goats wearing hats

So my friend’s favorite thing is goats wearing hats

Anytime he’s upset or anyone around him is upset he’ll suddenly say “GOATS WEARING HATS” to cheer them up

A while back I explained to him how I have trypophobia and he started noticing when I was squicked out even if I didn’t say anything and going “GOATS WEARING HATS” or just making a goat noise

And there’s something about that I just really like?? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what to do or say when someone’s uncomfortable for a mostly irrational reason especially when you don’t really wanna call attention to it

But somehow Goats Wearing Hats is perfect, it’s just “hey friend i register that this is a thing you don’t like, here’s a thing that always cheers me up, i hope the bad thoughts go away quickly” in a silly distracting way

The other day someone mentioned sinkholes and my friend passed me his business card which is just a picture of a goat wearing a top hat and I had to laugh because i don’t even have a problem with sinkholes but goddamn he has this down to a science. I’m glad to have a friend like this