goatful boyfriend

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Could we maybe see a goat demon bf headcanon?

Post writing edit: WHOOPS. I may have made an OC again.

You’re not exactly sure when he first started following you around, but it’s probably been for years. He knew way too much about you before he actually approached you. Granted, maybe he has some sort of mental telepathy or something, being a demon, but it’s probably the first one.

Speaking of, when he first approached you, you’re embarrassed to say that you kind of… took off. Though he didn’t exactly ease into it; one day on your way home, you turned the corner by your place and saw him standing next to your front door. You took a long enough look to realize that, yes, he was really there, and also that it wasn’t a practical joke. He told you later that he actually saw you turning around and running away. It made you feel bad. When you got the courage to head back home, he was gone, but he left some flowers and a note telling you that he was sorry to have scared you and that he’d like to get to know you better. It was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for you, so you immediately felt the urge to talk with him.

It took a little bit of time for him to come back, but when he did, it was just like the first time. He was standing by your door in the sunset light as you came home from work. Only this time, you paused just long enough to take a deep breath and prepare yourself before walking up to him and talking. Though talking to him standing is a bit difficult; he’s so tall, it gives you a neck cramp.

He insisted on taking you out to dinner and a movie in ‘human fashion’ the first date. It was really charming actually, but you could tell he was uncomfortable. The second date, you insisted on doing something he enjoyed, so he took you to the Elysian Fields in Purgatory for a picnic lunch. It was really lovely there, basically a neverending park with a perfect neutral temperature and clear weather. You spent the whole time talking, and ended up getting extremely close from that one evening. Smooches and cuddles were had by the end of it, and he told you he’s never had a more wonderful time in his long life.

You’ve been together since that day, and it’s been amazing. He takes you to places no mortal has ever seen, but that are still safe for you to go to; he’s not an idiot. He does have a few issues with human nature, though. He can’t seem to remember small details like regular sleep, eating more than once a day, and circadian rhythm, but he’s very sweet about understanding when you have to point it out. Often.


My first Soriel comic, TOL.


Sans and Toriel are watching a TV show, and Sans notices that the girlfriend in the show leans her head on the guys shoulder.
Sans is confused and looks at Toriel, who is obviously taller than he his.
Toriel noticed Sans is staring at her, and asks “Is there something on my face?”
Her sudden questions makes Sans jump and he realized he was staring at her intently and blushes.
 -To Be Continued


This is gun be goood!
And yea, its sketchy but oddly enough, I love making comics like that
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