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Happy Birthday Buster Keaton!!  (October 4, 1895 - February 1, 1966).

Thank you for your incredible stuntwork throughout your career…

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Happy 113th birthday to you, Dr. Seuss! We’re celebrating the birth of this genius of writing illustration with his children’s book Happy birthday to you!

As Funicular Goats take the birthday child to the Birthday Flower Jungle and the Birthday Pal-alace with its fifty-three hamburger stands, Dr. Seuss reminds them, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Seuss. (1959). Happy birthday to you! New York: Random House.

From the Children’s Literature Collection, University of South Florida Libraries


To me, Messi is a symbol of hope - living proof that all of life’s hurdles can be crossed with a calm mind and a level head. He inspires, achieves, innovates and wins, again and again to prove - not to the world - but to himself and his doubters that he is worth every single bit of his victory and praise. To us, he is a legend, a king, a God. But to him, all he wishes to be remembered as is a decent, humble guy. And he is. On this very special day, I wish you all the happiness, love, success, good health and everything you have wished for. Happy birthday to my favorite footballer in this whole wide world - Lionel Andres Messi! No words can describe his greatness and no words can describe the impact he has left on posterity. Thank you for everything you are. Thank you for being the little boy from Rosario with big dreams.

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ENG : AAAAaaah !!! I missed Asriel’s birthday !! QAQ Here some little quick doodles as gift >A< (He’s my favorite goat monster QwQ). Happy birthday !

This AU belongs to @caretaker-au

FR :  AAAAaaah !!! J’ai raté l’anniversaire d’Asriel !! QAQ Voici quelques croquis rapides comme cadeau >A< (il est mon “bouc-monstre” préféré QwQ). Joyeux anniversaire !

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Birthday Plans


Could you do a platonic Avengers x reader chat with them talking about what to do for the readers birthday and maybe competing to see who can do the best. (P.S: I’ve been reading (and loving) your stuff for a while now but have never requested anything so I thought that I’d give it a shot. It’s alright if you’ve already done one like this)  A/N: thank you for requesting bc this chat was so much fun to write! <3    

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Bruce, Vision, Rhodey, T'Challa.

Tony: Have you guys decided on what you’re getting Y/N yet for their birthday?

Bruce: Don’t tell him. He’ll just steal your idea.

Tony: I would never.

Tony: y tho

Tony: do you have a good gift….

Tony: what is it…

Bruce: See what I’m saying?

Rhodey: You’ll just have to wait and see.

Vision: See, there must be self-control when it comes to gift buying. As you have none, you’ve bought Y/N almost anything imaginable, resulting in you finally being out of ideas.

Tony: That’s not true.

Rhodey: You buy Y/N a gift for every single holiday, all of them being very luxurious.

Tony: I do not… Okay…. Maybe I go overboard sometimes.

T'Challa: Seems like your gift must be… Sentimental….

Bruce: Good luck with that, T-Bone.

Vision: He will fail terribly. Do not waste luck upon him.

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Hi! My birthday is April 3rd and I was wondering if I could get a best friends/ peeta is jealous Drabble please? Thank you so much lovelies.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday! The incredible @alliswell21 has written this perfect little bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!


A/N: Happy Birthday! Here is a fluffy Everlark growing-back-together story with just a touch of spice. Enjoy!!!

Canon compliant
Rated T
Fluff and Comfort


It’s a rare evening, peaceful and quiet, Peeta and I sit on the porch watching the sun dip to sleep in the horizon, displaying the most beautiful array of colors either of us has seen in months.

“Look!” I whisper, “It’s your favorite color,” I point at the glorious arrange of oranges, yellows and pinks just in front of us.

Peeta smiles at the sky contentedly, softly. At peace. “I remember it clearly now,” he says with a pleased sigh. Then his sweet, blue eyes, turn to find mine, reaching my hand with his. “Thank you,”

“What for?” I ask confused.

“You gave me back part of my identity just by knowing something as simple as my favorite color, or how I tie my shoelaces.” He scoots closer to me on the stoop while intertwining our fingers more firmly. “You help me rediscover the real me every day. Thank you for not forgetting who I was, even when I did.” He kisses my knuckles.

“Well, you’ve help me stay sane, so I guess…” I fish in my head for the right words, but he smirks and answers,

“We’re even?”

I scowl causing him to chuckle.

“No,” I counter. “We make a good team. We are good for each other.”

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