goatful boyfriend

Sometimes I feel like my obsession with the Raven Cycle is wearing off and I’m starting to move on.

But then

It’ll just hit me out of nowhere

A single thought

Adam Parrish

And suddenly I’m on the floor sobbing again


My first Soriel comic, TOL.


Sans and Toriel are watching a TV show, and Sans notices that the girlfriend in the show leans her head on the guys shoulder.
Sans is confused and looks at Toriel, who is obviously taller than he his.
Toriel noticed Sans is staring at her, and asks “Is there something on my face?”
Her sudden questions makes Sans jump and he realized he was staring at her intently and blushes.
 -To Be Continued


This is gun be goood!
And yea, its sketchy but oddly enough, I love making comics like that
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ 

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The Chase Chat

Magnus: Ok, I start.My father is a god. 

Annabeth: Pff, my mother is a goddes. 

Magnus: I’m dead, I went to valhala, 

Annabeth: Please, I went to hell and back. 

Magnus: I fought against an evil gigant lord of fire and scary stuffs 

Annabeth: I fought against the mother earth and the lord of titans. 

Magnus: My best friends are a dwarf and an elf

Annabeth: One of my best friend is half goat and my boyfriend’s brother is a cyclop. 

Annabeth: And I was born from my mother’s head. 

Magnus: I- … Wait, what?

Annabeth: I told you, my life is weird. 

Magnus: …


Magnus: Yeah, ok, I’ll buy you a falafel. 


My boyfriend has been watching his neighbor’s many animals while he was away. The worst were the goats, the females were so sweet and loving, the babies were always getting into trouble, one even got his butt stuck in a feeder (picture provided). But, the worst by far was the big male goat. He broke out of his area, and into the female’s sometime between us leaving at noon, and coming back at 6. The female’s are in heat so possible babies on the way, luckily there’s a really old male goat in with the ladies, and he did a good job of keeping the big one off them, from what I saw (as my boyfriend wrangled him out). No one was hurt luckily, just a broken gate that was easily fixed.