the 5 elements, earth, fire,water, air & spirit, and is used by many Pagan’s and Wiccans as a symbol of their faith, just like how the cross is a symbol of a Christians faith. It is in no way evil despite it’s reputation.  

★Reputation of the Pentagram…

The Pentagram has received a bad reputation throughout history as being associated with devil worship, and Satanist’s. It is one of the most miss-used, and misunderstood symbols we know today. It is likely that it’s bad rep resides within our god,  Cernunnos, the Celtic “horned god” which looks similar to the modern depiction of Satan, with the legs of a goat and large antlers upon his head. He is in fact, a god of fertility and is well honoured by Pagans and Wiccans. The idea that the Pentagram contains so much evil is absurd, taking into consideration the way of life in which Pagans & Wiccans go by,They do not believe in Satan, as that is apart of the Christian religion, and they believe in living in harmony with the earth and harming none. Another reason behind the dark reputation of this symbol is how visually similar it is to the inverted goats head associated with Satanists. 

★Uses for the Pentagram in the craft…

During magical operations, the pentagram can be drawn in the air by the athame or sword. When drawn a certain way, it is used to either invoke or banish energies. Used on the altar, it becomes a focal point to draw in and send out the intentions of the spell or working. The simplest spells of this kind are those involving candle magic. A candle of the appropriate color is charged and place on the symbol.

★EARTH: (lower left hand corner) represents stability and physical endurance.
FIRE(lower right hand corner) represents courage and daring.
WATER(upper right hand corner) represents emotions and intuition.
AIR(upper left hand corner) represents intelligence and the arts.
SPIRIT: (at the topmost point) represents the All and the Divine.

kilzom replied to your post “okay no but seriously, i feel like as tamaki gets older, he starts…”

he could eat armadillo, then when he gets anxious he can just curl into a protective ball

okay this is the cutest most perfect thing, i love it. 

mooites replied to your post “okay no but seriously, i feel like as tamaki gets older, he starts…”

He eats abalone, his eyes turn the most beautiful shades of blue-green-purple, he blushes, Mirio blushes

Goat milk to grow goat horns, venison to grow antlers, the possibilities are endless with this kid. And you can already find a lot of neat foods in Japan I’m talking sea urchin spikes and bear claws and shoot some people eat whale he could have a blowhole

Not that I advocate for shark finning but he could be Sharkboy

there are so many things!!! i want him to have mother of pearl fingernails. i want him to grow moth antennae so he can smell things that are miles away. can you imagine if he manifested those spikes out of his skull so that he has freaking REAL spike hair?

god, tamaki you deserve so much more than just octopus fingers. 

Almond Blossoms - A mix about Vincent Van Gogh


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