goats and flowers

kinda disappointed that i’m not already a reclusive beekeeping novelist who lives in a cottage in the french countryside, only interacting with other people when i call my annoyed editor and sell honey+honey-related products to local villagers

interrupting your tumblr programs to bring you cute animals and plants

i know things dont look good right now and tumblr is not the place to be right now if youre concerned about the elections. remember to take deep breaths and drink some water. i care about all of you, ok? 

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A doodle of the Altertangle AU but with Asgore as Rapunzel.

Altertale and Altertangle belongs to @friisans


A bit of personal work I was slowly puttering away on between commissions.

Capella wearing a traditional Polish folk dress (Łowicz region). I’ve always loved the look of these dresses, though I’ve never personally had the opportunity to wear one.

Embroidery was referenced but drawn by me. Definitely the biggest time-eater on the piece lol. At least it wasn’t all in one go and I could repeat the dress flowers.

Young Toriel ♡
(The REAL reason golden flowers are Asgores favourite haha eue)
I guess this is a bit of a contribution to #shojotale. They haven’t really made a public design for her yet and i just started thinking to much again x3 (dunno if she’ll even be in the series lol) - but if you guys havent given her a design feel free to take x3 Just wanted to draw her so bad, hope yall’ like it ^-^
Auntie out 🌸