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What are your opinions on goat yoga? My boyfriend saw it was a thing in Illinois and I'm not sure if that's something I could do since I'm not sure if it would be considered cruelty.

It just looks like another pointless way to involve animals in things they have no business being a part of. I really can’t understand this relentless need people have to use animals as props at every possible opportunity; this instance of it is particularly absurd. It’s hard to find much information about where the animals come from, but it’s likely to be from farms. Honestly it’s hard to deny that there is no real benefit for the animals and that they’re there purely for the entertainment factor, so that’s always going to be wrong. 


My first Soriel comic, TOL.


Sans and Toriel are watching a TV show, and Sans notices that the girlfriend in the show leans her head on the guys shoulder.
Sans is confused and looks at Toriel, who is obviously taller than he his.
Toriel noticed Sans is staring at her, and asks “Is there something on my face?”
Her sudden questions makes Sans jump and he realized he was staring at her intently and blushes.
 -To Be Continued


This is gun be goood!
And yea, its sketchy but oddly enough, I love making comics like that
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