goats with a view


goats with a view

laura jane grace literally just keeps improving my life in new and unexpected ways everyday, I decided to check out the mountain goats because she likes them so much and I have not listened to anything besides transcendental youth in 48 hours,, it’s exactly the headspace I’m in right now, thank you laura I really fucking needed this

a life bundled with episodes of this – swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood on the first four knuckles

  1. left and leaving / the weakerthans
  2. with whiskey / tuung
  3. first defeat / noah gundersen
  4. let’s take a ride like we used to / pat the bunny
  5. liability / lorde
  6. the crow / dessa
  7. between the bars / elliott smith 
  8. lakeside view apartments suite / the mountain goats
  9. another love / tom odell
  10. girl with one eye / florence + the machine
  11. my last fight / the hoosiers


optomisticgirl  asked:

Captain Charming - "HIDE THE GOATS!"

“You brought me here?!” David cried as the familiar barn came into view through the dark of night. 

Killian just winked at the man, continuing further towards their destination.

David was not prepared for what he saw when they slipped inside the barn doors. A crowd of ex pirates and Storybrooke residents crowded around a makeshift table made from an old crate and two stools. On top of the table were a pack of cards… but either side of the barn had a pen filled with goats. 

“What is this?”

“Poker, Dave.”

“So what’s with all the goats?” he asked confused.

“I’m married to the sheriff and have just brought along the other sheriff. The fella’s don’t trust using actual tender for these games, therefore we use goats. simple, safe and legal gambling for all.” he explained before joining the crowd.

“She’ll still kill you if she finds out.” he called out.

If she find out.” he smirked cockily.

David stood flabbergasted for a few moments. He was even more shocked to see that amongst the crowd was a rather rambunctious Marco, cheering on with the rest. 

“All right gents! You know how it goes! First rule of goat club, never talk about goat club! Shall we begin?”

David was having a whale of a time. Rum was passed around generously, the banter and boisterous cheers were a plenty, and he and Killian had just won a winning hand, taking four goats from Leonard the fisherman’s pen.

“That’s how it’s done, mates! Bring those hairy beauts over here.” Killian chuckled as the animals were tenderly ushered to the opposing warm pen. 

The cards were being shuffled when a panicked Smee broke through the crowd and almost toppled over the table.

“Bloody hell, Smee! Watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry Captain but it’s bad news. Your wife is heading right this way as we speak!”

A thick silence fell over the barn as everyone absorbed the news.

“Hide the goats!” he cried

Utter chaos broke out within the barn as the men scurried to dispose of the rum and cover the goat pens with tarp.

Hey memers guess who recovered my goatlings tumblr because someone hacked + deactivated my main tumblr a year ago !!!

In response to my last post that was ever made here, I got my goatlings account back thanks to kibby! I’m no longer Pittoo, but Herb now.

It’s nice having this blog back though hahh it’s been literally a year, whoa!

Let me share something. When I was new in UNDERTALE, most of characters of the game are loved by fans, except for a one certain character: Asgore.

At first, I thought, “Nah, it’s because he’s a villain, that’s why.”

But then, when I watched the True Pacifist Ending, I’ve seen his personality and his true motives. And oh, my God. I can’t believe I judged him badly. I changed my views for this, big fuzzy, loving Goat Dad.

Undyne’s and Alphys’ reactions are exactly my reaction when these kids keep condemning Goat Dad. I hate it.

After that, I became so defensive for him, because he don’t deserve all the hate that most of the fans are giving him, including in every FUCKING Undertale comic dubs I see either in Youtube and tumblr. The only problem with the other artists is they find any opportunities to bully Asgore over and over just to either condemn him more, guilt-tripping him about his human killings and the worst, to satisfy Soriel shippers. I’m not saying I’m against this ship, but they do they really have to act like asshats to Goat Dad? SERIOUSLY? They will make stories like Sans sabotaging Asgore and Toriel’s reconciliation, Goat Mom and the skeleton flirting with each other while Goat Dad is crying from afar, Asgore turning into a creepy ex-husband, random characters in fancomics treats him like shit, etc, etc. WHAT A BUNCH OF DOUCHEBAGS!

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I defend his decision to destroy humanity. He’s not innocent in the humans’ deaths, but he’s doing the sinful duty to help his people, to prevent everyone to lose hope and to avenge his son’s death. Both of the Goat Parents are blameworthy for what happened to their kingdom. Also, they have their own imperfections: Asgore is indecisive while Toriel is self-righteous.

I’m not forcing anyone to like Asgoriel ship, but if you ever bully him and speak ill of him continuously, I’ll let Undyne spear your ass! *Spear of Justice plays in the background*