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Henry & Boris


Kevin MacLeod - Anguish

Kevin MacLeod - Plucky Daisy

Kevin MacLeod - Days of Chaos

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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 127

-It’s not a good coffee shop if it ain’t run by a ghoul

-Jeez Ui with the eye circles your gonna run out of energy if you keep putting coffee shops out of business

-If 99 and 100 is a big difference according to Seidou than your 90 doesn’t make you hot shit fruit

-Ahhh dying screams to be the next big hit on peaceful noise machines

-Kaneki of course would take goat on a field trip to where his favorite author was raised

-Nice to know that Kaneki still finds time to tutor among instilling fear into the heart of man

-Tsukiyama: Knock Knock do you got a moment to talk about our lord and savior the king

-Drunk the revolution kool aid Kou

-Either Kaneki decided to claim the title of most extra or we got a case of the dead bodies

-You know you got a problem when there are two many white haired boys to tell the difference

-Tg fandom wishing they had Mado intuition

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: We see if we got a papa, the not virgin, or Second runner up


Because the world is scary as hell but it’s a good place and worth fighting for — here’s to growing up, getting out, and getting things done. {listen}

01. foster the people - fire escape | 02. the avett brothers - the perfect space | 03. kaleo - save yourself | 04. simon & garfunkel - america | 05. jon brion - here we go | 06. the mountain goats - up the wolves | 07. fiona apple - extraordinary machine |  08. the zombies - this will be our year | 09. modest mouse - float on | 10. tame impala - yes i’m changing | 11. wolf alice - bros | 12. motion city soundtrack - everything is alright | 13. sufjan stevens - age of adz | 14. lcd soundsystem - all my friends


Sibling Love

“HELP ME  N O W !”

“… No.”

What a sticky situation Chara is. Frisk know if he got too close, Asriel would end up hugging too. Best to be away from those two Don’t want to have ink all over the sweater.

Why Asgore and Gaster used to be (very) close friends

( Gaster battle sprite by @dreemurr-reborn )

Here are 4 reasons King Asgore and Doctor W. D. Gaster used to be close friends.

1. The strong connections between The Dreemurr family and the Font family

When we look at the 3 biological members of the Dreemurr family and the family of 3 skeletons that each speak in a different typefaces (dubbed the Font family for the purpose of this post) certain patterns emerges. Each one of the members correspond with a member of the other family. Asriel/Flowey and Papyrus, Toriel and Sans, Asgore and Gaster, each pair has a connection and share key characteristics the others don’t. Gaster worked for Asgore, presumably worked to further his goals, and both is looked up to for their work. Since we still don’t know much about Gaster as a person their might be other characteristics Asgore and Gaster have in common. My assessment is that like Flowey/Papyrus and Toriel/Sans, Asgore/Gaster shared a strong bond.

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The Mountain Goats ask meme
  • Taboo VI The Homecoming: What was your first exposure to the Mountain Goats?
  • Zopilote Machine: Which is your favorite "Going to" song?
  • Songs for Peter Hughes: Which member of the Mountain Goats reminds you most of yourself?
  • Sweden: Do you personally prefer the lo-fi or hi-fi albums? Why?
  • Nothing for Juice: What's your favorite cover that the Mountain Goats has done (besides "The Sign")?
  • Full Force Galesburg: What's a Mountain Goats song that most people don't like or aren't familiar with, but which you love?
  • Protein Source of the Future...Now!: Which Mountain Goats song series is your favorite? (e.g. the Alpha series, the Orange Ball series)
  • The Coroner's Gambit: Which Mountain Goats album do you think is the most underappreciated?
  • All Hail West Texas: What Mountain Goats song reminds you most of yourself?
  • Tallahassee: What's your favorite Mountain Goats album? Why?
  • We Shall All Be Healed: Have you ever seen the Mountain Goats live? If so, what was your favorite thing about the show(s)? If you've never seen them live, is there a specific venue you'd like to see them perform at?
  • The Sunset Tree: What Mountain Goats song always makes you sad?
  • Get Lonely: Who do you wish the Mountain Goats would collaborate with?
  • Heretic Pride: What's your favorite non-album the Mountain Goats track? (e.g. a live-only song or a rarity)
  • Satanic Messiah: What's your favorite Mountain Goats EP?
  • The Life of the World to Come: Do you prefer 4AD or Merge? Why?
  • All Eternals Deck: What's your favorite Mountain Goats lyric?
  • Transcendental Youth: What are three of your favorite bands besides the Mountain Goats?
  • Beat the Champ: What Mountain Goats song always cheers you up or gets you pumped up?